Last Friday, 24th June, was another amazing day! And here are my first two video testimonials to prove it! This is Linda and Steve – Soul members – all shiny from a day’s new personal and professional insights!


Thank you Linda and Steve! It is so fantastic to see your happy faces.  Feel free to comment below and make sure to leave your website addresses there so people can find you!

We met again in Bishops Stortford at a new venue: the Great Hadham Golf and Country Club.  This is, firstly, a wonderful venue and a great opportunity to test it out before our 15th July one day intensive.  We were well looked after and it was a lovely countryside retreat with a calm and cool air about it.  A few of my soul members will be there on the 15th so if you wanted to meet them and ask what the membership is all about, I’m sure they wouldn’t mind answering your questions.

Each time we meet, we look forward to our sharing: not only what has everyone done in the last 6 weeks, but what have you learned: about yourself, your clients, and how is your practice growing, changing or developing.  It always feels for me at least, like a feast of good humour and cameraderie that breeds a safe and comfortable environment for us to explore and build a great support network of open mind therapists!

My Soul group is not only about professional development: it is about who we are as people behind the professional facade.  This week, apart from sharing our professional concerns, we delved into the world of psychodrama and all of us took part in a process that facilitated not only one of the group members’ personal development but each of our own too. And I showed them how they can apply these lessons to their clients.

Last month we welcomed a guest speaker Melanie Fryer, Open Mind’s Nutritional Adviser (must give her a page on my site any day now) who wowed us sharing her knowledge and experience on food and a little known style of assessing body and food compatitibility called ‘Metabolic Typing’.  So taken by it were some of my members that they’ve reported this time changing their diet and feeling alot better in themselves.  If you haven’t yet listened to Melanie’s teleseminar you can find it in the Mind membership archives by going to Mind on the membership tab and subscribing.

Our next meeting is on 5th August which I’m also really looking forward to.  Who knows what we’ll do just yet?  Could it be working with fairy tales or working with families?  Working with families or rather, children, appears to be high on the agenda lately.  Many questions around age appropriate therapy, involvement of families, and how to manage them.  Working with families must be one of the trickiest things to achieve as a therapist so having some guidance is invaluable.

Join me on 5th August. Go to


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