Today’s email: 6th July 2011 –
You’ve opened this email because you know this is you! It was me. New in practice I worried whether what I’d done was right or appropriate, whether I’d missed something, whether the client had taken offence at something I’d said. The list went on. I can still remember my first smoking cessation client who had chronic migraines and all sorts of issues going on, but still he wanted to give up smoking! Talk about kick the stick away from a cripple! I had him for around 4 sessions, realised that his migraines were repressed anger, (for what use it did him) but still he wanted to stop smoking. So eventually, I just did the whizzy whiz thing and zapped him…successfully? Who knows. I cringe when I think of my first half dozen or more clients.

However, I was lucky to have an amazing teacher and a sound buddhist practice behind me which meant I’ve never rested in looking to understand the bigger picture. Once it started to develop about 6 months into my practice, I realised I was having success with a particular client group: the chronic fatiguers and the GP’s were referring like I was the best thing since sliced bread. Noticing patterns that spanned almost every case I was working with I started to develop a much broader and more inclusive and integrative way of looking at CFS till I realised I could train my colleagues in the same way.

However, what I saw from my first couple of training experiences was that the self doubt and confusion that I’d experienced in the first 3 or 4 months of my practice could sometimes stay with hypnotherapists for years! In fact, it is probably what stops many people ever really getting started. I asked myself “Why is that?”

I realised from my classes it was because many felt lost with a handful of techniques, cut adrift with no ongoing support, and no real psychological underpinning or real insight into their own fears and anxieties.

So after a few years of professional expansion, I decided to offer Psychological or psychotherapeutic underpinning for the hypnotherapist who wanted to gain more inner confidence and to never be lost with their clients again.

Join me, for just one intensive day on 15th July, and discover how you could enhance your practice and build a much more solid foundation. Not only will you learn about styles, approaches and even techniques, you’ll realise that you can sit much more comfortably in the therapist’s chair and therefore earn more money! For just £69 for one or £99 if you bring a colleague with you, it is a bargain that you cannot afford to miss!

Ultimately, I’m looking for people who want to study more with me in the autumn. However, there is absolutely no obligation if you join me for this one day intensive on 15th July. All you need to do is follow the link and make your subscription!

Don’t want to go back to basics with your psychotherapy training?

You don’t have to go back to scratch to add psychotherapy skills to your hypnotherapy practice. I’ll show you how to develop the skills, while still practising hypnotherapy and learning every step of the way. If you want some evidence that it can be done, come on my one day intensive on 15th July. Join me by going to

Happy theraping!


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