Professionalism versus Authenticity: are they mutually exclusive?

Professional discussion on what it takes to blend your professionalism with some real authentic, generous but incisive reality checks in your sessions. This article was first published in the Hypnotherapy Association’s Journal in June 2015 >>Continue Reading

Dyslexia: an Asset or a Liability?

I’ve treated a number of dyslexic people during my 11 years of practice and each of them have been highly memorable clients.  Often, it is one of the first things a client will tell me about themselves >>Continue Reading

Your Client’s not talking to you

Imagine. You’re with a client.  You’ve seen her half a dozen times and suddenly there’s a sense of ‘Oh my God, this client’s getting more and more needy when she’s meant to be getting more and more independent’.  Now is that a hypnotherapist’s nightmare, or what! Continue Reading..

The Cart before the Horse?

I’m suspicious of anyone now who asks me a question such as: What techniques or strategies can I help my client with x or y disease or condition?  I’ve had several such questions in the last few days and each time I sigh inwardly, at the very least, and then have to ask all sorts of questions to establish just who these diseases or symptoms belong to.  You would think that these things just arrive, like bad luck, or like some evil mutant gene or virus has been >>Continue Reading

When can you say you know it all?

This has come up several times in recent weeks both with supervisees, students and clients. I hear this story again and again. It usually starts with me explaining a self development process to someone and them saying to me: “Yeah but I know that already and it’s not working”. I’ve heard this so many times that I’ve decided to write about it. When can you honestly say you know it all? >> continue reading

Are you a Puritan?

I’ve sat on many hypnotherapy forums over the years watching clashes break out from wounded souls who think their peers are criticising them or who themselves, feel that their approaches are better than their peers’.  And in my opinion, this all boils down to a puritanism or misguided loyalty to one or another style or technique.  Misguided because all paths towards greater personal development are in and of themselves valid.  What is really being fought about on these forums isn’t >>continue

Who’s in charge of your life?

I was sat at a business network meeting a few weeks ago, scratching my head while the other businesses presented their pitch, wondering what to say about mine this week.  I fingered through my notes at things I’d said in past meetings and as I did I stumbled across the word ‘authentic’.  “Hmmm….Authentic!” I thought.  Could do something with that. >> Continue reading

Is your Hypnotherapy practice on solid foundations?

The proliferation of hypnotherapists and hypnotherapy as a treatment option has been phenomenal in the last 10 years.  Once the only hypnotherapist in my small town, I’m now competing with at least 3 others that I know of.  However, the range of styles and interventions within the general term, ‘hypnotherapy’ is diverse, ranging from pure suggestion through to analysis, regression and on into past life regression to name but a few.  It is a minefield for clients out there searching for the right hypnotherapist for them.  And it can be likewise a minefield for hypnotherapists, knowing which clients they can and cannot help. >>>>Continue reading

Who do you think you are?

Who you are and who you think you are may be two completely different things. If you’ve ever heard someone give their impression of you and it feels way off the mark you’ll know what I mean.  What do they see?  How are you shaped by their views of you?  How many people may have given you ideas about yourself that you’ve never questioned?

We form our self image from how we are treated as children. The poem by Amanda Cater could never be more true. See for yourself.. Continue reading>>

How many people are there in your therapy room?

Have you ever considered how many unwelcome people walk into your therapy room with your clients? Let me explain.

As social animals, we are a product of the many influences around us: the need to conform to cultural norms and values a very strong motivator. And as we conform to these influences, we allow ourselves subtly to move away from who we really are and who we really want to be…till we can conceal who we are even to ourselves.  Continue reading>>

CBT and GET (Graded Exercise Therapy) treats Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? Really?

According to a study published in the Lancet on 18th February CBT and Graded Exercise Therapy (GET) really DOES treat ME/CFS.  Really? So what’s new then? continue reading>>

How Do You ‘Do’ Professional?

There is so much discussion on forums and discussion boards about being professional as a hypnotherapist, much of which gravitates around ethical standards and professional image. However, whether that is actually ‘being’ professional or is just a set of standards that probably, in effect, almost all of us fall short of is the question I asked myself recently. Continue reading…

Incongruence Causes Depression?

I found myself a few days ago, explaining in the broadest possible terms to my partner, one of my client’s dilemmas which I established very quickly, through the psychotherapy process we had started. Having suffered from depression for nearly 2 years, she had been pushed from pillar to post, she’d been drugged up repeatedly, prescribed CBT and was on the waiting list for it, and had begun to identify herself as a Mental Health Patient.   Continue reading…

Is your Client’s Religious Beliefs Causing Their Problem?

This will be perhaps one of the most controversial articles I’ll ever write. But the question “How much does your client’s religious belief systemreligion and therapy hinder their recovery from their emotional stress or strain?” may be central to our understanding of what we can expect from our interventions in psychotherapy and hypnotherapy.  Continue reading…

Self & Environment – A Lesson From Buddhism

The concept of oneness of self and environment is deeply embedded in Buddhist Philosophy. That is that whatever we feel is happening out there, is actually a more truer reflection of what is happening in our hearts and minds.  Continue reading…

Self Development and Developing Courage

Once upon a time there was a city of rock dwellers whose way of life was to cling to the rocks on the bottom of a river. As the current washed over them daily, lacking confidence and self awareness, they held on for dear life making sure to keep clinging so as not to be washed away by the current. So fearful were they of the river that they clung tightly making sure that all their children learnt how to cling on for dear life too. Continue reading…

Stories from the Supervisor’s Couch

As a supervisor, I often see therapists from many different schools and training backgrounds, some newly qualified and some in practice for a while, all chasing the best technique for this or that.  This is what I see on e-forums and discussion boards too. However, in most cases, as a therapist you already have as many techniques as you’ll ever really need. What may lack, however, is the knowledge of why they work with some and not with others.  Continue reading…

Training with Open Mind to Treat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

It’s interesting that the name of my business, Open Mind, is precisely what one needs to treat this syndrome.  If you for one moment, believe you have a formula or a technique that will bring a client out of this vulnerable place, then you no longer have an Open Mind.  In fact, you will join the thousands of other clinicians in the alternative field, who claim they can treat people with Chronic Fatigue successfully, offer false hope, and then your clients will move on to the next therapist, endlessly searching for a cure to their condition…. Continue reading…

What Do You Do When Hypnotherapy Fails?

Hypnotherapy failing? Can’t be so. Anyone who’s been in business for 6 months or more knows that hypnotherapy can fail. It can fail because not everyone responds to it and perhaps because you aren’t yet proficient enough to know when to use it and when not to use it.  Continue reading…

Which Technique Do I use? – A Hypnotherapist’s Dilemma

When new supervisees come to see me, I often breathe a heavy sigh. Not because I have any personal liking or disliking for them, but because I can hear just how much of a long haul it’s going to be before they start to feel really comfortable with their clients. I hear, ‘Do I use this technique or that technique? In actual fact, I can feel often quite sad. And I’ll tell you why.  Continue reading…

Whose Wine is it Anyway?

It takes alot of courage, as a therapist, to look at our ‘dead zones’ as I call them, and to shine a light on our deep subconscious drivers. And just because we are therapists, doesn’t mean we’ve done all our self development. In fact, some of the most wounded people are the ones that take on the world’s wounded. It can make us feel effective to help others when we feel ineffective or helpless in our own lives.  Continue reading…

Why Just Knowing Something is No Use

“Knowledge is power” is an oft quoted citation from Sir Francis Bacon’s literary works. Bacon was a luminary of his time, an author and philosopher whose words are still quoted today. And he is right of course. To have knowledge is to hold great power. However, to not use that knowledge is a pointless waste of endeavour.  Continue reading…