Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is such a polarising condition and is spectacularly mystifying for mainstream medicine. The mind and the body have become divorced over many decades of scientific enquiry, and we have become enchanted and indoctrinated by medical science’s status and authority over those years.  And this is to the point where, we almost dare not challenge them.

But this is exactly what I’ll be doing on my preview call Wednesday 6th March at 9am western and 5pm gmt. I’ll be exploring the inherent problem that divorcing the mind from the body has caused in this mystery condition and sharing with you an introduction to my 5 step Open Mind Method Audio Course for treating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  

I’ve had several dozen patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome referred to me by medical doctors over the last 11-12 years. My first one came for pure relaxation and stress relief and was quite adamant that I would not be one of many who had tried in vain to treat her ME. I was grateful there was no pressure because I didn’t have a clue what ME was. But I owe her a debt of gratitude as she helped me to help her and many others. As I work very deeply and transpersonally, she unconsciously revealed to me what was causing her this mental, emotional, physical and spiritual shut down. And over the course of a few months we worked together to create profound relief for her. Then of course, the doctors went on to refer many more of their patients to me.

I researched and explored until I understood what was going on in as many different patients as possible. I then started training my colleagues. The rest, as they say, is history. 

On this call, I’ll be taking a risk and talking about what kind of profound psychological traps sufferers get caught up in once they have developed CFS.  I’ll look at some of the deeper, even spiritual, causes, and I’ll outline the 5 steps that I teach on my Audio course so that you can develop the confidence to know where to start with each of your clients that present with CFS.

Here are some facts, as modern medicine identifies them, I researched from the quoted websites as detailed below:

  • CFS/ME affects more than 1 million ( people in the US and over 300,000 in the UK. Some estimates take the figure even higher to 4 million in the US (
  • A study in Wichita, Kansas showed on average the illness lasts 7 years.
  • CFS is 5 times more common than AIDS, twice as common as MS ( and more common than lung cancer
  • White Caucasian women are 4 times more likely than men to develop CFS/ME.

These statistics are quite alarming, especially when mainstream medicine still really doesn’t have much insight into the mind-body phenomenon, nor the spiritual wisdom, that could really offer so much solace and inspiration for people to recover.

The training I am offering digs really deep into the psyche of those with CFS – one of the most challenging modern illnesses to treat – and equips you with a highly insightful overview of what is going on with the Mind/Body dilemma. It then offers a method of reaching into the hearts and minds of those with CFS to help them regain their livelihoods and wellbeing. And, if you can do it with those with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, believe me, you can see in to the internal conflicts that cause far lesser conditions.

And if you were thinking of niche-ing in this speciality, as yet, there are still a growing number of people developing this condition. They will need YOU to offer them the inspiration to help them recover. In return, you will get the satisfaction of knowing that your work is profoundly affecting lives for the positive, where most medical approaches fail.

I can’t wait to share with you a few tips and insights to get you started and to invite you to join me on my 6 week audio training in the 5 Step method for treating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome! Sign up below for the call details. 



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