The one quality you need to re-invent your therapy practice is courage.  What do I mean by courage? Let’s be clear, having courage is not the same as being fearless.  Courage is a quality that manifests when you confront your fears and discover a truth about yourself you hadn’t faced before.  Taking an inventory of your truth, enables you to be more in alignment with your real mission and to play to your strengths instead of running away from your weaknesses. Below are 5 aspects of courage that you need acknowledge in order to change your life and work:

#1           Courage to go step up and have faith in you

By far one of the greatest challenges is just to jump in and dare to take the risk of believing you are worthy of more in your life.  No one can give you that first step to deciding to explore your work or life.  They can give you lots of difficult questions to answer and to work through but ultimately it is up to you whether you decide to explore your potential and step up. Answer your questions as truthfully as possible and see whether you are ready yet.

#2           Courage to trust you can change your fortunes

I’ve been there too. You dare to step up, but what sabotages you is the fear that it won’t be any different even if you do. The courage you need here is to just be mindful and aware of the thoughts that play through your head telling you this.  The more you get in touch with your deeper self, the more you’ll see the fairy story that runs through your head sabotaging your forward progress. Learn to identify the sabotaging thoughts and question them.

#3           Courage to identify your fears

Your fears have a biological function. They are there to protect you. However, many fears are not about the real world and our ability to stay safe. They are about our imagined world and what we learned from the past. Be clear about what function your fears are serving and whether they come from a different time and that they may not be relevant to now.

#4           Courage to go against opinion

Many a good plan has been wrecked by other people’s opinions. In one of my articles I talk about the rock-dwellers at the bottom of the riverbed – an idea filched from Richard Bach’s “Illusions”.  Fearing letting go and following their heart, rock-dwellers cling to the rocks regardless how hard the river flows. They expend most of their energy making sure that their sense of security isn’t threatened by someone else daring to let go and follow the flow of the river. Make sure you surround yourself with people who support your aspirations. There’s nothing more exhausting nor undermining of your aspirations than trying to convince people that what you’re doing is right for you. Only you can know that.

#5           Courage to seek a bigger vision

So you want a bigger vision of your future. That takes courage.  If you have come through the previous 4 points, there should be nothing stopping you dreaming of what you want in your life and seeking ways to ensure you get there. Seeking a bigger vision doesn’t mean rejecting your past, or living only for the future. It means believing you are more than you thought you were and affirming every day that you have gifts that you need to share with the world.

While there’s an autobiographical element to the 5 points of courage I mention above, I recognise I am only human. And so are you. If you want to achieve everything you were here to do, you have to be prepared to challenge yourself and step into a new phase of your life.  Life is short. Make sure you are living it how you want. There are many ways I can help you step up. Do you have the courage to do some personal work on my next Psychodrama day?