Discover opportunities to develop your authenticity as a therapist

“Experienced: well thought through and honest guidance. Love your energy”. 
Nicholas Petrarca, Psychotherapist/hypnotherapist

“I found an open minded acceptance of questions, viewpoints, differences and similaries.
Meeting new “others” from differing pathways, yet with similar questions was enlightening.
Felt like I’d come home.”

Rosalyn Young, Psychotherapist & PICT trained therapist

“The group was a safe place to be honest with myself and to be open to new learning.
And some new ideas.”

Bonita Rayner Jones, Transformational Coach

“I found the workshop extremely helpful and insightful at explaining authentic working as a
therapist and emphasizing
how personal transformation helps us to
empower and transform our clients.”

Kim Walsh, Hypnotherapist and Psychotherpaist

“An excellent day; very thought provoking and insightful. And I surprised myself too in learning how to ‘read’ my ‘client’s’ story without hearing any words!  I will take away many ideas
and things to continue working on, personally and professionally.”

Gav Roberts, Integrative Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist

“Exposure to new ideas and ways of thinking. I made new thoughts and opinions about how we might have stopped ourselves being present’ for our clients.  Interesting.” 
Charles Stevenson, Hypnotherapist


Working authentically is a one day event that is for those talk and hypnotherapists who are tired of working from the outside in, following guidelines, protocols, techniques, prescriptions, who feel there is something missing from their practice and who want to go deeper.  You’ll probably be on the brink of a breakthrough: perhaps agitated, frustrated, disillusioned with your practice because it’s not quite how you thought it would be.  Perhaps you’re anxious that your way of working has already strayed from the protocols and you feel isolated and alone.  You are the therapists I would love to join me on either or both of these Discovery Day events. And you can still join us even after the event by buying the audio replay.

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My goal is that these training days will give you an opportunity to see how we work and for you to realise the true value of the day.  The benefits of working with more authenticity are many: you are more centred, less exhausted, and more content with your practice. And if you decide to join our movement as a result of the day, I’d be honoured to be part of your journey.

Soul level members attended free to this event and also have access to the recording. Heart and Mind Members please log in to get your next Discovery Day discount and to listen to the audio recording of this day.

If you’re new to us, to get the audio recording of the authenticity day along with more than 36 other hours of inspiration and support for practising therapists, join us below for just £7 per month.

 Join our growing Mind Level audio lessons for just £7 per month


Dates: This event took place on either Friday 28th September and Friday 2nd November 2012

Times: 9:30 till 5pm

Venue: The Boardroom, Essex Golf and Country Club, Earls Colne, Essex. CO6 2NS

If you’ve any problems with check out, please feel free to email me and I’ll answer your queries as soon as I can.


These events are a combination of online and offline opportunities that provide a range of skills and knowledge.

Working independently can be a solitary place to be.

Sharing learning with other like-minded people will help you to expand your understanding of therapy and of business.