When I first went into training to become an integrative therapist, I remember saying to 2 assistant therapists on my course who were a couple of years ahead of me, that I thought I’d sorted out most of my issues. They snuck a not insignificant look at each other. I felt quietly mad and anxious to prove that I didn’t have stuff. However, they were right. I was wrong. I had stuff. Loads of it. All I’d learned was how to operate within the mostly unconscious limitations I’d set myself.

Now I know there’s no such thing as having sorted out most of your issues. What I can say however, is that I’ve learned how to take responsibility for them by becoming resourceful and conscious of their subtext in my life. This means I am mastering my own mind and not letting my mind master me. (That’s a Buddhist concept by the way!) Sometimes I even just let them be there just so I can sneak an extra long look at them and determine to do something about them when I find the inclination! The result is I can sit in my therapy chair and just know what is my stuff and what is the clients. I can use my fallibility as a human being to relate to my clients and ultimately to my CPD students, supervisees and followers without getting mixed up in their stuff.

When you realise that all you have to do is be authentically you, warts and all, you can achieve anything, you can deal with anything, and you can build a successful hypnotherapy practice which doesn’t consume your every waking moment. A lot of our performance anxieties are around feeling inauthentic, or a fraud or not well enough qualified. The problem is, those fears are in control of you all the while you try to ignore them. Why not take a moral inventory of yourself and ask: ‘What is really stopping me feeling relaxed and confident as a hypnotherapist?’ The answer needs to be about you, not about the force field around you. You can create your reality just the way you want it your only limitation is your ability to wake up and take responsibility for it.

If you’re serious about your personal and professional development come on my one day intensive on 15th July. I’ve kept the price really low just so that you can afford to come and sample what I can offer you. Many of my students report feeling alive and inspired at the end of the day – just take a look at Linda and Steve’s video testimonials on my blog. This was just a 4 hour meeting of supervision and CPD. My intensive training days will show you all sorts of insights and cohesiveness you didn’t realise you needed….but once seen, you can never go back! You can never go back to not knowing something once you’ve realised it. Take a risk and join me. It will cost you only around 1 hour of your income from a client – and it’ll give you so much more in return. Go to https://theopenmindtherapist.com/events/intensive-read-your-client/
See you there!

More feedback!
You must think I get an endless supply of feedback….well I suppose in some respects I do both positive and negative but it’s not always as direct as the one that came through today. Hilary decided to write to me out of the blue! I answered and asked her to clarify how training and supervision with me had affected her client numbers and reputation. Here’s what she said.

In life we are sometimes lucky enough to meet people that inspire us and help us grow. For me, Jenny is one of them. I feel so fortunate to have trained with Jenny on the CFS course and she has been my personal supervisor for over 2 years now. I love my work as a therapist and owe Jenny for the ability to sit comfortably in the same space as my client and listen, listen and listen for what the client is not saying. Since I have let go of the fear of my own feelings in the therapy room I feel like the butterfly who has emerged from the chrysalis. Thank you Jenny

And after my enquiry to her:

I just feel that I’m flying now and I’ve let go of a lot of the insecurities I had before meeting you. You confirmed for me that it’s ok to work from the heart , it’s ok to say nothing (I don’t fill the silences anymore!big change!) , it’s ok to be me and say it as it is….I’m going on bit now! What has it done for me? Well for a start I don’t advertise yet I get a steady stream of recommendations, so I must be doing something right! Thanks! http://positivenewyou.co.uk/
Well done Hilary. Glad it’s all working for you.

Don’t want to go back to basics with your psychotherapy training?
You don’t have to go back to scratch to add psychotherapy skills to your hypnotherapy practice. I’ll show you how to develop the skills, while still practising hypnotherapy and learning every step of the way. If you want some evidence that it can be done, come on my one day intensive on 15th July. Join me by going to https://theopenmindtherapist.com/events/intensive-read-your-client/

Happy theraping!


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