What unconscious fear is your mind feeding you every moment of every day?

in chainsIf your life isn’t flowing and not bringing you joy, peace and success, and you’re feeling frustrated, irritated, exasperated or just plain fed up, then you are harbouring unconscious fears that are shaping your life without your knowledge.  They have worked their way into your deeper consciousness and are sabotaging your every attempt to get your life together. They are unconsciously telling you,

  • you aren’t in other people’s leagues, 
  • you’ll have to put up with what you have, 
  • you have to sacrifice your happiness for the good of others,
  • people like you just don’t get to have what they want.

If you’ve attempted to do so many things for yourself, and many attempts have met with frustration and failure, then you are being dominated by the invisible chains of fear. How do I know? Because I’ve been there got the T shirt!

It’s not my fault – it’s those ‘other people’!

I went through one fear-wall transition some 12 years ago – and many before and since – but this was a profoundly life changing experience. Despite all appearances of my being intelligent, educated, a secondary school teacher, college and university lecturer, I lived in a mindless state of subliminal fear and anxiety. This manifested in all sorts of complaints and annoyances that I liberally shared with anyone who was prepared to listen! Despite theoretical knowledge I’d gained as a Buddhist of around 18 years at the time, that I must have created the causes in my life to be where I was, it looked to me like it was ‘those people out there’ who were upsetting me, not giving me the breaks, standing in my way, winding me up, hurting me deliberately and so on.  In a perverse way it was comforting to be able to sit in my helplessness and blame others. Gosh! How many people do that? Literally millions!

But seriously, I was absolutely sick of the feelings I was living with at the time. I got so fed up I swore it had to be different. Whatever it took for me to confront what was going on deep in my unconscious, I was prepared to look at.

What happened next was life changing!

respect for nature honouring natural rhythmnsI was shown a vision of my future by a colleague. As I peered into my future and imagined an alternative one, I realised that to arrive there, I had to profoundly get what was stopping me. As I assessed the terrain of my life, I realised I had a thread of agitated fear and anger tainting my whole consciousness. It was this that was stopping me flowing with life, creating the life I wanted, having beautiful people around me, dealing with difficulties in my stride, relaxing and enjoying life. It was this deeply unconscious but determinedly insistent and persistent thread of fear that linked my moment to moment reality.

It wasn’t them – it was me!

Wow! What a wake up call! So, if I wanted to change my life, literally, only I could do it! I was inspired to shift into a new consciousness and suddenly all those years of buddhist practice came alive, supporting me into a profoundly new and exciting phase of my life. Now I know I’m not going to die for facing my darkest fears, I’ve been able to square up to so many, and they crumble just as soon as I spy them and shine a light where they used to hang out! What freedom! So now I come back to you.

What unconscious fears are sabotaging your life? 

Here are some questions that you might find hard to answer and be fully honest with yourself about, but if you really want to change your life, you need to think about them honestly.

  • How do your fears tell you you’re not worth anything?
  • What kinds of physical ailments do you have that might have something to do with your stored fears and frustrations?
  • Do you believe having peace or happiness in your life is selfish?
  • How do your fears keep you small, as you give away your power to other people?
  • How do they manifest in your lack of income?
  • Do you have repeated peaks and troughs in your love life and often feel defeated?  
  • Are you stuck in a job you hate but fearful of the alternative?
  • What kind of number do you do on yourself to maintain the status quo? Even though it hurts?

Use your fear as fuel for growth

If you could get into the habit of using fear as fuel for growth then you could be renewing and celebrating your life a lot more honestly. You could breathe new life into your home, work, family and relationships. You could challenge what you used to think was true  and embrace new ideas, develop new friendships, new interests, new ways of working and enjoy the journey towards a greater level of self awareness and inner peace. Your freedom comes from taking responsibility for your future and for your happiness. If you are unhappy about your life, bored, anxious or fed up with where you are, then only you can change it. It might look like it’s someone else’s fault, but it is you who has the final say over how you run your life.

Most people are hungry for connection

take off your maskDeveloping a fearless connection with others is a challenge that many people never ever confront. It is so sad that we don’t allow that connection for fear of being seen, of being hurt, of being judged.  There IS NOTHING to fear.  If you profoundly love and accept yourself, what harm can the opinions or gaze of others cause us? I have seen the transient nature of my own emotional reality. I have seen a core self that is way beyond the poor fragile sorry-for-itself ego. And as a result I can see the stories and illusions that you believe are your truth. Will you take off your mask and let me connect with you?

Even if you have all material success you can be harbouring these fears

Some of the most successful career people I’ve worked with are expert at harbouring unconscious fears. Their work ethic, which has made them so financially successful, is also their worst enemy.

  • Burn out,
  • heart palpitations,
  • chronic fatigue,
  • insomnia,
  • stomach ulcers,
  • skin issues,
  • digestive problems,
  • panic attacks,
  • anxiety,
  • depression,
  • phobias,
  • obesity,
  • eating issues,
  • addiction.

These are the tell tale signs of fear stored in the body.

ALL of these, and I mean ALL, without exception, are born of leading an unconscious and unmindful life, overriding your deeper emotional navigational system, believing faithfully that all things can be materially fixed by looking out there for solutions.

Pill popping, faddy diets, alcohol, drugs, prescription drugs too, visiting someone who is peddling the latest technique based treatment protocol, an addiction to self help books that sound nice and give you lots of knowledge, but you never implement. 

‘Let me look anywhere else than that dark horrible place inside where I might find some true

and lasting answers!’.

Let me take it a step further and describe how this unconscious living creates physical disease.

The link between your attitude to life and your health

life life fearlesslyAs you tense up energetically in unconscious fear you constrict the major organs of the body. You breathe shallowly. You brace yourself physically against imagined attack. Your skeletal posture becomes rounded as you protect yourself. Your stomach and colon tenses up. Your shoulders sink. You walk fast. Your body is less efficient as it struggles with doing things that need you to be relaxed, like eating and digesting. Perhaps as a secondary effect you’re eating too much as you experience belief systems that create isolation and fear. You comfort yourself with food. As you gain weight you lay down all the problems associated with obesity.  And these deeply unconscious beliefs run through you like a stick of rock. You can change the surface level of our life, your physical environment, your appearance, but to really profoundly alter the course of your life, you need to dig far deeper. Physical disease or discomfort is often an accumulation of many years of wrong beliefs and wrong living.

The diseases we can manifest can be so many and varied, but the one sure thing about the law of cause and effect is that it is very strict. If you store fear, your body will respond to it creating illness – always. Conversely, let go of old beliefs and reveal an even deeper awareness of your body’s natural equilibrium and rejuvenative capacity and you can become well. This has been evidenced to me so many times over my 13 years of working as a transpersonal therapist, intuitive coach and personal development mentor and not only in my clients but in me too.

If you unpack everything the body has stored for you on your behalf which may be emotionally painful, you’ll experience a freedom you didn’t know was possible. If you let the fear of pain stop you doing it, the cost may well be your physical health.  I cannot guarantee you will instantaneously get well from whatever physical disease ails you. However, I can guarantee that by working deeply on unconscious fears, you will start to clear what your body has been storing for you over many years.

So are you frustrated enough, fed up enough, hungry and motivated enough to come and work with me on a 1 day intensive?

challenge yourselfI want to ask you a question. If you don’t do anything about it, how much will it cost you, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and even financially?

You see, people don’t realise that staying stuck is not just about staying stuck, it’s literally life sapping. It takes an awful lot of energy to hold on to a place that is so exhausting to be. It’s like people are saying, “All I want is my …………………..(fill in the blank)  gone so that I can carry on wearing myself out, doing the same things, living the same life. I don’t want my condition to actually teach me anything. That’s just too weird!”

Your discomfort is your body’s message to do it differently! My question to you is do you want to keep shooting the messenger? Seriously, all the while you believe this to be your reality, you’re going to be drained and exhausted by the slightest irritation or upset in your life. None of us can escape these provocations. There will always be the person, the comment, the event, that’s going to create a potential for upset in you…..If you don’t realise where your personal power lies!

Are you ready to confront your fears and reclaim your personal power?

Ok. So this is what I’ll do with you.

do somethingyou've never doneI’ll tailor a day especially for you so that we can address some of your deeply unconscious beliefs about who you think you are in the world.

I’ll use a bunch of techniques that I’ll list below but essentially it’s the insight, the realness, the ability to truly ‘see’,  ‘witness’ and challenge you that I bring that will create the shifts in you.  I will challenge you, kindly and authentically mostly, and occasionally more forcefully, especially if you are too much in your own head. But I don’t shout and I don’t bite. I just know where people hang out in their heads when their emotions threaten to let themselves be known!

Now if you want to know techniques or styles, here’s some of the gifts I bring to share with you:

Please add the words ‘No Nonsense’ in front of each item on the list below:

  • EMDR
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Psychotherapy
  • Gestalt
  • Coaching
  • Counselling
  • Breath work
  • Humour
  • Visualisations
  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness
  • Therapeutic touch
  • Therapeutic movement
  • Homework
  • Lifestyle planning

Now that’s most of the technical stuff out of the way. Really, what makes the difference for you is our ability to connect and for me to really ‘GET’ where you are and for you to be seen.  Then we can start rebuilding you. We have the technology!

I want to work with you if you are:

  • Highly motivated to get the most out of our day together
  • On the brink of something big and you just need some extra insight to shift
  • Prepared to invest in yourself and in finding your answers
  • Prepared to continue to work on what I’ve given you to work on after the day
  • Looking for something more sentient and meaningful than mere technique-ing
  • Looking earnestly for the right person to work with to help you awaken.
  • Someone who is already intuitive but just can’t see your own stuff very well
  • Someone who’s prepared to implement the new lifestyle plan I suggest
  • Someone who is looking for more meaning or spirituality in your life
  • Someone who is prepared to put the work in to get the results

Our day together will be

  • JoyFun
  • inspiring
  • honest
  • challenging
  • real
  • open hearted
  • warm
  • loving

You might

  • cry
  • laugh
  • feel happy
  • feel relieved
  • feel determined
  • jump up and down

You will definitely

  • Feel a greater sense of wellbeing
  • have homework to do
  • negotiate a new lifestyle plan with me
  • be recommended some reading
  • go away with a greater sense of peace and calm


If you’re ready to take up the opportunity then the following figure will represent an investment in your future, in your peace of mind, and potentially, in your ability to earn more than you ever thought you were worth.

Breakthrough day £2,750.

We can discuss and tailor additional support if you feel you would benefit from some accountability and negotiate a fee to reflect that when we make contact. We can meet in person at a beautiful venue or we can meet on skype which is as effective.

Jenny SofaThe next step is to email me by clicking on the link here. You will not be signing your life away and I don’t expect you to commit just by emailing me! For goodness sake! I don’t know you and you don’t know me!  It just gives us an opportunity to get to know each other a bit, exchange a few emails, have a skype chat, and you’ll know by then whether I’m the person that’s right for you. And I’ll know, and I’ll tell you honestly, if I think you’ll benefit from working with me.  I want you to step up and realise what you’re worth by investing. And if you don’t know what you’re worth but you develop a faith that things feel real and progressive, then it’s up to you if you feel ready to make the investment in your ongoing development with me. Deal?

No sign up boxes. No ‘click here to buy your day’ buttons. You are my Very Important Person and I want to tailor a programme just for you. Email me and let’s make contact.

With hugs and warm wishes






Transpersonal Therapist, Intuitive Coach, Personal Development Mentor