Are Your Hypnotherapy Clients Wringing You Dry?

If you're a hypnotherapist you know how much of a challenge it is to get a client from where they are now to where they feel a whole lot better about themselves and are on the road to recovery.

It can be a long, hard journey - for both of you.

Would you like a way to make that journey more of a stroll than a struggle? You can!

Jenny LynnI'm Jenny Lynn and I've been a therapist for ten years. I've been where you are now, spending far too much time preparing for client sessions - and even more time afterwards writing up my notes. I've suffered from self-doubt - am I really helping people? - and struggled with staying uninvolved in the client's problems.

However, as I developed these things got easier and eventually I found that I barely needed to do much preparation at all and my sessions went better - and got far better results for my clients.

Not Just About Experience

At first I thought this was just a matter of experience - until some of my professional colleagues asked me how I did it.

Some of them had been practising for many more years than me, but they were still struggling with the same old problems, year after year. I didn't know what I'd learnt that they hadn't, but, as I started talking it through with them, it became clear that I had a different approach.

I discovered that I could teach them to do the same things I did - and, as a result, they started working more intuitively than ever before. They told other colleagues and I found myself with a student body that wanted more!

Develop With Open Mind

That's how I developed the Open Mind Therapist approach and I've been sharing this with people in the form of specialist courses in CFS/ME, as an ebook and teleseminars for the past seven or eight years. However, as we've gone along I've pulled out of my experience and learning more and more new ways of carrying out therapy successfully.

I'm not replacing the teaching of hypnotherapy courses; what I offer are additional skills that enhance all the techniques a professional hypnotherapist has learned.

Can you imagine what it would be like to:

  • Complete a full day of client visits - and not feel exhausted?
  • Not need to spend the evening prepping for your sessions?
  • Be able to sit down with your clients without having spent time reading all the notes from their previous sessions?
  • Spend more time conducting therapy sessions (and get paid for your time) and less time in administrative tasks?
  • Be able to challenge clients issues successfully and get them to take responsibility for their own recovery process?
  • Use intuitive therapy without worrying afterwards about whether you've 'read' the situation accurately?

This is just the beginning; there's a lot more!

People kept giving me feedback about how well the approach I'd taught them worked.

I Feel Much More Confident

"Since developing my skills with Jenny I feel much more confident in my ability to really get to grips with the problems presented which means I am helping clients at a much deeper level generally.

I sometimes now spend sessions 'just talking' with sometimes little or no hypnosis. I never would have been able to do this before. I no longer carry my clients' problems, but rather more feel free to help them to help themselves." Lisa Skeffington, Integrative Hypnotherapist

The CFS specialism, ebook and teleseminars weren't enough - so I went back to the drawing board and developed a much more in-depth programme. This is called 'Read Your Client' and offers not only a comprehensive course of study, but also membership of the prestigious International Council of Psychotherapists on successful completion of the programme.

Are you ready to invest in your future - and build a more successful therapy practice?

The Open Mind Therapist approach needs commitment from you - it's not a quick fix (although it will enable you to get quicker results for your clients).

You'll be:

  • More confident as a therapist
  • Able to see beyond symptoms to the core of the problem
  • Operating on a much more intuitive level
  • Helping clients to move forwards faster than you ever thought possible

I have recommended Open Mind to other therapists, and will continue to do so.

"I learned to sit comfortably with a client and work with them in the 'here and now'. As my confidence with this working method grew, my preparation reduced, actually allowing me to take on more clients, rather than reduce them! I have learned to listen with both of my ears and to 'listen' with both my eyes.

I have recommended Open Mind to other therapists, and will continue to do so. You will become a better, more relaxed, more confident and more successful therapist as a result - have no doubt." Mark Reader, Integrative Hypnotherapist

'Read Your Client' will reduce and, in most cases, eliminate:

  • Feeling tongue tied - that 'don't-know-what-to-do' feeling
  • Your fear of failure and fear of judgement
  • Worrying that you don't know how far to push a client
  • Being anxious that your client isn't responding even though they've had several sessions
  • Feeling restricted by hypnotherapy scripts and not knowing how else to do it
  • Being exhausted after sessions
  • That feeling of dread when you're expecting a particularly difficult client

These can all be in the past. 'Read Your Client' will help you to develop an understanding of the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual aspects of the human personality.

Work Successfully With ANY Client!

You'll be able to work with clients regardless of their age, sex, cultural background, lifestyle, religion, sexual orientation, occupation, relationships, childhood and nutrition. In fact, you'll identify faster than ever just how, and how much, you can help your clients and be confident that you've brought them as far as they can come.

I feel much stronger now and more confident when dealing with a range of issues

"This course and supervision from Jenny has helped to iron out many niggling issues I had with how to handle clients and how to interpret my own feelings in relation to them. I feel much stronger now and more confident when dealing with a range of issues - my focus has sharpened on the interactions between us and the clues this gives me about how my clients operate in their own lives." Catherine Blackwood, Hypnotherapist

Have A Creatice and Successful Practice

If you embark on this journey with the 'Read Your Client' course, you'll be on the way to a much more successful practice. You'll learn a creative and integrative approach to talking therapies and hypnotherapy for the benefit of your clients' health and wellbeing. Your listening skills will grow sharper and your relationship with your client will be stronger.

You'll be able to challenge clients without being over-sympathetic, or anxious that your relationship will be damaged as a result. You'll be surprised at how much your confidence will grow (and so will your supervisor)!

You'll develop your intuitive skills based on knowledge and experience - and be able to use them consciously to help your client - and yourself.

OK - that's what you get - what do you have to do?

Just decide to do it!

There are elements of face to face training, case studies, home study, reflective practice recording and supervision.

  • You'll participate in four days of face-to-face training over a two month period.
  • You'll need to produce six case studies subsequent to each of the 2 weekend study periods.
  • You'll be involved in three months of online group supervision afterwards.
This ensures that qualified practitioners undergo regular supervision and therapy as required as part of their responsibility towards their clients.

It is also setting up ongoing therapist personal development so you continue to provide real benefit for your clients.

Let's cut to the chase - what will this cost?

The total cost of the course is a single payment of £890 or 2 monthly instalments available if first instalment paid by 15th January and second by 10th February:

Instalment 1: £445 to be received before 30th August.

Instalment 2: £445 before the 30th September.

What does that cover?

2 x 2 day workshops (normally charged at £297 per day).

Post course supervision for three months after the course is completed with 3 months subscription on the highest level of Open Mind Therapist programme (worth £79 per month).

This programme includes:

  • Access to teleseminars
  • Access to one hour, twice a week, online question and answer sessions
  • Access to a closed forum with fellow students
  • Personal mentoring from Jenny Lynn - two sessions at six weekly intervals*
  • ... and once you've completed the workshops and the full three months supervision included you will be eligible for membership of International Council of Psychotherapists (if you're overseas) and the National Council of Psychotherapists
You'll get over £1400 of value for only £890! And, once you've completed this programme, you'll be able to increase your practice and make your course fees back many times over.

The next programme starts in the middle of February with the first weekend on 30th Sept and 1st October - and the second weekend on 28th and 29th October 2011, both to be hosted at a central London venue to be confirmed. The course will also be running again on the 9th and 10th March 2012 and 6th and 7th April 2012.Read the prospectus by clicking here

That means that by the end of January you'll have complete your three months of development and supervision and be ready to apply for membership of the National Council of Psychotherapists.

This course is unique and is not available elsewhere. Why struggle on any longer when your therapy sessions can be effortless?

Sign up now

Pay now with 1 single
payment of £890

Pay over 2 Monthly installments
of £445 (available till 30th Aug)

* If distance prohibits attendance at regular supervision days, then
I offer 1 hour 1-2-1 telephone supervision instead.

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