Since the launch of The Open Mind Therapist in 2009 I have hosted many events of my own and have invited some amazing guest speakers to work with me. I’m stunned at just how much inspiration and energy these events have created not only in those who attended, but in we, the creators and inventors of these inspired training opportunities. As part of the excitement around creating training opportunities for our followers, I have interviewed and been interviewed on some of my passions. You’ll find some of the recorded interviews below.

I have also featured many times as an article writer in therapist magazines such as The Hypnotherapist by the Hypnotherapy Association and Fidelity the National Council of Psychotherapists organisation of which I am a Fellow. ¬†And I’m also around and about on the internet keeping an active interest in things personal development and looking for opportunities to spread the word of authenticity in practice.

One day I will lay my hands on the audio talk I gave in Switzerland at Eurotas in September 2011 and post it here too!