The concept of oneness of self and environment is deeply embedded in Buddhist Philosophy. That is that whatever we feel is happening out hypnotherapy buddhismthere, is actually a more truer reflection of what is happening in our hearts and minds.

The illusion that we are separate: that things are being done to us, is reinforced and upheld by the whole way in which society operates. We are victims of circumstance, the recession, floods, divorce, childhood abuse, and a myriad other obstacles and difficulties that we feel we have not only not created, but categorically never wanted.

Subconcious Motivations

As a Hypnotherapist, we know that our subconscious motivations are often completely clouded by the conscious mind. We know that what subterranean currents drive us, can be far away from our consciousness. And when a whole people or land becomes unconscious of its deeper drivers, what collective effect is that having on our recession, our environment, our children and on our conception of our life in today’s time and place?  Just like dominoes falling, one after the other, we all start to unavoidably conform to something that has swept us along with the current of the times.  And collectively, we reap the harvest of misaligned and unconscious habits.

As people in the vanguard of personal development, we should strive ever more to become aware of what subconsciously drives us. In this way we can show our clients by our behaviour how they can become aware of their own deeper drivers. If we have not yet seen what drives us, we will find it impossible to see what drives others: We will be left with theory and constructs but no real experience of what causes people to be who they are. And whatsmore, if we are not at peace with ourselves, our choices and our career, then we cannot conceive of the peace that others so desperately desire in their lives.

See Client Issues Clearly

hypnotherapy clients buddhismA lot of my short teleseminars that are now available on audio downloads (click here) will show you how to clear your heart and mind so that you can see your clients issues more clearly.  And the reason I can offer this insight, is because of the depths to which I have looked into my own life. Everything we see in our clients is something that exists in our own lives. If we feel frustrated or annoyed or helpless with our clients, it is because we feel the same about issues of our own that we haven’t yet solved.

So next time you find you are scratching your head about a client, ask yourself “Where in my life is this reflecting my own block?” or “What feeling do I have with this client and how long has that feeling been in my life?”.  This is at times more important a question to ask of ourselves than it is to compound a client’s issue by introducing yet another technique.

Know Yourself and Help Your Clients

And in the Buddhist tradition of oneness of self & environment, deeply knowing ourselves will cause our clients to start to know themselves. Just as the shadow cannot separate from the person, it cannot help but be reflected. Subscribe to my free newsletter to stay in the loop for professional development opportunities. Just go to the box on your right and fill in your details.