When I launched my low cost online programme of counselling skills, professional guidance and personal development, I made an assumption that my hypnotherapy prospects would understand how they might benefit from it and would find study time for it.  I made the assumption because I reasoned with myself, if Hypnotherapists want to truly galvanise their practice and become very flexible in these difficult financial times, they’ll be chomping at the bit to train online in a low cost way and gain insights and skills that they couldn’t learn anywhere else.  Now the response so far to my launching the programme has been reasonable.  I’m so pleased that some of you have taken up the challenge and are earnestly seeking to further your knowledge and careers. But perhaps I got some of my assumptions wrong?  Perhaps you don’t see any need to develop further in these recessionary times?  Or perhaps like many, you’re just afraid of making the investment in case it doesn’t return for you?

So let me describe to you, those of you who may be cautiously watching your bottom line just, how you might benefit from the online package in my Mind level.

Let’s start firstly with the way alot of CPD is delivered in our industry: the Hypnotherapy world.  Intense 2 day training courses deliver often a training experience that can at times, be quite groundbreaking for people. However, bear in mind, that the trainer is condensing the benefit of their years and years of experience of their specialism into 2 days.    You on the other hand have just 2 days.  For learning to truly bed in, you need to experiment with it and explore it out there in the real world, get appropriate feedback from your supervisor, and keep your mind open to more learning.  However, often information is filtered down and diluted through intense study periods with little follow up and like a game of Chinese whispers, the original message may become obscured.

Mind Level Study Programme at Open Mind

I’ve designed my online programme to support personal and professional development on an ongoing basis.  That means, I recognise that you may need repetition, reinforcement, practice and feedback on a regular basis.  If it’s to be of any value to you, you need to practice what you are learning month by month.

On my basic Mind level, I’m offering to start with the 3 stages of counselling skills for hypnotherapists over 3 months as one hour audio teleseminar lectures.  Now, unlike other live trainings, the lectures are recorded and you can revisit them again and again to clarify anything you may have misunderstood.  In addition, I ask you to record your learning in writing as you listen: attending with more than just your passive attention will reinforce your learning.  Then not only can you revisit all the audio lectures again in the members area, you can also relisten to all my specialist speakers that I have introduced to you again in the comfort of your own home.

Taking responsibility for your learning

Now, are you prepared to take the responsibility for your own personal and professional development?  Because now it’s time to talk about organisation.  The world is so busy, that unless we focus on our goals, we will be blown off course again and again.  As hypnotherapists, you must know that lesson so well.  So now comes the big question that we might ask ourselves: Am I really prepared to do anything to develop my practice, overcome my blocks, and grow as an individual and as a hypnotherapist?  And perhaps even, why would I want to study counselling skills?  

Why counselling skills?

You see counselling skills aren’t just techniques designed to draw out our client and make them feel comfortable: learning how to counsel by definition requires you to do more personal development work.  It isn’t like the fast phobia cure or reading a script: to be able to counsel requires you to know what stuff you are bringing with you into your therapy room which might or might not be helpful to your therapeutic relationship.  Learning how to counsel also helps you understand when a particular technique might be more appropriate than another, it helps you hear your client’s subconscious mind without putting them in hypnosis, and it therefore helps guide you to use your techniques so much more effectively.  I’ll quote just one of my past students who is now a member of my top level  (Soul) study programme:

“Since developing my skills with Jenny I feel much more confident in my ability to really get to grips with the problems presented which means I am helping clients at a much deeper level generally.”

The same student immediately after her training weekend with me 3 years ago said this:

“Insight is something that cannot be taught – or so I thought! – You make the impossible possible… This is a tool beyond tools to inspire every therapist to trust their inner knowing in their connection with every other human being.” Lisa

Now Lisa decided that to really deliver an excellent service to her clients, she really needed to get under their skin and start ‘getting’ it before she even used a technique.  Her journey has been a personal journey of self discovery and she has gained self confidence and now approaches her sessions with a centredness that is palpable, a confidence; a knowing that one way or another, she will be able to help her clients. I know this, because I see her every 6 weeks as part of my highest Soul level supervision programme and I have watched her confidence grow beyond belief. And that’s not only a personal development benefit, but a sound business decision! Lisa’s business has been buoyant all through the recession.

Lisa hasn’t achieved all this by one weekend’s work.  She’s achieved this by being hungry for knowledge, by asking questions of herself such as : ‘how can I be even better at what I do?’ and ‘what do I need to learn to BE better?’.   What do you need to do to gain these benefits?

The mind level programme, will help you on your journey to getting to be a better hypnotherapist.  But are you prepared to commit to it?  Do you really want those benefits?  Is that what you’re looking for?  Because if the answer to any of that is yes, you need to start nailing down study time and reflective time to absorb the teachings.  In our busy world, unless you make time for yourself, it will be engulfed by a thousand and one other demands.  Do you think you’re worth the investment of time and money?  

Well, to make the decision a bit easier for you I have lowered the investment of the mind level programme down to just £15 per month!    Of course, you can upgrade to the next level, Heart, at any time. But first things first.  If you want to learn more, subscribe now and get your benefits before there becomes a subconscious wall to your pushing yourself into new and unfamiliar territories. Growth happens when we take risks.  It happens when we find ourselves in vulnerable situations.  Our clients come to us in times of crisis.  That’s when they’re most likely to grow.  If you want to develop your practice, put yourself in a vulnerable position: take a risk and prepare to grow. See this schedule for planned audio lectures over the next 12 months. https://theopenmindtherapist.com/membership


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