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Science, Spirituality and Therapy:

Western meets Eastern approaches to mental and emotional wellbeing

Drugfree approaches now adopted by leading Psychiatrist and author, Dr Pradeep Chadha

Dr Pradeep Chadha

Working towards clients becoming free of their prescription drugs is something we are generally happy to do in our fields of talk and hypnotherapy.  However, there is often no bridge between the medical world and the therapy world and we can end up in a conflict of approaches which can be frustrating, and at times demotivating.

However, what happens when a highly respected and established Psychiatrist of more than 22 years refuses to prescribe drugs? Drugless Psychiatrist, Dr Pradeep Chadha, or as he prefers to be called Integrative Psychiatrist and Stress Reduction Consultant has had an amazing journey of personal awakening as to how much more highly effective, approaches and strategies to mental and emotional wellbeing can be, without the need for prescribing drugs.  As a Western psychiatrist of Indian origin, Dr Chadha was initially shocked to see how little compassion and insight Psychiatry as practiced in the West, had into the origins of mental and emotional disturbance and he made it his mission to explore, keeping true to his scientific training, what might really be going on with the psyche.

As a result, Dr Chadha has blended together his scientific knowledge, experience with hypnosis and eastern meditative approaches and has posed some deeply meaningful questions as to what is really going on in the minds and bodies of people with stress and anxiety, anger and grief. On this one day event on 20th April, Dr Pradeep Chadha, will explore with us the following:

  • How he came to question drug therapy despite his medical training
  • How spirituality and science need not be mutually exclusive
  • How managing a condition just prolongs it
  • How to question deeply from an integrative perspective.

He will show us strategies on how:

  • To use a STRESS technique to reduce Stress
  • To understand the connections between Stress, Science & Spirituality
  • Breath can be used for healing emotions
  • To feel a connection with the emotions with physical, mental and spiritual health
  • To interpret the body’s signals and use them for healing.

Dr Chadha has also written 2 landmark books in healing and health.

It is my pleasure to welcome to the UK Dr Pradeep Chadha who now lives and practices in Ireland.  I interviewed Dr Chadha in the summer of 2012 and he shared his amazing insights.  Here is some of the feedback from that call.

  • “Just listened to the recording – really interesting. I am just finishing my therapeutic counselling training. Would definitely be interested in training with Pradeep if you manage to set something up.”   Linda Nixon
  • “One of the challenging issues for me as a therapist is when a client presents for therapy and they are still being seen by a medical practitioner, be it their GP or a psychiatrist, it can be  difficult with some, to shift perception from what they have heard from the ‘professional’ due to the status they have built around them. The doctor knows best kind of thinking. Due to being seen as a ‘lay practitioner’ i am aware that when this “healing crisis” you speak of happens, it would be seen as ‘the therapist is to blame’ and i have on occasion not had the confidence to push the envelope and risk the finger being pointed in my direction. I’m sure i’m not alone in that. What this call has done for me is to question this ‘anxiety’ when it happens and push past it, knowing that my past experience and knowledge of mental health is sound and can be trusted.  I would love to be part of any group wanting to know more about Dr. Chadahs’ working practices so i wait news on that Thank you Jenny, and best wishes,” Dee Twentyman
  • “Interesting and innovative broadcast. Exciting.  Many thanks. Warm wishes.” Drs Kevin Zdaniecki
  • “Listening to Pradeep now … very interesting! See you soon. Regards”, Claire Rich
  • “This was an inspiring and informative call. I wish I could sit down with him for a few hours and pick his brain. Thanks for such a great podcast”.  Lynda Malerstein, BCH, CHT
  • “Thank you very much for the recording. Would be interested in attending one of Dr Chadha’s courses if he can be persuaded to run one here, though it would depend on cost and location.  Would be great if something came of this – daresay you’ll keep us posted on any developments. Kind regards”, Jayne Konno
  • “Thanks for the update Jenny, hope to make it down south for Pradeep’s gig. I’m in Middlesbrough by the way! Best wishes”. Linda
  • “Really enjoyed the talk with Dr. Chadha. It rang loads of bells for me. It sounds as if he has created a simple, rational model which is refreshing. Would love to attend a training if you could get him over”. Patrick Molloy
  • “Dr Chadha is like a breath of fresh air. He states my own thoughts experiences exactly.  From his thoughts on drugs, through to nutrition and emotions. We live in a very structured, rigid and controlled world, it is no wonder that our bodies and minds are in ‘tension’ and out of balance.  Relaxation is the bodies natural state.  When we are relaxed and free from tension then our mind and body will do perfectly what it is perfectly designed to do.  Thank you Dr Chadha and Jenny for this inspiring call”. Dee Twentyman
  • “Thanks for the recording and keep up the great work you are dong to bring new ideas to the general public”. David Berning
  • “I found this seminar profoundly interesting.  Dr Pradeeps comments relating to treatment of schizophrenia and depression were fascinating and enlightening. Thank you for this interview.  As a practising hypnotherapist these ideas make good sense”. Celia Bird
  • “What a wonderful man! Confirmed to me how important the human aspect/approach is and also how much belief impacts on the ability of an individual to get better. Was particularly interested in the ‘healing crisis’ and how emotions affect the autonomic nervous system which impacts on both physical and mental wellbeing. Suffering is most definitely a sign that something is being suppressed and would love to hear more of this from Pradeep.  Also lovely to hear/understand the importance of self healing and awareness to enable more empowered treatment for our clients. Thank you!”  Kim Walsh

Listen again to the above audio and join us on the day on 20th April from 10:00am till 5pm

Date:   Saturday 20th April 2013

Time:   10am till 5:00pm
Venue: Fitzrovia Room, International Students House, Great Portland Street, London.
Nearest Tube: Great Portland Street on Circle line.
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