You know, I’m guilty too. I’m guilty of believing that my way’s better than yours. But this is how I got there.

I spent the first few years in practice assuming therapists were all nice and open, on a path of self discovery and wanting to do their personal work. Then I was confronted with the reality that even in the world of therapy a large proportion of therapists are still subject to one-upmanship and deep insecurity. The more I taught my fellow colleagues from all over the UK, the more I started to realise that there was a need for people to do their personal work and not just acquire more techniques.

My own inner transformation, I knew, had transformed my therapy business. My Buddhist practice has encouraged personal development for the nearly 30 years I have practised it. Never one to let myself go stale for too long I thought it had been incumbent on me to go through such a process of transformation in order to be a professional therapist. All it seemed though was that my transformation had given me an insight and a head start among my hypnotherapy colleagues. 

However, after a couple of years of realising that I had more to teach than I at first anticipated, I hatched a certain arrogance toward my fellow therapists. If these people, who clearly hadn’t done much personal work through whichever route, were therapists, and they still felt anxious and unsure about their techniques, their clients, and themselves how could they practice ANY therapy let alone something as powerful as hypnotherapy? I felt better than them, more equipped and yet perversely anxious about my presumptuousness too. I stopped consulting with my colleagues, and started to assume everyone needed to develop themselves. And on some level, that assumption wasn’t wrong. However, it’s not something that therapists who actually need some personal development will easily admit to – and my arrogance was blocking me.

7 or 8 years on, the therapy world appears to me to be growing up along with my view of my colleagues. We’re all on a journey together and we’re all at different points on that journey. I’m here to help some of my colleagues from where they are now onto the next leg of that journey.  I’m here to help you evolve into a unique therapist who uses your personality and your style in your therapy room, instead of adopting someone elses’s.

And instead of it being ‘only NLP’ or only ‘Hypnotherapy’ I’m meeting more people who are prepared to truly evolve as therapists by taking my lessons of cohesiveness and insight and finding their own way within their chosen therapy. My graduates of my Read Your Client course are revealing their wisdom and bringing it to their practice of Hypnotherapy, NLP, Analysis, etc – doesn’t really matter what you call it. If you want to learn how to blossom in your own unique way, come and study with me. Try me out on my one day intensive this July 15th for just £69 for one or bring a colleague for £99 for the 2 of you. Go to


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