Counselling and Psychotherapy Mind, Heart and Soul Level Programme

  • Do you sometimes feel you’re adrift with your clients? Stabbing in the dark? Have no real concept of why things do or don’t work with some and not others? Do you dread taking in new clients at times?  Do you suffer anxiety before, during and after your sessions?  Do you sometimes just not know what to do with someone?

You see, you’ll have probably studied various techniques and strategies but never really considered how to work with people who do not respond predictably to the techniques.  This is where your resourcefulness as a therapist is essential.  If you’ve been in practice for a couple of years already, you’ll know exactly what I mean.  However, even if you’ve been in practice alot longer, these doubts and performance anxieties can still plague you well into your professional career as a hypnotherapist.

This course of teleseminars, that is available to all members, gives you the insights and the tools to be able to get you feeling more comfortable in the therapist’s chair.  That means you’ll be more insightful, more confident, and you will be able to take on more clients with less anxiety.  In summary, that means more success, and of course, more money!  And at only £15 per month that is value you will not find from many other training providers! I challenge you.

Running on a Wednesday the first week of every month, with all the past audios stored in the archives for you to re-listen to whenever you want, these audio lectures are designed to develop you personally as well as professionally.  You will become more grounded, more calm and confident, and you‘ll not only be able to do less pre- and post session writing but will find you can attract more clients as you make better use of your time.

At only £15 per month, it really is a no brainer!  Why not join me today and in with your subscription, also listen to all the archived monthly guests who share with me their expertise and time so that you can develop your practice and learn from their specialisms. For list of past speakers click here.

Below you will find the 12 month Mind level programme running till January 2012.  The Mind programme introduces studies in personal and professional awareness integrating counselling and psychotherapy skills and insights into your existing hypnotherapy practice.


February 2011    Stage 1 Counselling skills
Discover how to ‘hold’ your client, create a sacred space of safety, and build empathy and rapport

March 2011         Stage 2 Counselling skills
Discover how to create awareness and insight in your client of their habits and repeating themes exploring how they might take charge

April 2011            Stage 3 Counselling skills
Discover how to encourage your client to change their habits, initiate action, and to stay with the process.

May 2011             4 What is Transference and counter transference?
How to use them therapeutically. Instead of avoiding transference, a Freudian term which describes the personal world that we all live in and how they interact with other worlds, learn how to use transference therapeutically.  This lecture will give you confidence to work beyond the 6 or 12 session model of hypnotherapy you have previously used and to be able to stop being ‘hypnotised’ by your clients dramas. Click here to subscribe.

June 2011           5 Unfocussed listening: developing your intuition.
Sensing your client’s feelings, not being confused by their contradictions. Developing empathy.  As a continuation from transference, developing the presence and silence of unfocussed listening develops the ability to read what your client isn’t saying, to hear unconscious patterns and drivers, and to challenge a client’s conscious reality – without hypnosis.

July 2011             6 Introducing Theory: Psychodynamic versus Humanist Theory
What are theories for?  How do these 2 theories differ and how can we incorporate elements of these psychotherapeutic models into our hypnotherapy practice?

August 2011       7 Self disclosure and being able to challenge clients
The myth around self disclosure is discussed: to do or not to do, that is the question.   Discover also how to use a client’s resistance to for therapeutic benefit and to challenge effectively.
Sept 2011            8 the Myth Of mental ill health
Bringing in the spiritual to the healing journey.  Borrowings from various schools of psychology and religion to describe the therapeutic journey.

October 2011      9 Gestalt v Transactional Analysis
Two schools of theory…explained in short and applied to your hypnotherapy practice.

Nov 2011             10 Catering to the differences in client personality, circumstances and life style
How to assess where your client is fast, and use appropriate strategy.

Dec 2011              11 Guided Affective Imagery
Mmuch underused visualisation technique in psychotherapy. I’ll be discussing the process and variations in how to use it.

January 2012      12 Cognitive Behavioural Counselling and it’s predecessor, REBT
Discover which kinds of clients respond best to CBT or REBT and how to weave elements of it into your hypnotherapy practice.

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