It’s been around 5 weeks since I launched my new business Putting the heart into hypnotherapy” and what an amazing transition is happening.  I’m grateful for those who have chosen to sign up with one of my programme levels: Mind, Heart or Soul and I’m really chuffed that so many hypnotherapists are choosing to add depth and flexibility to their practices.  At such a reasonable cost that is only £29 per month, I’m looking to attract more and more of you who also want to expand your practice and make your work more insightful.
Each month on the mind level, I am delivering an hour’s tuition with handouts for you to write on, that will help you gain insight, self awareness and skills that will be a true confidence building asset to your business.  With you feeling more centred and focussed, you cannot help but attract more clients to you: it’s the law of cause and effect.  The cause is that you are becoming a more reliable and consistent hypnotherapist and as that happens, word spreads and you gain more business.  In these times of recession, it really is a no brainer to not take advantage of such an essential training opportunity, delivered to you directly, at such low cost.
This morning I was explaining to my wonderful web support and online marketing guy, Robert Keating, just who I wanted to reach with my work.  He listened intently.  His goal of course, is to get all the back end stuff working efficiently: keywords that work for my business and avenues of promotion to attract more and more people who want what I have to offer.  It became clear to him as we spoke that his remit was very specific: not only am I looking for Hypnotherapists, I’m looking for hypnotherapists who feel they have been sold short to some extent by the ‘get well quick’ marketing that surrounds hypnotherapy training.  I’m looking for hypnotherapists who might feel a bit let down by their training, who feel disillusioned with the promises made by their training organisations, and who want to work with more integrity and more confidence. 
I explained to him that many hypnotherapists are relying on specific techniques or scripts for particular syndromes or symptoms and that when they don’t always work as of course can often be the case, are lost as to how to continue.  They end up losing clients from natural wastage, or by having to refer on, or by not getting referrals, or by just being too scared to treat the next one with the same condition. I continued, that what I was offering was the deeper self confidence and added insight to be able to determine the unconscious drivers for manifest problems and work on the causes not the symptoms of dis-ease.  That we mustn’t put techniques before insight – or as I proferred ‘The cart before the horse’.  To which he quite simply said: “or let the tail wag the dog”. YES Rob! You got it! That simple statement of validation meant to me that I knew he had grasped what I was saying and was going to look at my business promotion anew for me.  Thank you!
In the meantime, if I have described you or anyone you know in these words above, go straight to and subscribe to the Mind Level.  This month I am offering an hour of counselling skills followed next month by some insight into transference and countertransference and how to use it.  This will also be the topic of our next Soul level meeting in May.  All audio lectures are held in the members area with the handouts so you can access them again and again.  The only thing this will do for your hypnotherapy practice if you study it properly and make the time commitment, is make it more effective and even more incisive and focussed.  Join me by going to  Tell your friends and colleagues and if they subscribe from me on your recommendation I’ll give you a discount of 20% or if you are already members  30% off any of my products valid till end of March 2011.  Just get them to mention your name and email address so I know who you are. for more information. 

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