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Need a simple plan of how to set up in practice as a therapist?

Listen to my masterclass in setting up in therapy practice.


There are so many pitfalls to starting in business as a therapist and the sad reality is, that many lose their way before they’ve even really got going for one of a few reasons:

  • You’ve no business or marketing experience and don’t know how to get the clients in
  • You’ve come into the business without a clear idea of what you want to achieve
  • You’ve still got a lot of confidence to develop before you can treat people.
  • You’re not sure you can make claims about your practice without some experience and without experience you cannot make claims.
  • You’ve no real tangible support to being in practice.

When I started out, 12 years ago, there were no other hypno-psychotherapists in my small town so I did have some advantages. However, it still had its challenges and these were some of them:

  • What do I say in an advert?
  • Where do I advertise to get the people in that I know I can help?
  • Who can I trust from those that phone me with their advertising or SEO proposals?
  • What do I charge?
  • Where do I work from?
  • Do I give a free session or not?
  • What is a reasonable price for a website?
  • How do I get a website?
  • Which professional association do I belong to and why?
  • What should my supervisor be doing for me?
  • What sort of CPD do I need?
  • How do I specialise?
  • What do I put on a website?
  • How do I do my tax returns?
  • How do I structure my accounts?
  • How do I see myself as a business and not a charity!

Don’t waste your time and money on costly mistakes!

I sadly learned the hard way. I was stung at least twice by some high investment, no return advertising scams that did my business harm. I advertised pointlessly in publications that gave no return. I spent £6k on a website I hated. I suffered with trying to organise my accounts – I still find this a challenge. And I struggled with what to charge. My first fee was just £35 per hour. And I felt that was expensive. I really wrestled with myself to charge the NHS, when they contracted me within the first year of my practice, a whopping £45 per hour! Now I find it almost quaint that I struggled with this so much.

I’ll describe on this call just what kinds of support you need to become a truly confident & grounded therapist that is less likely to burnout when you get busy

The things I got right was having a great supervisor who really challenged me and my perspectives which helped me expand my confidence and my practice. My training was with a school whose ethos was you can treat anything if you understand the individual and after 3 years of hypno-psychotherapy study and reflection I felt able to do credit to that culture. Just keep an open mind and use your creativity and your innate wisdom – an ethos that sits comfortably with my Buddhist practice and that I continue to promote in I’ll share with you some of those insights to get you feeling more confident more quickly.

Save yourself hundreds and even thousands of pounds by listening to the advice I can give from my hard won business savvy

Trial and error has given me some experience that I’d rather I shared with you so that you can get yourself up in practice sooner and more efficiently and make really good use of those hundreds or even thousands of pounds you spent getting yourself trained to help other people.

I’ve done so much work promoting my business:

it’s about time I shared it with you

I’ve literally spent hundreds of hours networking and talking to small business, online and offline, and hundreds of hours reading and studying about marketing so that I can get to know just what to do to help me promote and expand my business. Along the way, I’ve had to step out of the Florence Nightingale image of selflessly helping others to adopt a more pragmatic approach to my practice so that I can earn the income that I’m really worth.

I’ll show you

  • How to be proud of what you do and attract a higher fee than your competitors.
  • How to present yourself and your unique personality in the best light possible to attract the clients you want
  • How to choose the right supervisor for you
  • How to choose the right professional organisation for you

And I’ll also show you a few ideas about:

  • What to say in your advertisements
  • Where to advertise on line
  • Where to advertise online free of charge
  • Where to give talks to get your name out there
  • What to put in them – subject matter
  • How to do video blogs and why
  • I’ll explain what a backlink is to your website and how to get them
  • I’ll explain how you can network with your local business community to get clients and additional business know-how
  • How to pitch for business
  • What to expect from your pitches
  • Why multiple advertising channels work best and how to create them
  • How many days/weeks/months you might expect to need to get yourself set up
  • How to get your head round charging for what you do and to get clear about running your practice as a business.
  • How to realise your true value and carve out a niche for yourself.