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            Below is the latest audio interview which you can listen to with compliments of The Open Mind Therapist  

A psychological vision of life beyond the disease model – Peter Kinderman – Tuesday 29th April 5pm

Peter Kinderman is Professor of Clinical Psychology and Head of the Institute of Psychology, Health and Society at the University of Liverpool, with over 220 academic staff (32 of them professors) comprising psychiatrists, general practitioners, clinical and other applied psychologists, sociologists, public health physicians, nurses, sociologists and academics. 

Professor Kinderman’s research activity and clinical work concentrate on serious and enduring mental disorders such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and personality disorder, and on how psychological science can assist public policy in health and social care.

Professor Kinderman has an honorary position as Consultant Clinical Psychologist with Mersey Care NHS Trust. He is currently a member of the Office for National Statistics’ Technical Advisory Group for the Measuring National Well-being Programme, and served twice as Chair of the British Psychological Society’s Division of Clinical Psychology. Professor Kinderman was formerly a member of the Department of Health’s Mental Health Advisory Board, served as a member of the Health Professions Council’s Professional Liaison Group for applied psychology and sat on the Advisory Panel of the European Union’s Fundamental Rights Agency. Professor Kinderman was also a consultant to the BBC Headroom campaign and has contributed to several broadcasts in the field of mental health, most notably hosting a two-episode BBC Horizon piece exploring the role of diagnosis. Sign up above for the call and while you’re waiting for it you can listen to my previous guest audio below.

I’m really looking forward to interviewing Peter and hearing his searing insight into what is really going on in the global world of psychology and psychiatry and how we might be able to shift over to more humane methods of treating our most vulnerable and sensitive in society. This is a Mind level teleseminar which is available live for free. For just £7 you can gain access to the full library of previous audios listed below, including this one, plus many more lessons from me by clicking here.  

The Balance of Yin: How to redress the balance of feminine against the dominant masculine energy in our work – 30th October – 4pm

Jenny LynnThis Teleseminar has been bubbling away in me for some time.  I’ve been getting ever more passionate about womanhood and honouring the feminine in our work.  This is in alignment with my own personal journey of entering into the wisdom of the woman phase of my life. On this call, I want to highlight which values currently dominate our world of therapy and how we might incorporate less aggressive and more intuitive and inspired ways of working.  I want to throw a spotlight on our own ability, and sometimes inability as therapists, to integrate our feminine and masculine sides so that we bring a fully initiated individual into the therapy room: mentor in every sense for both men and women clients. Men, at the end of this call you may feel inspired to soften and to explore how to accept the feminine in you. Women, you may feel inspired to greater confidence and to have more trust in your own intuitive ability. Sign up above for the call and while you’re waiting for it you can listen to my previous guest audio below. This is a Mind level teleseminar which is available live for free. For just £7 you can gain access to the full library of previous audios listed below, including this one, plus many more lessons from me by clicking here.  

How to align your purpose and passion with your authenticity and integrity – Weds 9th October – 4pm Live call with Kimberley Lovell

  Kimberley Orange resizedKimberley is a spiritual intuitive and business mentor with a background in Psychotherapy, Healing and Coaching.  She works with women entrepreneurs worldwide to help them step into their leadership and develop the mindset to succeed authentically in their own speaking, coaching or therapy careers. It will be my pleasure to interview her on Wednesday and discover a few tips and tricks to help us in our businesses.  Men you are welcome too! Kimberley’s inspiration will help you develop your feminine intuition – the subject of my next solo lecture – which is becoming ever more necessary in an increasingly brittle world of masculinity. Dare you join us? Sign up above and I’ll send you the details. For more from Kimberley go through to her site at Sacred Money Archetypes.  

Psycho-Spiritual Aspects of Family Healing – 19th June 2013 – Jenny Lynn

Jenny LynnI explore in this audio lesson how you might conceive of families as energetic entities rather than individuals in a messy psychological relationship with each other.  From our earliest years we are responding only to pure energy.  Growing up and buying into the ‘matrix’ we live in leads us away from that energetic being that we were once.  It causes us to conflict between what we feel and know and what we are told is right and correct on the outside.  This dislocation of our subtle spiritual selves from the harsh realities of our modern culture is what is causing our mental and emotional traumas.  Healing from this dislocation requires us to work with how we feel, not how we think.  To be a therapist operating in this environment you have to be real, compassionate, challenging and be able to mirror perfectly the energetic connection that is going on between child and parent, father and mother, husband and wife.  This connection transcends words – words are used as veils to our deeper selves.  Getting beyond the veils and working with the energy in the here and now, naming the elephant in the room, and building heart felt relationships is the next step. Being the change we wish to see is the first.  This is part of the Mind Membership teleseminar series where you’ll find more than 40 hours of related audio content, including my guest speakers below, for just £7.  You’ll find information in Mind membership.

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Nick Williams – How to create resonance & attract the right clients for you – 8th May

Nick Williams has created a vibrant community of insightful and intuitive business owners in London who thrive off helping each other become the best they can be.  It’s a truly inspired way of working and creating not just income, or £££’s but incredible human value.  Nick believes firmly in getting our hearts and minds in the right place, so we can grow the business we really want in life. I asked him about how we create the therapy business we really want, how to attract clients that want us – and no one else – and we also discussed some of the common pitfalls of building a personal development business and what most people do wrong. Nick has had 9 books published including, “The Business You Were Born To Create” and “Resisting Your Soul”. Click here to find the inspired entrepreneur at work. Listen below;

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Daniel Mackler – Alternative, non medication routes for psychosis – Weds 20th March

Daniel Mackler is the director of the 2008 documentary “Take These Broken Wings,” on recovery from schizophrenia without medication, and the 2011 documentaries “Healing Homes” and “Open Dialogue,” both on successful, alternative, non-medication-oriented treatment programs for psychosis. He is also the co-author of two books: “A Way Out of Madness: Dealing with Your Family After You Have Been Diagnosed with a Psychiatric Disorder” (published by ISPS-US, 2010) and “Beyond Medication: Therapeutic Engagement and the Recovery from Psychosis” (Routledge, 2008). Daniel was a psychotherapist in New York City for ten years, and for the last three years has been traveling in Europe and North America and has visited more than 100 different psychosis-oriented mental health programs.  AND I have the amazing good fortune to be able to interview him about, what he describes as his tactic of a ‘guerrilla warfare of consciousness’ against the psychiatric pharmaceuticals industry. Sign up above and get your dial in number.

Jenny Lynn – Common Ailments & their Psycho-spiritual Roots – Wed 13th February 3pm

Jenny LynnI am looking forward to talking about this particular passion of mine which I have had personal experience of. I’ll be looking at what our body is actually telling us about the way we are via its various illnesses and symptoms. If we dare to listen to it and learn its language, we then have the onerous task of actually changing our life into something more existentially healthy and health promoting.  This is where many people get stuck. What is involved in that transition from ill to well?  I’ll be talking about how changing our thoughts is the tip of the iceberg.  I’ll share how changing our hearts and reaching into the vulnerability of our very core to create consciousness shifts can cause healing from the inside out. Join me. I’d love to have you with me. Subscribe above.


Alexia Leachman – Personal Branding and our Personal Story – 21st November 4pm

Alexia LeachmanAlexia brings her great flair and passion to this hour’s discussion.  She will talk about how we can use our personal story in our branding to make our message impactful and relevant.  She also talks about her own journey to illustrate her very point and how she came to work with a powerful system of healing and wellbeing called Reflective Repatterning.   I’ll be welcoming Alexia to my January 26th Discovery day in London to share with us her passion on personal and professional development in our marketing.  Join us on this call at 4pm GMT and sample what she’s about.



Changing Karma and developing our authenticity – Jenny Lynn – 19th September

It’s taken me till now to realise the value of my own transformational journey through my practice of buddhism over nearly 30 years. In this hour’s audio, I share with you some of the misconceptions of what karma is, how I see Karma, how I believe we might change it, a couple of stories of my own and how changing our karma leads to our authenticity and our own transformational power as therapists. As people are consulting therapists more and more instead of priests, shamen or sages in today’s world, we hold immense responsibility for the spiritual growth of our fellow human beings. Being in a place where we can offer real sustenance, guidance and hope for renewal is for me an imperative I understood profoundly as I came into this calling. I share with you in this audio not only parts of my own journey, but also some of the myths and professionalisms that stop us being the change agents that we can be. jenny lynn hypnotherapist Jenny Lynn cpd for hypnotherapists Dr Pradeep Chadha – Exploring Drugless Psychiatry – Wednesday July 18th at 5pm

Pradeep Chadha

Pradeep will share with us his revolutionary approach to mental health from a psychiatric perspective that is uncommon among his peers. Pradeep has found little acceptance of the alternatives to drug therapy in psychiatric circles.  He shares with us his profound journey of awakening to the differences hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and counselling can make to patients and how he conceives of what is happening in the ‘mind’ that challenges the biochemical model of mental health and wellbeing. Pradeep is a rebel, but of a most considered and thought through nature.  His wisdom and insight into the human condition are qualities that define his practice as human first, medical second – aspirations that most psychiatrists could do with adopting.  It shall be my pleasure to interview him. Sign up in the box above to listen to the live call or if the date is past, listen again to the audio recording.  And please remember to leave your comments!

What listeners say;

continuing professional development for hypnotherapists cpd psychotherapists hypnotherapy training therapy interviews Bonita Rayner-Jones – Charging what you are worth as a therapist – June 20th hypnotherapy training Join me and Bonita tomorrow at 5pm on charging what you are worth.  Bonita has spent alot of time in the US training under an amazing coach who has expanded her idea of charging what you are worth and how to guage what is the best price to charge which sits comfortably with your own morality and principles.  Remember, we are in BUSINESS as therapists, not in CHARITY  as therapists.  Bonita will help us sort out the wheat from the chaff to make our therapy practices truly beneficial for both client and therapist. 

 Rupert Sheldrake and the Science Delusion – May’s Teleseminar

I spoke to Rupert Sheldrake author of the Science Delusion about his views on the state of scientific enquiry in today’s world. He questions where how we might conceive of the mind and how science misunderstands its impact. rupert sheldrake He also discussed with me the implications for medicine and psychology of a new scientific parameter: one that looks at outcome based medicine which is inclusive of even, the placebo effect, and a whole range of otherwise marginalised therapies that have no scientific basis.  His argument? If it works, it’s valuable.  Listen in to this audio.  He is an amazing, authentic speaker who passionately believes in the need for a dawning of a new age for science. Leave your comment below for me to forward to our speaker this month.


Greg Forde – The Secret Ingredient in your Hypnotherapy Practice – April 18th 2012

Greg Forde
Greg brings his wit and humour to bear on a serious subject as we wing it through an hour’s feast of insight into the secret ingredient that makes your hypnotherapy practice truly meaningful and successful.  Greg is the Director of the Atkinson Ball College in London and is a master hypnotherapist and proud of it.  I am so looking forward to interviewing Greg and discussing wherever we need to go….a bit like intuitive hypnotherapy.  We will be largely unscripted and discussing what makes a fantastic hypnotherapist in contrast to a script reader.  Join us.  Please sign up in the box above to listen to the replay. And remember to tell us what you thought of it in the comment box!


Working at Relational Depth with a Pluralistic Approach – Professor Mick Cooper – March’s Teleseminar

Mick Cooper

Mick Cooper DPhil CPsychol is a leading international authority in the fields of person-centred, humanistic and existential approaches to counselling and psychotherapy.  He is a Chartered Counselling Psychologist, co-Director of the Doctorate inCounselling Psychology at Strathclyde University and editor of Person-Centred and Experiential Psychotherapies.  Mick is the author of several leading texts in the field, including Existential Therapies (Sage, 2003), Working at relational depth in counselling and psychotherapy (Sage, 2005, co-authored with Dave Mearns), Essential Research Findings in Counselling and Psychotherapy (Sage, 2008) and Pluralistic Counselling and Psychotherapy(Sage, 2005, co-authored with John McLeod). Mick is also recognised for his research into humanistic school-based counselling. Our discussion took place in February 2012 and we cover a range of areas from what is working at relational depth to pluralistic counselling approaches and what are the key elements needed for client change.  It was a pleasure to interview Mick and know that humanistic authenticity is alive and thriving in an academic environment. Listen in by registering above

Inner Child & Soul Retrieval – Healing effects of abuse – Costa Lambrias 

Costa is the co founder of the Hypnotherapy Association and has become an international presenter on Inner Child Therapy and Soul Retrieval.  Costa describes what it means to be conscious with our clients and how to use a process that aids the client in resolving their deeper resentments and stuck places left over from childhood, freeing them to live life consciously.  Join us.  Register above to get your dial in number. 


Change in the Life of a Single Individual Changes the Destiny of Humankind: Discussion with Jennie Peters-Smith on the Gandhi, King Ikeda Exhibition in Chelmsford

Jennie Peters-Smith is a fellow buddhist who has been practising Buddhism for around 20 years.  She also happens to be the Women’s Division HQ Leader for East Anglia South HQ, part of the organisational structure of the Soka Gakkai International (SGI) and is supporting the Gandhi King Ikeda exhibition that takes place in January between 16th and 27th of January in Chelmsford Central Library.  Jennie, while not wanting to elevate herself above her fellow practitioners, nevertheless, has a passionate and insightful way of describing the buddhist message and I very much enjoyed interviewing her.  We discussed how a change in the life of a single individual can impact on the whole of the destiny of humankind.

  The Sophisticated Alcoholic – David Allen discusses his new book – November 16th 2011 at 5pm

David Allen

This month I’m excited to welcome David Allen as my teleseminar guest.  David is a therapist and, in his own words, an ex abuser of alcohol. He is a specialist in spiritual regression and behavioural change specifically with alcohol related issues. Amazingly he has worked in industry for most of his life as a technician, manager, trainer and IT consultant and began retraining in 2004 firstly in hypnotherapy and then adding energy therapy and additional hypnotherapy skills along the way. Married with two children and five grandchildren his family has always played a leading role in his life and a real motivation to remove the influence and importance of alcohol completely.  This teleseminar is important for all those reasons and he condenses all his years of knowledge, insight and experience into his  first publication as an author in ‘The Sophisticated Alcoholic’ which you can order from the link below straight from Amazon.  Sign up for it in the box above and listen to our discussion.

Cranio Sacral Therapy Explained – Lynn Hedges – October 2011 – date TBC

Lynne Hedges-Geest Cranio Sacral Hypnotherapist

Lynne Hedges-Geest

Lynn is a practicing integrative hypno-psychotherapist who also works with Cranio Sacral Therapy.  I’ve seen her at work once and was absolutely blown away by her intuitive ability to know what is going on in the body.  Using the body’s energy Lynn can get in touch with feelings, thoughts and sensations throughout the body using her hands and cause a healing catharsis which goes beyond the thinking mind.  How she does that I want her to explain.  What I found difficult to understand is that anyone can attune to work in this way and I’m going to ask Lynn to explain to us exactly what is involved and what she is doing when she’s working in Cranio Sacral.  I can’t wait to interview her. Join me and sign up in the above box to get the reminders for this amazing teleseminar.



How to Build your a Successful Hypnotherapy Practice – Mark Reader – 20th July 5pm 

Mark Reader shares his Business Building Insights

Mark Reader has been a professional Hypno-Psychotherapist for around 7 years.  Within the first 12 months of his practice he managed to go from zero clients to a busy thriving full time practice.  Using his sales and marketing background, Mark brings a unique perspective to this month’s guest teleseminar slot.  Mark will share with us some of the secrets he has been using to ensure that he is constantly in demand as a therapist.  Now also a supervisor, you’ll hear how Mark approaches his clients and how he blends his own style of caring and support with his business protocol to be a highly sought after therapist. Join me on this call by signing up to the right here.  Learn how to get your business head working with your caring head.  



When Your Body Speaks, Listen! – Professor Jure Biechonski – 22nd June 5pm

Jure talks about the Mind-Body connection

Jure has a long and distinguished career in training and teaching psychotherapists and hypnotherapists internationally.  With 32 years of practice as a psychotherapist which has also incorporated 9 years of training in Hypnotherapy and NLP, 3 years training in Humanistic Counselling, two years in Family Counselling, Art and Dance Therapy (in Italy) and Psychodrama (in Berlin), Jure brings a unique perspective to the whole Mind Body debate. On this call, Jure talks about his passion, the essence of psychoneuroimmunology all rolled into an inspiring, and engaging discussion on how we can understand the body’s messages to us and what we can do about it.  Jure has been well accepted within medical circles in many countries where he teaches psychoneuroimmunology to a growing audience of medical scientists who are beginning to realise that not all that is physical is of physical origin.  Join me on this call.  Sign up here and I’ll remind you.

The Language of the Soul – Tony Cawley – 25th May  5pm

Tony has been a practising hypnotherapist and psychotherapist for around 23 years.  During that time he The Language of the Soulhas avidly absorbed many styles, techniques and approaches which has slowly allowed him to develop his own personal insights and style in his series of workshops called ‘The Language of the Soul’.  Tony describes on this call how the world we live in is all ‘back to front’ and how the language of the soul, the body’s knowing-ness, has been sorely neglected in our media driven culture.  He will tell us as practising talk and hypnotherapists how we can learn to identify the language of the soul, and how to use it to inspire our clients to their own inner healing and wholeness.  Join us on this call.  Register to get the dial in number by filling in the box to the right.  And watch out for Tony’s 2 day workshop on 9th and 10thSeptember 2011 on using the Language of the Soul.

Wednesday 20th April 5pm – Melanie Fryer – Nutritional Therapist

nutrition-seminar-melanie-fryerNutrition Affects Physical and Mental Health My next teleseminar guest is nutritional therapist, Melanie Fryer. Melanie has been in practice as a nutritional therapist for 8 years having had some personal realisations about how her own lifestyle and food choices were affecting her whole mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. Get Melanie’s 12 Small Steps to Healthier Eating.pdf by clicking hereOn the call Melanie shared with us

  • how our food choices affect our mental and emotional states
  • how common conditions such as IBS, fatigue, or insomnia relate to what we eat
  • how what many believe is a good diet, may have irritants or allergens unique to the individual
  • and so much more!

Nutrition is a HUGE subject!  It is potentially responsible for a large percentage of ill health in our society, both physical and mental.  To keep our teleseminar manageable, I shall be relating what Melanie tells us to our hypnotherapy clients so that you can get to see a bigger picture that may help with your hypnotherapy interventions.  We shall be learning how or when you might refer to a nutritional therapist to help your clients come even further and to raise your own reputation. Archived Guest Audios If you feel any one of these hour’s of audio below is worth the basic subscription fee of now only £15 why not subscribe and gain access to not just that one, but all of the audios that are listed below!  Included in that subscription are the training audios that I issue each month and the handouts that go with them.  If you choose to stay with me each month, then you’ll be receiving a monthly audio training programme that condenses all the most essential learning points from a style of integrative talk and hypnotherapy which I have designed to build therapist confidence and to get more consistent results in your hypnotherapy practice.  This programme, if you use it correctly, can save you hours of reading, piles of money spent on courses for ever more techniques, and is available or you to study or listen to as many times as you like.  If you’re prepared to take the steps to improve your hypnotherapy practice, at a phenomenally low cost that is easily spread out through the year, then this is a training programme for you.  Click here to sign up. Or to go direct to the payment page click here.

March 16th – Jenny Lynn talks about Buddhism and how it has informed her practice of hypnotherapy and psychotherapy. Jenny Lynn

Ok. This is me speaking now! Buddhism has been part of my life since I was a teenager. Despite all the ups and downs over the years, it has been a constant and my trust and confidence in myself as an individual and as a therapist has been directly informed by my buddhist practice. I share on this call how Buddhism has underpinned my life and work and where my motivation comes from to do what I do. I’m not here just because I like the sound of my own voice, I believe I have something to share that can change people’s lives: and that starts for me with my Buddhist practice. It has been a very private area of my life: not something I have historically shouted about. I feel no compulsion to convert anyone to my faith, and yet, Buddhism has already touched and transformed the lives of many people that I have shared my buddhist insights with, whether they practice or not. I’ll share with you on this call how I believe with deep self conviction and self awareness alone, we can touch the lives of everyone we meet: and that is fundamental of course, when working as a therapist.

Wednesday 16th February – Patrick Dieter, Addictions Specialist

Addiction Therapist - Patrick Dieter talks with Jenny Lynn

Patrick Dieter

Patrick Dieter was my next Teleseminar Guest. Patrick and I spoke for the first time a couple of weeks before this call about his work and his passion in his work. A former (and continuing!) musician, Patrick shared with us his perspective on treating addiction. And what an amazing conversation we had! Patrick has the ability to generate some very fine energy which in itself is the healing force behind so much of our modern malaise. It was a sheer pleasure to talk with him. Having been on his own journey of recovery from addiction over some 25 years and having had a number of ‘awakenings’ – his word – over his life, Patrick looks at substance and alcohol addiction in quite a unique way. Gone are the reprimands or chastising for not sticking to a 12 step programme. Instead he focusses on the humanity of each and every client he sees in a wholesomely spiritual way – and interestingly, without fluff and otherwordliness and most definitely without using the R word – Religion. Patrick is infinitely down to earth, practical and tactical but will share with us on our next teleseminar, not only his own story, but the ways he reaches into the lives of those he treats for addiction.

Jack Elias- 15th December 2010

We had an amazing hour’s chat with Jack.

Jack Elias

Jack presents a unique synthesis of Eastern and Western perspectives on the nature of consciousness and communication, teaching simple yet powerful techniques for achieving one’s highest personal and professional goals. Jack has studied Eastern meditation, philosophy and psychology for 43 years. Jack Elias is a Clinical Hypnotherapist in private practice as well as founder and director of The Institute for Therapeutic Learning in Seattle, WA, training and certifying Transpersonal Clinical Hypnotherapists since 1988. He also offers dynamic experiential workshops and seminars, and his Finding True Magic courses are eligible for credit at various universities and for CEUs for clinicians. Jack’s book, Finding True Magic is used by students, clinicians, and teachers internationally as a holistic approach to Mind/Body healing. It weaves together new and unique perspectives on depth hypnosis, regression therapy, past life therapy, inner child healing, subpersonality dialogue and integration, archetypal transformation, NLP, Ericksonian hypnosis, meditation and prayer techniques, ‘de-hypnosis’, and more. Jack’s work is expanding the art and discipline of hypnotherapy, making personal transformation and rapid healing possible — mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.” Check out Jack’s site and blog:

Sue Cook – 24th November 2010 – 40 minutes

Neuro developmentalist, Sue Cook shares her expertise in correcting autistic spectrum disorders I have been fascinated with the subject of autism and asperger’s syndrome for many years and curious to understand the nature/nurture aspect of conditions such as these. If someone arrived in your practice with Asperger’s syndrome, would you know how to work with them? Perhaps you’ve already worked with undiagnosed adults with Asperger’s syndrome and your techniques have sadly failed. Sue gives us some idea why that means we may have been ‘barking up the wrong tree’ by not being able to access our clients’ modality. Sue describes how neuro developmental delay in children can be so easily corrected with movement which rewires the brain and causes the essential neural connections to be made that help us make sense of the world. Follow this fascinating interview and see what you can learn from her.

Matt Sison – 12th October 2010 – 56 Minutes

Matt sison

Regression Hypnotherapist and meditation expert shares his passionMatt and his colleague Randy, have been running intensive bootcamps for several years now and they have attracted attendees from all over to learn their skill. His passion for what he delivers in his ‘Regression boot camps’, his commitment to therapist development, and the amazing results he facilitates with his clients, makes him for me a man of integrity. He’ll also be talking a bit about his meditation programme which will be useful for both therapists and clients alike.

David Moat – 22th September 2010 – 54 minutes

How to work with Autism with Transpersonal Hypnotherapy and psychotherapy I’m privileged to be able to introduce David Moat to you who has been working with Autism for 25 years! When you listen to him speak, you’ll realise if you know anything about the world of autism, that David’s approach is rebellious, sensitive, and above all views autistic people, not as a collection of medico-behavioural symptoms but as human beings. David treats both families of autistic people and those who suffer on the autistic spectrum integratively. He shows us how we can conceptualise of autism in a much more humane way and gives us skills and above all, insight into the condition we call autism. Mark Reader has been a professional Hypno-Psychotherapist for around 7 years.  Within the first 3 years of his practice he managed to go from zero clients to a busy thriving full time practice.  Using his sales and marketing background, Mark brings a unique perspective to this month’s guest teleseminar slot.  Mark will share with us some of the secrets he has been using to ensure that he is constantly in demand as a therapist.  Now also a supervisor, you’ll hear how Mark approaches his clients and how he blends his own style of caring and support with his business protocol to be a highly sought after therapist.  Join me on this call and sign up in the box on the right here. Learn how to get your business head working together with your caring head.