You know that I’ve been going through a whole business re-evaluation this summer and it’s really been a huge weight off my shoulders.
Over the last 18 months, I’ve been diligently recording monthly audio teleseminars for a small but select group of Mind level members, (as well as Heart and Soul members) whom I thank.  The aim of the audio lectures I have been giving is to offer a service that broadens our skill set, knowledge and self awareness when it comes to delivering effective and meaningful therapy to our clients.  See for more information.
Alongside those audios, I’ve also been interviewing some amazing experts in their respective fields, Matt Sison, Jack Elias, Jure Biechonski, Dr Pradeep Chadha, as well as Rupert Sheldrake about his book ‘The Science Delusion’ which was a real privilege. I can’t even begin to mention them all here but their inspiration to me and time they have given to me to help me inspire you has been phenomenal. (See here if you want to check out all their names).  Each one has brought some form of expertise to help us in our practices as therapists and I’m deeply grateful to them.
So I had to consider what I’m really doing in this business and what my motivation is to record all these audios.  Was I in this to make money or was I in this to help inspire and develop therapists?
The making money felt like my false self, whereas the helping inspire and develop therapists was more my true self.  But the one was bleeding into the other and marring everything I was trying to achieve with my business. I felt inauthentic. I felt, though everyone was telling me how valuable these lessons were, I couldn’t bring myself to feel comfortable with charging £23 a month for them.  And in the last few weeks I’ve realised, I’d rather have 3 of you on the service at just £7 per month than 1 at £23 per month. Call it madness, or call it really realising what these lessons are worth. In human terms they are incredibly valuable and I want more and more people to be inspired and to grow from them.
That is where the value is for me.  I know, the more I allow myself to get excited by and enjoy the real human value of this service, then that will be reflected in the financial value.  In Buddhism we call it the law of cause and effect.  In more common and popular parlance it’s the law of attraction.  Bring yourself into alignment with your true mission and purpose and you will attract to you everything you need to continue to grow that mission and purpose.
This autumn, I’ll also be adding as much audio as I can from my live training days so that you can get to listen to content of these discovery days.
There’s a new video up on the Mind membership page so take a look.   Meanwhile, here’s to your continued success!

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