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Below you’ll find free gifts from me to you to help you develop your authenticity in your therapy practice.  I would love you to join me on one of my membership levels or to come to one of my events and I recognise you may only do that if you get to know me a bit.  Feel free to root around in the Free stuff section as much as you like with no obligation.  The only thing I ask you for is your email address on some of them and your occasional feedback that will help me get the word out so that more therapists can show up and live their calling in our work.


Free Teleseminar Every month I interview an expert or well known personality about their personal and professional insights. Click here to sign up for my next guest. Free Articles Click here for a whole range of articles that I have written since the launch of the open mind therapist in 2009.
Free E book Originally written for Hypnotherapists I have now edited this book to include all kinds of talk therapists. Click here to get your copy. Free Tip-Sheets Every month I add a couple of Tip sheets onto this area of the Free stuff section.  Tip sheets help you more succinctly than wading through an article and you can scroll through them and choose which is relevant to you. To get there click here.
Free Trial Membership In this free section, you can listen to 6, 1 hour audios which contribute to your continuing professional development points.  Click here to discover more.