The Open Mind Guide to Dealing with your Anxiety

If youve Ever Experienced Dreading Waking up in the Morning, I can help you!

Learn How to Understand your Anxiety and Manage it Better


the Open Mind Guide to Dealing with your Anxiety

Fear and Overwhelm Are Common

Many people are overwhelmed and frightened by anxiety and panic attacks and the lack of understanding of what they are there for make the anxiety and panic even greater... you might find yourself

  • Getting anxious youll have an anxiety attack
  • Dreading getting up in the morning
  • Thinking obsessive negative thoughts about yourself
  • Overworrying about things that are out of your control
  • Wasting your days looking forward to evenings when you will feel calmer
  • Worrying about how you will hold down your job
  • Who you might let down
  • Worried because you are self employed: no work, no money
  • Catastrophising about what hasn't yet happened
  • And so on...the list can be endless!

    Increase Your Understanding in Just Minutes!

    In a few short minutes of reading my Open Mind Guide to Dealing with your Anxiety, you will be amazed at how quickly you can learn to understand:

  • what your anxiety is showing you
  • what other emotions your anxiety is masking for you
  • what triggers are setting off an anxiety attack
  • what you can do to understand and overcome them!!
  • You can go into expensive therapy, or spend a fortune on a coach or an NLP trainer only to find out exactly what I'm offering you here for the cost of a cheap lunch...

    Be Calmer, More Empowered and More Positive

    By downloading your copy of the Open Mind Guide to Dealing with your Anxiety online now, and completing the exercises you will start to

  • feel calmer and more in control of yourself
  • understand what is your stuff and what is somebody else's
  • take less responsibility for what you cannot control
  • feel empowered to express your emotions in a calm way
  • practice changing your negative thinking habits
  • enjoy thinking positive helpful thoughts about yourself
  • change a history of anxiety by understanding how to deal with it successfully
  • Oh and by the way, the benefits may be you:

  • You'll look younger and stand taller - anxiety is so ageing
  • You may start to contemplate coming off medication, casting off another shackle
  • You may improve relationships in the house as arguments or tension defuses
  • You'll enjoy the benefits of working for yourself or others
  • Be able to deal with your in-laws effectively!
  • Manage difficult teenagers
  • Improve your friendships
  • Invite new friendships
  • Finances stabilize
  • What price peace of mind?

    Let's consider how many sessions it might take you to be able to achieve similar results with a therapist... perhaps 5 or 6 or potentially many more... That's minimum 5 times, anything from £35 to £75.

    So a rehab programme dependent on your sessions with your therapist will set you back a minimum of £175 to a maximum of £375! And that's assuming only 5 sessions...And it is the luck of the draw who you get to work with.

    Many of you will have visited several therapists looking for the one who is actually hearing your problem accurately and offering relevant input. Despite all professional ethics and standards, you cannot standardize rapport and empathy that you build up with the 'right' therapist.

    Written Specifically For YOU!

    As you get to read my guides, you will find that they will talk to you personally... almost like they were written with you in mind. You will find examples of yourself on every page as you devour avidly what has been happening to you and how you can repair the problem.

    Huge Value For Money

    This short but powerful read will cost a fraction of the sum of one-to-one therapy and is yours to refer to again and again.

    If you were prepared to pay upward of £175 then I bet you'll be pleased to be able to buy a Guide that might cost only one of those hours of therapy: £35. But you can have this Guide targeting the very core of your anxiety for only


    That's just around half an average therapy session. Or a couple of round of drinks... which is your priority...?

    How Much in Time and Money and Disappointment Has Your Anxiety Cost You?

    Have you ever costed the price of anxiety? What has it stopped you doing?

  • Stopped you going to family events?
  • Stopped you going to work?
  • Stopped you answering the door?
  • Stopped you talking on the phone?
  • But it's not until you consider the benefits that you realize just how crippling living with Anxiety can be. By downloading the Open Mind Guide to Dealing with your Anxiety, now you can start to truly work on brushing off worrisome thoughts in a way that is NOT dependent on listening to endless hours of CD's or recordings.

    You can actually take control and learn at a much deeper level what your anxiety is telling you.

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