When I first came to train my fellow hypnotherapists, I was terrified I was just teaching them what they already knew.  I had assumed, like me, that all hypnotherapists had a counselling and psychotherapy training as well.  So naive was I that when I first developed my chronic Fatigue course for hypnotherapists, I rushed through the counselling skills element thinking I didn’t want to repeat elements of their initial training.  However, as I sat and watched their practice sessions in that very first training weekend, I realised that I was teaching something completely new.  I could hear that my students had never studied counselling, nor psychotherapy.  I was both shocked, and relieved as you can imagine.  But I continued to teach those oh so essential skills as fast as possible, making sure at least that I communicated my training succinctly and relevantly.  In retrospect now, and many workshops later, I realise I could have slowed down quite substantially.  But the habit stuck.

The irony was, that when we studied counselling skills alongside some of my interactive hypnotherapy sessions my trainees were required to do some serious personal development.  The counselling skills just seemed to make the hypnotherapy all the more relevant, powerful and meaningful. 

I thought “If I could show hypnotherapists a way to supplement their academic knowledge and at the same time do some pretty intensive personal development fast, then I would probably need to condense my years of learning down into just a couple of well prepared days and exercises for optimum effect”.  So that is what I did.  Some of my past students and ongoing supervisees who have come from my training weekends will testify that their development as people and professionals has sky rocketed.

So as to share the benefits with you of my shorthand approach and to launch my new site, I’m offering an Introduction to Counselling Skills audio teleseminar course starting Wednesday 2nd February at 5pm for an initial month’s subscription on my Mind level of just 1p!  I will be talking over 3 months about the 3 skills of Gerard Egan’s Counselling Skills: a dynamic and very challenging and eclectic model of counselling.  All audio teleseminars are stored in the membership area so that you can listen to them again and again. 

How will it enhance your practice?

There are always those clients that come in who you just don’t quite manage to build rapport with.  Perhaps you:

  • Feel irritated by them
  • Can’t seem to access their desire to get well
  • Are wading through their cluttered minds
  • Can’t get them to relax and trust you
  • Can’t wait for the hour to be up

You know, some people are just difficult to access.  So how will you preserve your reputation if hypnotherapy doesn’t work with them?  Well, perhaps if you learn to listen to their subconscious messages while they’re still conscious and follow a line of subtle questioning that causes them to open up before you’ve even conducted any hypnotherapy, you’re on to a winner.  That’s just one way how it might benefit your practice.

How can you listen to the subconscious messages that people give?

This is what I’ve learned quite intuitively during my 10 years in practice.  Its basis is the counselling skills, but there are many shorthand ways in which I’ve learned to package that up and deliver it to you succinctly so that you get it. For dates and more information click here.

Can you get a counselling qualification from the teleseminars?

No!  You can’t!  It wouldn’t be worth much if you did.  But you’ll get loads of information on what they are, how to use them, AND you’ll probably get some personal development or insight, and you’ll certainly know whether doing anything serious about getting qualified is worth your while.  In fact, just so it’s super accessible in these financially difficult times, the first lesson is just 1p! Join me and subscribe now. Your dial in details will be with you immediately you’ve confirmed your subscription, and if you’ve already missed the first one, all can be found in the membership area archives.

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