Well, it took some dedication to get on skype this morning at 7am and talk to my US correspondent about his possibly doing a teleseminar for me in a couple of weeks.  But by the end of the, nearly 1 hour that we spoke, I was totally fired up and ready to start the day with panache!

What an amazing discussion to have with my next teleseminar guest, Patrick Dieter from the US.  I’d ‘found’ him on a psychotherapy forum on Linked in where his responses to some of the discussion captured my imagination.  It felt like he was talking my language.  I heard him.  Perceived him.  And thought ‘I’d like to know more about him’.  So a couple of private emails later around 6 months ago, confirmed that he was indeed someone who shared a similar perspective on life, but who is doing something quite unique with it.

Having been on his own journey of recovery from addiction over some 25 years and having had a number of ‘awakenings’ – his word – over his life, Patrick looks at substance and alcohol addiction in quite a unique way.  Gone are the reprimands or chastising for not sticking to a 12 step programme. Instead he focusses on the humanity of each and every client he sees in a wholesomely spiritual way – and interestingly, without fluff and otherwordliness and most definitely without using the R word – Religion.  Patrick is infinitely down to earth, practical and tactical but will share with us on our next teleseminar, not only his own story, but the ways he reaches into the lives of those he treats for addiction.

If you do nothing else this side of Easter, listen to him.  February 16th 5pm. He’s a gem in a wilderness of ‘by the book’ therapy that too often misses its calling.  I’ll send a link to his blog just as soon as he lets me know the address…..watch this space!

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