We all had an amazing day last Friday….never long enough these intensives! Just want to carry on training and sharing all weekend. I think there’s an argument there somewhere for a 3 day residential in a retreat somewhere, wouldn’t you say?

If you were there, you’ll have experienced that I love working inclusively. From the moment someone walks in the room to the moment they leave, their learning experience is my pleasure and I work to achieve a relaxed and intimate space for the therapist to grow and share. You’ll know there’s nothing wishy washy about that though – I’m not going to nod my head in the right places and pay lip service to someone’s questions. I will answer them honestly, sometimes challengingly, and, as I’ve just been called on a forum, candidly, ingenously and thoroughly – but with always one goal in mind: to encourage people to experience something of great value to them and their clients.
Here’s some of the feedback that came through from last Friday:

“Thank you. It has given me some new perspectives and ideas to think about, as well as techniques I will use with clients’ Chris Claytor NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist www.achievewithnlp.co.uk

“I have more awareness of myself and an even better awareness of the client.  I’m going away with a few good techniques too!” Linda Blacker www.hypnosisforhealth.co.uk

“I have reflected on my role in the process, the clients role and whether or not they want to participate in therapy. I realise now that the client may benefit from some exploration rather than just suggestion hypnotherapy, for example with weight loss” Irene Smith, hypnotherapist www.ceratocentre.com

I’ve also a couple of videos of some of my participants which they’ve given me their kind permission to host.  When they arrive, I’ll post again!

I have gained a subscriber to my course in the autumn from this group and am looking for minimum 6 in the group.  If you would like to find out more about training with me on this course at Open Mind go to https://theopenmindtherapist.com/read-your-client.html.  Feel free to email me with any questions or if you’re new to Open Mind go to the home page and download your free Read Your Client ebook.


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