7 Tips on How to Overcome Chronic Fatigue and Restore your Energy

If you’ve ever suffered with or treated anyone with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, you’ll know that exhaustion and fatigue are the common companions of high stress living and they manage to sabotage the wellbeing of so many people, with or without CFS. So if you really >>Contd>>

The 5 Qualities to Nurture to Reinvent your Therapy Practice

If you’re trying to be too many things to too many people, it’s because there are a few core qualities that you could do with nurturing to stabilise your inner world, and bring your consciousness into the here and now. >>Contd>>

The 5 Facets to Courage you Need to Transform your Life and Practice

The one quality you need to re-invent your therapy practice is courage.  What do I mean by courage? Let’s be clear, having courage is not the same as being fearless.  Courage is >>Contd>>

8 Mistakes to avoid when feeling out of your depth with a therapy client

Many therapists, under pressure of feeling like they must ‘fix’ their clients, or hold all the answers for them, resort to panic measures when feeling out of their depth.  The most important thing to get right with your client is >>Contd>>

10 Tips on How to Work with Families

Working with families as systems can be very challenging. Many therapy interventions and approaches aren’t as successful as they could be if the therapist doesn’t recognise when it is right and necessary to include the extended family members. In this tip sheet, I offer some inspiration to help you work with families.