I was invited to talk on Nigel Waymark’s Sunday Brunch show on Saint FM about grief and grieving. Though the subject matter was rather intense, it was curiously very enjoyable. Nigel has a genuine curiosity about the process of grieving as he checks what I’m saying against his own experience of grief which makes for a very authentic interview. If you want to listen to the show click on the link below.

I can speak for you on some of the following suggested topics:

  • Relationships: good ones, ones gone bad – how to take responsibility in relationships
  • Marriage breakdown: how to navigate the pitfalls of divorce and separation maturely!
  • The myth of chemical imbalance in the mind: what is depression? Do anti depressants work?
  • How natural is it to hear voices?
  • Is ME or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome really all in the mind?
  • How to choose a therapist: A discussion of the pitfalls of finding the right therapist.
  • Insomnia: what is it caused by? How can we resolve it?
  • Anxiety and phobia: What are they? How can we resolve them?



Let me know your subject area by emailing me.