Being a therapist you may not be so savvy at running your business or marketing yourself.  I started out on the long old road to find my way round the internet around 3 years. It was, and perhaps still is, a fairly incongruous thing for therapists to get themselves involved in, that is unless they have a background in something technical and complicated!

I subscribed to a bunch of online marketing newsletters, listened to some of the greats in online marketing such as Alex Mandossian and Frank Kern, not to mention John Reece and waded through the painful process of:

  • getting articles written with the right number of keywords in with titles that meant something:
  • putting back links up to my site so that I could be found on google:
  • getting myself going on social media – a work still in progres:
  • getting my copy right on my website:
  • getting a newsletter up and running with interesting and inspiring content

The list was endless and took hours and hours of research, learning by trial and error.

It was so endless that I longed for someone to be able to share this arduous task with, someone who I was prepared to pay to help, as long as they knew what I knew and more and could take some of the toil out of me wearing just too many hats in my therapy practice.

I met that man through 4n. Robert Keating. This guy’s been working on internet marketing for around 4 years making it his job to be one step ahead of the competition. He is a gem of a find and despite 2 years of hard networking, I hadn’t met anyone I could trust with my business.

Now Rob is my right hand man. He knows what the internet is doing. He takes some of the legwork out of my online marketing and helps in so many constructive ways. I feel like I have a team in him. In fact, just so that other therapists, who may be as clueless as I once was can benefit too, we’ve devised a teleseminar that went out Wednesday evening.   However so you get every opportunity to learn from Rob, we’ve made it available as an audio download!  So go to  and get your copy now.


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