If you’re fresh in your practice of hypnotherapy, chances are you probably bring some experience with you from your ‘previous life’.  I’m not talking Past Lives in the PLR sense, but in your career before you changed direction.  Perhaps you worked in HR or was a nurse, or like me, a teacher.  Perhaps you worked in the mental health service or as a counsellor.  Your general life experience will have brought you to a point where your seeminlgy natural progression is hypnotherapy. 

However, once starting out on the deeper study of the subconscious, one thing’s for sure: you’ll probably be realising as you go along just how many ways you may be able to reach a person’s inherent survival instinct.   Wanting to know more, you will have trained in EFT or EMDR, or perhaps you’ve done a specific style of hypnotherapy like analysis, regression or suggestion.  Patching all those different styles together will have been a labour of love.  And now you have them all under your belt, you’re wondering who on earth you might go to as your supervisor.  How do you find someone who at the very least, has trodden the same kind of developmental path as you and who will ‘get’ what it is you need from supervision?  I have heard many stories from my supervisees of their supervisors seeming to have less knowledge and experience than themselves.  At that frustrating convergence point, where our eclectic supervisee seeks supervision from a single model therapist it’s as good as the blind leading the blind!

Now, I have 2 things to say to you. 

Number 1:  
Would you like to meet with a group of like minded people who really get what supervision is about?  Because if so, my Soul level group meets once every 6 weeks around Dunmow – Bishops Stortford (Essex Herts) area.  We share our case load in a humanist and integrative setting.  What does that mean? It means we are looking at the whole person, in context, in their families and communities and then we are using authenticity and an eclectic integrative style of talk and hypnotherapy to be able to reach them.  It means we also look at our own contribution to our therapeutic relationships with our clients. Where are our blocks and impasses?  How do we actually get stuck in our client sessions and how to we get unstuck? 

Our group is a close knit and supportive group of people who want to gain a deeper confidence in working with their clients, and who are committed to their own continuing personal and professional development.  Do you have what it takes to join us?  My newest member says the following:

“For some time I had intended to have regular group supervision as I knew it would be of enormous benefit to my personal development as a therapist. I attended my first group meeting in January.  I was really worried about joining the Soul Level group because I thought everyone would know so much more than me but it’s been so comforting to realise that they have the same fears and worries as I do.  I’ve felt I’ve been totally accepted in the group from just my very first meeting to this one and feel really supported in my work. 

In just 6 weeks since that first meeting, one of the changes I’ve made is to the way I work and prepare for my clients.  I was spending far too much time preparing for each client’s next working session and since joining the group I have somehow learned to ‘let go’ and am realising that I can now trust my intuition and knowledge more than I realised.  I still have more to learn and I’m looking forward to learning in this great group and under the excellent guidance of Jenny.  I feel that no-one is being critical or judgemental and that any advice given is just ‘good sound advice’ based upon the group’s own working experiences and practices.  I’m so glad I’ve made the decision to join the Soul Level group and only wish I had done so sooner!  Thank you.”  Pat Hollisey, Hypnotherapist.

And another comment from Steve Monk, Hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner:

I would recommend, no, urge, all hypnotherapists, psychotherapists…any talking therapist to seriously look at what Jenny offers to her supervision students.  I feel more confident and professional as a result of being a part of the group.  There is so much you get from the membership that you must see your yourself. Jenny’s experience means that she has the right skills to help any talking therapist that has recently qualified through to someone who has been in the profession many years.

Check out Soul Level membership.  Our next meeting is on Friday 20th May.

Number 2:
Are you one of those people I describe above but you’re just too far away to commit to 6 weekly meets here?  Then you need to join my Heart membership level.  Heart allocates 2 hours in the week when you can ‘get’ me.  I’m either on line in the chat room, or for a while longer while the membership builds, I’m around on the phone too at those times.  All you need to do is pencil in those times in your diary and if something crops up, a difficult client or session, then just drop me a text or an email and we’ll chat about it.

However, more than just a supervision safety net, both soul and heart members have access to the counselling and psychotherapy audio lectures I deliver every month AND access to the archives for past lectures including all my teleseminar guests. 

Here’s what one of my Heart level members said.

I noticed your postings on various forums and started downloading some of your reports from your website and it became crystal clear where the gap in my work lay.  I’d been too in control, focusing in on which technique I needed to employ.  How refreshing to find someone who had identified with this and had the answers to boot. Now I can sit comfortably in the moment with my clients.  It’s taken me a while to get to this point which is why I’m writing this note because I’d like other therapists to find this shortcut and save themselves the angst that I went through.  It all adds up to increased job satisfaction and that’s so important to me.  So thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge and support other therapists.  I know how much of yourself you put into your work and it’s greatly appreciated.  It also seems bizarre that I’ve learnt so much from someone I’ve never actually met! Thank you. Gina Brown, Hypnotherapist, NLP &EFT Practitioner www.head4change.com

So join me on Heart level.  It’s more than just supervision.  It’s a whole training package that will develop you the person and the professional.


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