“I have followed Jenny Lynn’s career for many years and believe from her writings, from talking with her, and from reading her insights in forum discussions, that she is a truly holistic therapist whose mind does not block her heart, and whose heart does not over rule the good sense of her mind. We are long time Buddhist practitioners and hypnotherapists, so I consider her my Dharma sister in this field.” Jack Elias, author, Finding True Magic: Transpersonal Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy/NLP http://FindingTrueMagic.com http://blog.FindingTrueMagic.com
nick williams-17 I am always impressed and inspired by Jenny’s sense of fun, authenticity and openness. She is a therapist who doesn’t hide herself away. She is a leader in her field and is continually expanding the areas on which she offers leadership. Nick Williams, best selling author of nine books. http://iamnickwilliams.com/