I have long championed the idea that if we are to be therapists and healers, we need to be healed or on a path to our own healing. The talk I gave at the James Braid Society at the end of November highlighted how we are so much more than the techniques we offer or the theories we have studied.  In fact, I would go further and say it is who we are that even makes any of our technique-ing work. All of those wonderfully painful and cleansing life experiences that we have passed through are the very fuel that will make us amazing healers and therapists.  If we at any stage, believe there is nothing else to heal and we are still working in this intangible field of the mental, emotional and spiritual healing of others, I believe we have lost the light of enquiry and the spark of our mission.

We are Leaders

As leaders of personal well-being, we owe it to ourselves, our families and our clients, to be in the vanguard of personal development. And what a fantastic privilege to be in this position. What an amazing and wonderful thing to be able to do: to work on ourselves, clear out our own stuff, gain insight and wisdom and peace of mind, and to absolutely know that, that alone, will offer our clients the best chance of recovery from their malaises. Watch, no techniques!

As we vibrate at a higher frequency so we will implore our clients, our families, our friends to match us. All we have to do is dedicate and devote ourselves to our own development. This dedication is paradoxically the most self-less process you will ever put yourself through. As you free yourself from the shackles of your family patterns and step fully into your power, your mere presence will give others permission to do the same.  This is mentorship: leadership at its most inspiring.

How do you ensure you are doing that?

You need to seek like minded people, or people who are just ahead of you and you feel instinctively good with. You need to seek out people who will challenge you and inspire you to grow and develop.  You need to adopt a fearless attitude to your own histories and forgive what cannot be changed and step into the here and now with courage and mission.  You need to feel resonance with others with who you are.  Feel, not think.  This seismic shift in consciousness will change the way you ‘do’ life and your clients over night. What you thought was impossible will just fall into your lap. And the reason for that is because you are living YOUR life courageously and not waiting for the route map to ensure that your every step forward is a safe one. 

I know for me I am on another seismic shift in consciousness that I will share with you over the coming weeks.  My mentor is helping me break out of my limitations so that I can better serve not only my colleagues but my clients, my family and of course, me!

If you think I can help you find your mission and purpose, email me and let’s set up a dialogue. Or if you’re feeling particularly brave, leap straight in and join me on my psychodrama day in January.


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