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Comprehensive Training Package that treats more than just CFS!

You’ll quickly realise how flexible this approach is to working with CFS. If you can understand CFS you can understand anything!

I’ve been working with CFS ever since I first went into practice which was around 2000 and it took me much attentive listening, sensing and understanding of what the body was trying to communicate to be able to fully engage with and help so many of my clients and I wish you every success with your clients too.

Your training package is as comprehensive as I  could possibly make it.  It has a large part of my heart and soul invested in its pages. Many of the therapists I’ve trained have had amazing results with this system and many have joined my movement of authentic therapy as a result of their training in CFS the Open Mind Way.

Join our movement of awakened, authentic therapists

You are welcome to join us in the movement of awakened therapists who are working with their intuition and authenticity to treat, not just clients with CFS, but clients with a whole range of issues intuitively, authentically and congruently.  Then, who your clients meet in the therapy room is you, your humanity, your fullness as therapists and healers and not just a set of professional ethics behind a veil of unspoken judgement. And as far as ME/CFS is concerned, I can promise you, once you have unlocked something as mysterious as CFS, all other issues are simple to manage.

I’d like to offer you 1 hour of my time for free to personally talk you through the manual

As a special thank you for your purchase, I’d like to offer you a complimentary hour of my time to ask any additional questions you would like, to help you with the uniqueness of each of your clients. If you have a tricky CFS client, or are struggling to apply the lessons of this manual to your CFS client, by all means, let’s set up a time to chat so you can be as prepared as you can be for your challenging clients. All you have to do is email mJenny Sofae on within 3 months of your purchase, and ask to talk to me.

My hourly rates for coaching and supervision start at £150 per hour. So on all fronts you are getting incredible content in the CFS package AND 1 hour’s expert guidance for less than it costs for one hour of my time.

I can at least share my knowledge with you wherever you are in the world by skype or phone so that you can still get to talk to the founder of this insightful and intuitive approach to treating, not just your CFS clients, but you’ll see in time, to treating all of your clients.

Thank you again for your purchase. I look forward to talking to you.