Getting a site like this up and running so that all those involved know what they’re doing is no mean feat!  But in spite of all the obstacles, I have a fantastic team behind me who is such an amazing support.  This means I have been able to reassess how much I’m offering and to be able to offer even more!  And one huge benefit to you is, that I can do that at even less than I was doing before!  Designed for hypnotherapists, you can now receive ongoing monthly training in integrative psychotherapy and counselling skills for just £15 per month! Included in this crazy offer are all the backdated guest speaker teleseminar hours going back to September with some great therapists who share their skill and insight with us so happily – the audio hours cover topics such as regression hypnotherapy, autism, buddhism, alcoholism, and next week nutrition.  Even just one of those hours you’d probably have to pay around probably £10+ to listen to an evening lecture – that’s putting a perspective on it!

Part of me is saying, Jen, you must be crazy!  But the rest of me is just leaping into the dark and taking the action that I am being encouraged to take from my fantastic production team back here in the wings.  As  The Open Mind Therapist expands, I’m aiming to bring ever more capable and skilled people not only behind the scenes to support, but here on the front line as I develop my team of Open Mind Therapists to be able to host my supervision groups around the country.

Join me in my growing movement of Open Mind Therapists and leap into the dark with me!  Well, actually for you, it may well be a leap into the light as you realise the benefit of working with more insight and more intuition making your hypnotherapy practice even more insightful and relevant.  If you want to find out more about the Mind Level subscription just click here.

Just one level up from Mind, in my Heart level subscription, you receive so much more value though.  For just £30 per month for the next 6 months you can bounce off me in our live chat room at 2 appointed hours every week, or while the membership grows, on the phone for 20 minute sessions in those hours, anything you wish to ask from the audio lectures you’ve received, and any supervision issues you’d like help with.  But in addition to that, I’ve now put 4 of my online books in the membership area for this level saving you approximately £46 worth of investment from my online publications.  Those publications include “The Open Mind Guide to dealing with your Anixety”, “The Open Mind Guide to giving successful presentations in 7 easy steps”, “The simple guide to working with CFS” and the “Read Your Client” publication. This level of membership should satisfy your supervision needs but to be sure, check with your professional organisationsClick here to see more about Heart level membership. (scroll down the page to find Heart.)

I’ll be publishing news of a Build Your Confidence Short Course day soon which I’d recommend you attend if you’re a distance learner with me.  The investment of time and effort for this one, low cost, introductory day of learning how to work more integratively, will give you a much needed boost in your hypnotherapy practice.  You can take home with you new skills and insights from the day and put them to immediate use in your hypnotherapy practice.  The date is 27th May.  Put it in your diaries.  I’ll post more about it imminently.  If you want me to keep in touch with you about it, just sign up in the box to your right and receive your FREE report and I’ll keep you in the know.


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