Yes! At last I have a website that is workable and doing what we think it should be doing!  My thanks go to a number of people who have helped me set it up, including a fantastic SEO /website guy, a words lady and a great graphic designer!  I shall talk about them in future posts but I wanted to share with you a quirky conversation I had this morning with a pretty well publiced SEO expert – Paul Weston.  Google him. He has quite a story to tell.

However, he told me a story this morning at a business network meeting about how he perceives hypnotherapists that left me agog! In fact, I asked him how he’d come to that conclusion and he said, ‘Well it all started when I was 6….” Hmmmm…very funny Paul!  Seriously though, he told me he didn’t trust them.  Trust them?  He was sitting next to one, me!  Though to be truthful, he may not have realised that because I always call myself a psychotherapist.

I reflected briefly what might cause someone to not trust someone else.  Could it be the erroneous idea that hypnotherapists are mind controllers? Could it be that he wouldn’t trust them to not put him into trance without him realising? Or could it be that he might be detecting some incongruence between who they present themselves as and who they feel they are underneath? 

If you don’t know who I am by now, you’ll realise that I work on the subterranean of the therapists mind: I’m the hypnotherapist’s therapist.  How do I find my therapist supervisee/students? I talk about their discrepancy between how they feel and what they project.  Easy really.  There is so much image involved in Hypnotherapy: so much pressure in fact to stay entirely in the positive, to be experts without expert experience, to behave to a set of preconceived ideas of what it is to be a hypnotherapist, and a successful one at that, so much pressure to uphold a professional persona….regardless of how neatly that image superimposes over your personality.

The net result of all this image making is an inner lack of self confidence:  a fear that we may not be able to deliver the solutions our clients are looking for and a performance anxiety that, at times, can be almost tangible to our clients.

Paul was uncertain as to what his suspicions were about.  He asked me if I was analyzing him right now!  “Hell. NO!” I replied.  “People always ask me that and to be honest, I can’t be bothered!  I don’t do psychobabble socially.  I enjoy engaging and socialising too much!”  He laughed. “You really are a psycho aren’t you!” He gestured, I think affectionately!  Yes, Paul. I am a psycho.

Help me launch my site? Take a look around and see if my proposition is something you think you could use.  And in particular, you may want to train with me middle of February so take a look at the events section.  Meanwhile, stay clear of the psychobabble.


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