How do you decide which Membership level would suit you?

How do you get to know me?

You need to get to know me. How do you do that? Download my free e book by filling in form at the top right of this page and read about my integrative approach.  Subscribe to the free membership level on this membership tab.  Or email me and let’s book you in for a half hour discovery session. You may even find you’d like to engage with me on a 1-2-1 and for us to fast track your personal and professional development.

The membership is designed to meet some of your Continuing Professional Development as well as Personal Development needs as a professional therapist.  You may graduate upwards or downwards through the levels or just hop on for a while. Leave a comment in the box below if I can answer any further questions.

How do you identify the gaps in your therapy practice?

Does one of the following descriptions sound like you?

Do any of these sound like you?

  • Are you a self styled integrative therapist who is lonely in practice.
  • A spiritual practitioner who is lonely in practice.
  • A psychotherapist who is curious about the claims of hypnotherapy and yet don’t want to invest in training.
  • A hypnotherapist who feels they need more than just hypnotherapy techniques to develop your confidence
  • Are you fresh in practice and looking for guidance and inspiration?
  • Are you looking to relaunch your practice?
  • Is your budget tight but you feel a need to develop?
    Are you ready to invest in your next level of growth?
  • Are you looking for something new to inspire you?
  • Are you an independent and curious learner who is looking for your own answers?

The membership is designed to meet some of your Continuing Professional Development as well as Personal Development needs as a professional therapist.  You may graduate upwards or downwards through the levels or just hop on for a while.

Mind level of Membership

How can Mind level of membership help your counselling, psychotherapy or hypnotherapy practice?

So let me explain to you Mind level and how it can help your practice.

Firstly, the benefits of Mind level are:

1.     You get to listen to 18 hours to date of interviews with some inspiring speakers who share their knowledge with us.  If you are inspired by one of them, look them up. Contact them and tell them.  Those with a curiosity will do so in any way.  Think.  How much can you learn from these inspired people who have worked it out for themselves?

2.     You also get to listen to 25+ hours of audio lectures and live training recordings of some lessons in for example:

  • The 3 stages of counselling,
  • transference and how to manage it,
  • Gestalt Therapy and what it is,
  • Psycho imaginative Imagery
  • Guided affective imagery – two visualisation or hypnotic techniques,A couple of Buddhist lessons on
  • the 9 consciousnesses,
  • the psycho-spiritual causes of disease

and so on.  They are there waiting for you to access them in the members area.

3.     You also get discounted access to some of the discovery days that I run throughout the year.

Now who would benefit from this:

  • People who want some long distance lessons from anywhere in the world.  All you need is a computer and the audios are yours to listen to at your own pace wherever you are.
  • People who are on a tight budget but who are hungry to learn more and study alone.
  • People who are good audio and independent learners who have a natural curiosity.
  • People who are looking for some relevant CPD for their Annual log.
  • People who resonate with me!  If you like what I’ve produced, then the mind membership level will give you loads more access to audio lessons. And it’s only £7 per month!

You are not tied in to any level.  You can leave whenever you want.  At the end of every email you get notifying you of a monthly Direct debit payment, there is a statement that shows you how to unsubscribe if you no longer want the service.  It’s not difficult. It’s easy to unsubscribe if you no longer need the service.

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Leave a comment below if I can answer any further questions you may have.

How can The Heart Membership level help with your counselling, psychotherapy or hypnotherapy practice?

Heart level incorporates all of Mind but also includes monthly contact by phone or skype.

Do any of the following describe you?

  • You are relaunching your practice after a gap.
  • You  need some specific advice and guidance to set up in practice and I’ll draw from my 12 years as a practising therapist and my more recent business knowledge that I’ve gained in the last 4-5 years.
  • You are looking to revamp your website: I can help advise and can refer you to some really reliable technical people if you need any further help.
  • You are looking for supervision that is broad and integrative and not only technique based
  • You  are looking to grow and develop personally alongside their practice
  • You are from anywhere in the world and feel you are resonating with me. There are few barriers left to being a global citizen so you can take advantage of working this way.
  • You are a good independent learner and want to make full use of all the inspiring audios in the library.
  • You are on a spiritual journey and to date, it’s been hard to find a mentor who gets this dimension of your practice.

You and me need to have a chat.  I have so much knowledge and insight to share with you and if you’re ready to grow and to do things differently, then it’ll be just right for you. So on heart level you get:

  • All of the benefits of mind
  • And about 1 hour’s telephone conversation to help and support you and your practice taken in brief slots or in a whole hour. It’s up to you.  You can message me the day before you’re seeing a tricky client, and I’ll fit in 10 mins to troubleshoot that client with you.  Or you can have more formal hour where we work on various business, personal and supervision challenges. I’ll take my lead from you.
  • Email or message contact through skype or facebook.
  • Membership of a closed facebook group where you can safely share your thoughts and feelings.
  • I can refer you to books, lessons and audios that are relevant to what you are learning at the current time.

How do my existing members use Heart level?

I have a different relationship with every one of my members.  Some of you want more from me than others.  Some of you want to use the sessions as a means of personal and professional growth, others of you just want good quality supervision.  Sometimes I’ll mention an approach and if you’ve not come across it, I’ll refer you to one of the audios in the members area.  This means we don’t waste our valuable time talking it through.  I send my members away to listen and then if they have questions, we field them on the next call.  This is the most efficient means of support for your practice I’ve yet come up with that doesn’t cost a fortune.   Heart level is just £47 per month.  And I build some amazing and inspiring relationships with you. My members love it.

The membership level that is growing the fastest is my Heart level. That is the level where I can speak to you anywhere in the world for about an hour a month…..and I’ve even got my skype working now…so that means whatever personal or professional development questions you want to ask me I’m here to help.

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How can the Soul Membership level help you with your therapy practice?

Now this is something again altogether more intensive on the one hand, and yet reassuringly safe and relaxing on the other.  You get all the benefits of Heart and Mind levels and additionally, at Soul level we meet every 5 weeks.

If you recognise yourself in this descriptions then this is for you.

  • You’ve spent too long in the wilderness looking for like minded people to bounce off clients, be inspired by and to learn more from.
  • You are at last ready to be really curious and open up to new learning.
  • You are at the stage where you realise you need to fully value what you bring and you want to develop
  • You are looking for extra techniques and learning in an integrative way that you can practice in the group with others
  • You are one of life’s rebellious types who on the one hand, want to be free, but on the other hand, would like to feel in good company
  • You want to be part of the waking up of the therapy world and find others who are doing the same.
  • You like what you’ve seen so far in my approach and feel that there’s something I can teach you.
  • You are of any persuasion, any sexuality, any race or colour, creed or religion. You may be PLR or CBT practitioners, Psychodynamic, hypnotherapists.  All you need is to have an open heart and open mind and be prepared to question. 

What you get from Soul membership?

What you get.

  • All of the benefits of Heart and mind level.
  • Plus a meeting every 5 weeks.

Meetings consist of 

Personal Sharing

An opportunity to chart your own development over the previous 5 weeks, to hold yourself accountable for what you said you’d do, to simply share your worries and concerns about your life, your work etc, and a place to share your excitement about your growing confidence or practice.

A learning point

Each time we meet I present a learning point of some sort. Sometimes I demonstrate a technique and you get the chance to practice it right there for real on your colleagues with real live issues.  Sometimes I teach a lesson from Buddhism or from other forms of spirituality.  Sometimes we have a discussion about our ideas of professionalism, spirituality, etc.  The aim of the discussions is to keep asking why and what then!  Eventually we will find our own answers in this line of enquiry.  Sometimes, one of the group members presents a learning point from one of their specialities and gains some valuable experience in leading the group or giving a presentation.

The net benefit of the intimacy of the group is that we develop long lasting friendships and relationships that go beyond the group.  I’ve been running groups for 3 years and many members still keep in touch with me and with each other even if they’ve either physically moved or have moved on to even more success in their lives.  I feel privileged to have been part of the journey.


This is often the most important part of the meeting as therapists who felt so isolated with their clients issues and limited by their previous supervisor’s lack of insight, get to hear how it is for others.  Members often describe a feeling of relief to know they are not alone.  The supervision element is a rich source of inspiration and insight into your clients issues from more than one member.  The ethos of looking at the whole person and even looking at you and your issues with your tricky clients, is core to our discussion.  While we focus on techniques at times, more important is the interpersonal dynamic between you and your client and what you as the therapist can learn from your most challenging clients, not only about them, but about yourself too.

The investment for this level is now just £69 per month.  If you’re serious about your development as a therapist, you’ll find this investment returns for the rest of your working life.

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