When Your Body Speaks, Listen! – Professor Jure Biechonski – 22nd June 5pm

Jure has a long and distinguished career in training and teaching psychotherapists andhypnotherapists internationally.  With 32 years of practice as a psychotherapist which has also incorporated 9 years of training in Hypnotherapy and NLP, 3 years training in Humanistic Counselling, two years in Family Counselling, Art and Dance Therapy (in Italy) and Psychodrama (in Berlin), Jure brings a unique perspective to the whole Mind Body debate.

On this call, Jure talks about his passion, the essence of psychoneuroimmunology all rolled into an inspiring, and engaging discussion on how we can understand the body’s messages to us and what we can do about it. 

Jure has been well accepted within medical circles in many countries where he teaches psychoneuroimmunology to a growing audience of medical scientists who are beginning to realise that not all that is physical is of physical origin.