It’s frustrating when you’re all trained up, CPD’ed out and yet you still lack that inner knowing and confidence to really attract the clients to you that you need and help them transform their lives.

If you would like to be more inwardly confident and become a leader of transformation and have your work fill you with joy not dread, here’s a bunch of ways below I can help you get started.

Open Your Mind

I have loads of free stuff to help you open your mind to how to get more out of your practice, ditch the scripts, protocols and cumbersome professional ethics and really engage confidently with your clients.

From Articles, and tip sheets, to Audios, my free Read Your Client e-book, and my newsletter that offers useful hints and tips. You’ll find something there for you. For More>>

Engage Your Heart

Thinking is one thing, but feeling is another. Using your heart and really engaging with the process, I can help take you on a personal journey of your own inner transformation so that you can become the leader your clients need.

  • If you can get to Brentwood, just off the M25, (Essex, UK) I host regular Soul group meet ups designed to inspire, support and supervise you in your practice. For more >>
  • And if you are happy to roll your sleeves up, my Psychodrama workshops are designed to help you throw off your blocks and clear out your obstacles to becoming truly authentically you. For more>>
  • You can access supervision and mentorship from me on a 1-2-1 basis from wherever you happen to be in the world. All you need is phone or skype connection. Email me>>
  • Join me on my live 6 week broadcast teleseminar course on Treating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I equip you with handhouts, guided learning, and intensive homework, to get you really clear on how the Mind and the Body work and learn transferable insights and skills for all your clients. For more>>

Access your Soul Purpose

  • If you want something altogether more intensive which involves overhauling your practice and gaining profound insights that can transform the way you work, you may be ready for my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 3 day intensive. This course has already launched many therapists’ practices. For more>>
  • And if you want to consolidate everything you’ve learned from me and add more skills, confidence, insight and wisdom to your practice, join me on my 6 month Advanced Integrative Open Mind Therapist Practitioner Program. For more>> (coming soon)
  • Or, you can become my very own special VIP and enrol on your personal Transformational VIP Day and choose your own modules and I will personally mentor, supervise and guide you to use your very own authentic life experience to become the best you can be for your clients. And when your mission is burning brightly, I can reach you anywhere around the world. All you need is a skype connection or a phone line and your willingness to learn. For more>> (Coming soon)


Can I help inspire and communicate a message for your people?

I have dedicated most of my working life to the development of people to be all they were meant to be. To be able to inspire that transformation authentically, I have passed through many portals and incarnations of my own: teacher, therapist, speaker, author, coach, trainer and mentor. As I have grown and evolved, so I have shared the gifts of my growth with my clients, my students, my colleagues, and my readers. If I can help inspire your people to greater self empowerment and independence, I would be most pleased to be able to serve you.

 For more>>>