Coming home to me
Remember I said last time I’ve been practising Buddhism all these years, overcoming all kinds of challenges and impasses?  Well, while I’ve been busily teaching my unique personal lessons in psychotherapy and hypnotherapy, there’s been one massive area of my life I’ve overlooked.  And that is my own buddhist journey over nearly 30 years.
I’m almost embarrassed to write to you to admit this.  The one thing that I’ve used that has kept me centred, like my own personal tiller, has been my daily practice of ‘coming home’ to me. 
Transforming life’s inevitable pain into valuable lessons
I’ve learned over the years how to take the pain of my challenges right into my heart, feel them, live them, then transform them into useable lessons for myself and others.  Let me just give you one example.
About a year after moving into my little house in Dunmow, I made a determination one new year to become ‘absolutely happy’.  Now that isn’t a naive aspiration.  In buddhism, being ‘absolutely happy’ does not mean I’ll never have any challenges again.  It just means I’ll have faith deep enough to know I can deal with all things and produce a positive outcome for myself and others.  So I chanted to be absolutely happy.
What is real Happiness?
As I did, all the things that were creating unhappiness came into sharp focus. There were lots of things that needed to change.  I felt burdened by my relationship, though I couldn’t say that anything was particularly wrong, except I wasn’t happy.  I felt burdened by my work and home not being all in one place anymore which was a complication I could have done without being alone with my 10 year old daughter.  These were just a few of the superficial effects of me not trusting that I could really take control of my life and make it as I wanted it.  So I sat with the discomfort of realising that taking charge of my life meant then I had to address certain elements that were not working for me.  I went into a period of quiet and reflective meditation.  If I had no blocks to being truly me, what would my life look like?  It was scary, depressing, and slightly exciting to imagine.  But I worked and waded through it and by the August everything had dramatically changed.
And that is also the process I’ve come through this summer.  There had to be another way to fully express me to the people I really wanted to attract to me.  And I realised that my authenticity in my marketing message had to be absolutely central.  No more sound bites from other people offering their latest marketing initiative.  It had to be about me showing you who I really am: scary, depressing and becoming more exciting by the minute!
How can you benefit? And how can you pass these lessons onto your clients?
The response to last week’s emails and blogs has been absolutely phenomenal.  I’ve had people contact me I’ve not seen for years, people subscribe to the courses weeks in advance, people leave testimonials, and more and more interest about my work now than ever before!  Thank you. Last Friday at my Dunmow Soul Group meeting I taught directly a process I use every time I arrive at another layer I need to peel off to being authentically me.  It was liberating to show them the process and to see how much they got from it.  And they can use that directly with their clients this week.
If you’re ready to get underneath your next layer of awareness and learn how to transmit your learning to your clients, then please join me.
Changing Karma is our challenge to being authentic
Tomorrow (19th September) at 3pm BST I’ll be talking about How we change our Karma, even, what Karma is, and how that brings us to our own authenticity.  It’s broadly the theme we’ll be working with on both of my autumn Discovery Days on 28th September and 2nd November (book yourself in on at  Becoming truly you and attracting to you the good fortune you really deserve is our focus.  I’ll share with you tomorrow, the lessons I’ve learned over many years of buddhist practice about peeling off the layers and revealing more and more of your authentic selves. And as you reveal your humanity then you will reach your clients at an energetic level that is in itself, transformative. 
The dial in details are:

From the UK: 0844 473 0533 –  PIN 118972
If you’re dialling from abroad or from skype, leave me a comment below and I may
be able to give you a local number to dial in from.
And go to my video blog to hear a bit more about it.
Thanks again.  Look forward to having you on the call tomorrow.  Make sure you put it in your diaries and join me just a couple of minutes before we start to make sure you get to listen to all of it.
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