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Dr Pradeep Chadha

Dr Pradeep Chadha bridges the gap between science and spirituality by offering a profoundly inspired yet simple synopsis of the mind and how and why different approaches work to restore emotional calm and balance.

Drugless Psychiatrist, Dr Pradeep Chadha, or as he prefers to be called Integrative Psychiatrist and Stress Reduction Consultant has had an amazing journey of personal awakening which lead him to understand why drugs need not be the first resort to treat mental and emotional disturbances. He tells his story, as an aspiring Western psychiatrist of Indian origin, and how initially shocked he was to see such little compassion and insight that drug based Psychiatry had to offer into the origins of mental and emotional disturbance.

Disillusioned, he made it his mission to explore, keeping true to his scientific training, what might really be going on with the psyche. The Role of Stress Dr Chadha realised that the body’s stress response was at the core of all mental, emotional and often physical disturbances and our inability in the west to discharge effectively the backlog of emotions that store up in the body.

In this inspired approximately 4 hours and 20 minutes of audio, recorded on 20th April 2013 in Central London, Dr Chadha explains in simple, yet highly comprehensive terms, how different approaches work on the psyche to disperse blocked emotions and inspire a new body-mind equilibrium.

Part 1 – What is Stress

Part 2 – Living in The Now: The Science

Part 3 – Practical Applications of Medication and Meditation Psychotherapy

Part 4 – Role of Emotions & the Unconscious

Q&A Teleseminar

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