The bedraggled of Winterburn, Gargrave

I’ve been in lots of different places in the last fortnight starting with my first London Soul Group meeting on 10th February which was a great success and I’m so looking forward to developing this group more.  Our next meeting is on 23rd March and for more information just go straight to the home page. That was rapidly followed by a holiday in the Yorkshire Dales at the tale end of the snows! There we are, our motley collection of a family! Having spent the week laughing till my sides were splitting, I was then left in the City of my youth, Liverpool to visit some long lost friends and my good friend Tony Cawley who’s also done a teleseminar with me.  The reason I stayed ‘up North’ while my family travelled back was to attend the first meeting as a fellow of the National Council of Psychotherapists under their new leadership, Ray Freeman.

Ray is an ex college lecturer as well as therapist and understands the importance of educational qualifications as delivered by schools, colleges and universities as well as our professional training which is largely delivered by those of us already in the field.  Ray has pulled together a team of people who  understand the importance of business as well as the importance of education and together we are looking into the future to be  one of the first professional organisations in the hypno-psychotherapy world who will be using external validators such as the government regulators, OfQual, to lend academic as well as experiential cudos to our qualifications.  Now I’m not one for jumping through hoops and compromising on quality of experience for bits of paper that may mean nothing…..but then, so far, it looks like none of my compatriot Fellows of the NCP are either, which can only bode well.  We are keen to be seen as the leading organisation in our field with standards that we can uphold and an integrity of training that our accredited member schools can deliver, and with qualifications that can contribute to further academic education or indeed constitute an academic award in themselves.  That is exciting in itself and I will be taking an active part in developing our integrity of service.  I’ll talk another time about levels of membership and which level of membership may suit you or how you might qualify for membership.  In the meantime, watch this space.

And just this morning, I’ve delivered, for the second time around, my ‘Journey of a lifetime’ presentation to my fellow business networkers in Enfield, North London which tracks my 30 years as a buddhist and the 3 biggest turning points in my life.  If you’re a 4networking aficionado, join me in St Alban’s this Thursday where I will be delivering it again.  The feedback this time was that  people felt calm at the end of the talk, inspired, and uplifted.  Many can identify with my struggles of course, which is a great leveller when operating in the business world where we may feel that how we appear is more important than who we are.  But at the end of the day, we tend to make all sorts of decisions about our careers and lifestyles on an emotional level which will of course, mean we need to sense a person’s integrity in their business endeavours. 

To all fellow therapists who have landed on this post,  who are still struggling with their own sense of integrity in their business, please get in touch.  I can help you develop your career, provide guidance and inspiration and  make your initial training, which may have cost many hundreds if not thousands of pounds, more valuable to you than you realised.  Either sign up for my free membership level or come along  to my next North London hypnotherapist and psychotherapist supervision and career development meeting on 23rd March. Or email me.



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