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It’s interesting that the name of my business, Open Mind, is precisely what one needs to treat this syndrome.  If you for one moment, believe you have a formula or a technique that will bring a client out of this vulnerable place, then you no longer have an Open Mind.  In fact, you will join the thousands of other clinicians in the alternative field, who claim they can treat people with Chronic Fatigue successfully, offer false hope, and then your clients will move on to the next therapist, endlessly searching for a cure to their condition…. I don’t want you to be one of those, and I’m sure you don’t.

So understanding where ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) comes from, and what maintains it is a good starting point to being able to treat all its many and varied expressions.  Symptomatically, ME sufferers report extreme fatigue unrelieved by sleep or rest, fuzzy thinking, blurred vision, pains, numbness; there are a wide range of symptoms.  All conventional investigations will come up with nothing significant, while of course, this process may have taken many months if not years to go through.

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Conventional approaches will offer CBT and antidepressants.  Many sufferers object vehemently to this kind of treatment as they are clearly not depressed.  Most will look for physical solutions before they get anywhere near looking at a psychological root to the condition.  And that is because modern medicine has managed to stigmatise the psychological aspect of all disease and not just ME.  So divorced is the mind from the body in conventional approaches that patients are not easily treated for both, indeed, the psychology is misunderstood.  Psychiatry deals with major misperceptions of the world which affect a person’s mental health as opposed to their physical health.  But what about those perceptions of the world that only affect the physical body, not our mental health?  There appears to be no room for this hypothesis in modern medical paradigm.

Indeed, there is no support for it among sufferers: or indeed, among many people. Those who do come to us as Hypnotherapists looking for the answer, are again, cap in hand, wondering as a last resort, if they can be ‘put under’ and magically recover from this debilitating condition!  It makes me laugh again and again that people have such faith in the power of hypnotherapists to magic their symptoms away!  Every individual has the ability to heal if they would but realise the impact of their own mindsets.  All we can do I believe, is help them change their own perceptions.

Each Indivdual is Unique

My approach concentrates on treating each individual uniquely.  Listening carefully to their positions and reflecting back which aspect of their perspectives of life is creating such stress in the body.  For example, many sufferers of ME have lived since childhood in an environment where they measure their worth by how well they achieve or by what they do (once upon a time, for their primary carers.  Now often, for those around them). Sometimes there is an abuse history, but often there is not.  What typifies sufferers is the belief that “I am not worth anything unless I can do things to show others that I am worthy.”  The converse of that of course is that “when I am ill therefore, and can do nothing, I’m not worth anything”.  This feeling of worthlessness puts added anxiety and pressure on the sufferer as they strive to prove they are indeed worth something by doing.

However, you will find in most cases, that sufferers are sensitised and sensitive people.  They are often very compliant; want to please; and do not express negative feelings very confidently.  I have treated adults, and children and whole families that have ME.  And each of them in ways that suit their personalities.  It is no good being all touchy feeling with a city executive: or being all matter of fact with a vulnerable woman.  My first ever ME client over 5 years ago, recently said to me “I’m so happy to be doing the career I want.  Sometimes I think I’m living a dream”.  This lady had been debilitated by ME for over 10 years when we met and was pretty hopeless.  Now she is working as a learning mentor for young people.  She has taken control of her life and her ME.  It is no longer in control of her.

Another client, a child of 13, whose mother first approached me when he was wheelchair and bed bound and was being treated unsuccessfully by Great Ormond Street, is now playing football and fully back at school.  I worked extensively with the mother in isolation before I ever met the child, understanding the systems that kept the child ill, and encouraging profound changes in perceptions of all family members.

However, in all cases, clients develop a healthy relationship with their bodies and understand the messages from the body far better than they used to.  This is an integral part of regaining control and getting more in touch with being truly human.


How do I treat them? All aspects of healing involves getting clients to look at their own value and to stop looking to others to validate them.  This is your challenge.  To enable people to become more inwardly directed instead of endlessly searching externally for something to fix them.  The answers are inside of them all the while.  Getting to that place where you can show them what they need to do to heal, is the challenge you face with ME sufferers.  On the journey, not only do we encourage a self containment, but we encourage a healthy relationship with the body.  And that extends to food supplements and exercise.

chronic fatigue therapy training

Jenny training therapists to treat CFS

It is a challenge as well.  Because clients will present with many and varied personalities.  And they all need to be heard.  If you fail to hear your CFS client, they will not return.  By ‘hear’ I mean to fully understand what your client is telling you about themselves: not what you think they are telling you.  There is a subtle difference here.

My training builds in you a much deeper confidence in your ability as therapists.  You are not taught to use scripts. There are no scripts. You learn to understand profoundly what it is your client needs from you.  You do away with techniques for this and that.  Everything I teach you is about flexibility in your approach, a deeper understanding of your clients, and a much deeper understanding of your own blocks and limitations in treating this sector of the medical spectrum.  One student said;

“Having seen your presentation at the conference (Oct 06) you had a lot to live up to, and there was a part of me that wondered whether it could get any better than that. Well, it did, and I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone wanting not only to work with ME/CFS, but also anyone wanting to round off their learning and gain more insight into working with clients generally”

As a graduate of Open Mind’s approach to treating Chronic Fatigue, you will gain a profound understanding of what kind of mental and emotional patterns, create such stress on the body that will inform ALL the work you do, not just your clients with CFS.

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