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Jenny Lynn’s hypnotherapy training & supervisio

As with most things there isn’t a ‘quick fix’ and you’ll gain from membership in many ways:

  • Access to new learning every Month
  • The opportunity to promote your own practice
  • A means of finding other specialists when you need them

Everyone I choose to work with on my monthly teleseminars will be people of great passion. I spend my time networking, reading, and promoting people who I believe have a valuable contribution to make to the world of personal development.

I love hearing how people have reached into the depths of their lives and come up with their own unique blend or style of working with their clients. These people will not only be hypnotherapists, but also specialists from related fields such as psychotherapists, counsellors, body workers, or nutritionists. This is because I feel we have so much to learn from crossing over our practices with other specialists and integrating that missing jigsaw piece that may make sense of so much more to us than just that small piece of information can provide on its own.

As we learn we grow in stature and confidence. As we reach into the depths of our own lives and free ourselves, so can we then free our clients. It is a pleasure to work with people who have an open mind on just how much they might gain from developing their curiosity

There are three levels of membership;

Mind Membership (£7 per Month)

If you’re looking to develop your professionalism from the comfort of your own home or in your own time, you’re in the right place.

Mind Membership includes 2 x 1 hour teleseminars per Month .

  • 1 of those is a teleseminar from me working with a topic such as, counselling skills, or how to work with families, children, couples etc.
  • 1 of those is from a specialist with passion as mentioned above.

Mind membership includes access to the member’s articles and resources area and members at this level get their 15% discount on all products. That means you could pay for your membership 3 x over if you buy my CFS manual for example.

online hypnotherapy training

Two teleseminars each mont

Mind Level membership (Level 1) entitles you to receive the following:

  • Occasional teleseminars answering your emailed supervision questions for some of your case load,
  • Extra knowledge and training delivered by teleseminar on other therapeutic options such as counselling, psychotherapy, or body and nutrition specialists
  • And an opportunity to access the archived guest speakers audios, diversifying your knowledge and experience and having the insight into how some of the world’s most passionate people work in their specialisms.

Included in your subscription is:

  • 1 monthly supervision/CPD* audio broadcast from Jenny Lynn
  • 1 monthly audio broadcast from a guest speaker (see Calendar)
  • Access to all the backdated audios from October 2010
  • 15% off any purchase you make of Open Mind Therapist Products. (See Products)
  • 15% off any live training events run or hosted by the Open Mind Therapist (See Events)

Soul Membership (£69 per Month)

hypnotherapy training

Group Supervision Meeting

If you want to commit to your professional and personal development by working with me at Soul Level (3) of the Open Mind Therapist CPD and supervision programme then you have chosen to receive a level of membership which will offer you:

  • 5 weekly Elite supervision, mentorship and CPD group meet in Brentwood, Essex
  • Inclusive Mind Level (1) teleseminars
  • 15% off any purchase you make of Open Mind Therapist Products
  • 1 hour’s telephone supervision between sessions
  • Discount off many live training events run or hosted by the Open Mind Therapist

My CPD/supervision/mentorship group that meets around once every 5 weeks and is a face to face meeting with your peer group whose ethos is personal and professional development

These group meetings incorporate a supervisory session, CPD elements including guest speakers, and personal development for therapists. They are an essential and supportive springboard for therapist development and ongoing CPD requirements. Certificates are available for different elements of these sessions.

Our current group meets in Brentwood every 5 weeks

Dates for 2016 are:

22nd January
26th February
1st April
6th May
10th June
15th July
2nd September
30th September
4th November
9th December

Venue Address:

‘The Boudoir’
Merrymeade House
Merrymeade Chase
CM15 0BG

Bring Lunch to share

Supervision January 2011In our group, we develop some very valuable professional relationships with others in our fields. We share specialisms, we remove our isolation, we laugh, we cry at times, and we go through bits of theory and practice. We also have guest speakers in occasionally.

This is also a platform for members to develop their public speaking skills as we develop confidence by working in this hugely supportive environment and presenting on our own specialisms. These groups are personally mentored by me and by some of my most successful CPD students.

Jenny is a fellow of the National Council of Psychotherapists, an associate member of the BACP, Member of the Hypnotherapy Association, and has a Senior Qualification in Hypnotherapy Practice awarded by the General Hypnotherapy Register.

*If you need to, check that this is valid in your particular professional association.