You know, you’ve probably got a raft of techniques you’ve learned from your original training, from CPDs, and from forums and colleagues. But still you’re wondering why some work with some people and not with others. Why would one approach be more effective than another?

Adding Depth to your hypnotherapy practice

If you’re growing a busy therapy practice, or even if you’re just starting out, you’ll want to keep your further investment to a minimum: Perhaps you have no spare time because you’re working flat out with prep and clients, or perhaps you just want to see how you get on with a few clients each week. Either way, time or money may be a factor in what you decide to study. I can help you reduce your prep and add insight into you hypnotherapy practice if you choose to engage in the Monthly Counselling and Psychotherapy programme I offer.

Each month you can receive a 1 hour lecture in various aspects of counselling and psychotherapy for the silly price of just £15 per month! If you missed any of them, they’re all there in the members area archived so you will never miss out on a lecture that has already passed.

On 3rd August my next Mind Level Teleseminar is about self disclosure and challenging your clients. So many psychotherapy and hypnotherapy schools insist that you should never self disclose as the therapeutic relationship needs to remain untarnished by your own stuff. The official line goes that the client needs to feel free to express themselves without you interfering with stories of your own. However, have you ever tried to talk to a therapist who never self discloses? It can be like facing a wall of intransigence as platitude after platitude is delivered: “that must be difficult for you”, or “it’s not about me it’s about you” – personally? I could sometimes just punch someone who isn’t prepared to be human with me!

On this call I’ll show you how to self disclose but more importantly why it’s important at times. I’ll also show you how to challenge your clients and I’ll be drawing on a rich case load of my own to illustrate how you can do it effectively.

On Mind Level what’s more, if you wanted to listen to any of my guest teleseminar speakers again, they’re all archived there in the members area: Some of my past speakers have been: 

  • Patrick Dieter – Alcoholism specialist with a spiritual perspective from the US:
  • Jack Elias – Hypnotherapist and NLPer and Buddhist also from the US:
  • Matt Sison – Regression Hypnotherapist from the US shares his transpersonal insights:
  • David Moat – Working with Autism Transpersonally:
  • Sue Cook – Working with Autism through physical movement.
  • Jure Biechonski – When the Body speaks, Listen! Psychoneuroimmunology in Hypnotherapy.

There’s also one from me in there on using Buddhism in your hypnotherapy practice.

In fact there is now a whole wealth of experience building up in the membership banks that you can have access to, and study as much as you like, when it suits you. And for just £15 per month it really is a no brainer. That’s no more than a round of drinks and at today’s prices not even half a tank of petrol! And the benefits will just keep coming in. Learning more skills is not always about learning more techniques: it’s about gaining a framework, a structure, within which to operate that creates calm and perspective in you, let alone your clients. Why not give it a go. Click here  to read more about it.

Remember, to study this on your own from books and then to make sense of it and use it, could take you hours and even months if you join a course. I’ve done all that for you. I’ll give you an essential and practical, working insight into both these approaches in 1 hour that will help you make sense of your hypnotherapy practice.  Click here to join me.

Mark Reader – Practice Building for the Hypnotherapist

My next Teleseminar guest is Mark Reader who will be talking to us about Practice Building from a marketing perspective.  How to build your practice and attract more clients! Take a look


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