4 Hour Masterclass in Assertiveness and Confidence

Are you tired of doubting yourself, being on the back foot or feeling unconfident in your work and family relationships?

Then it's time you found a way to get the best out of your work and family relationships and discover your own freedom of expression

I used to find myself subject to constant bouts of indignant outrage and you would often hear me talking negatively and feeling angry about one main person in my life. After a while I began to realise, that attitude peppered all my interpersonal relationships. Complaint after complaint betrayed a suppressed fury at the world which I learned came from a helplessness.

Life felt unfair. I felt got at. Things happened TO me. I began to expect disaster or problems most of the time. And guess what? I got disaster and problems. I wasn't in control. Someone or something else always was. And yet on the surface I was working, I had a home, I had a beautiful little girl and a supportive partner. I had no real reason to feel bad, except the handful of lemons life had handed me in the past. I hadn't yet learned how to make lemonade....but that's what I'd like to show you.

Because 10 years on and heaps of personal development later, I am who you see: someone who is comfortable with themselves and who has made the journey not just for me, but for you. My legacy is to leave you a route map so that you can navigate your own journey to freedom...

" A truly confident person is generous, sincere, straightforward, uncomplicated, negotiable, and easy to be around. "

Carry on reading and I'll tell you just how you can turn your life around and tread the track to taking control of your inner life. And just watch as you change on the inside, just what happens on the outside. Because one thing's for sure: what used to be a problem will seem like an opportunity. And what used to be a trap will seem only like a stepping stone.

Imagine being someone who sees opportunity instead of disaster. Can you imagine what it is like to see obstacles as learning experiences instead of roadblocks? Can you imagine what it is like to be someone who is resourceful enough to negotiate life's ups and downs without resorting to 'poor me' thinking or to walling yourself into a defensive position?

My audio Masterclass in assertiveness and confidence may be just what you need to start that change process off.

What is assertiveness?

However, before I go any further, I need to explain to you what Assertiveness means. You see, many people misunderstand what assertiveness and confidence actually entails. They mistake those concepts for arrogance or aggression. Yet a truly confident person;

  • needs no arrogance nor aggression to get the results they want from their lives.
  • Is generous, sincere, straight forward, uncomplicated, negotiable, and easy to be around.
  • A truly confident person makes us feel safe and whilst still allowing us to know who they are.
  • Think! Who do you know that sounds like that? What do you think of them? Chances are you're happy to know them and you know where you stand with them.

    So would you like to have that ability to see clearly, rid yourself of social guilt and bad feeling, and become a comfortable and at ease negotiator in life?

    My 4 hour Masterclass audio teleseminar recording, with tailored handouts for you to work through every session, will help you achieve just that.

    I take you through 4 targetted lessons of essential information, carefully presented and explained, with lots of examples, sometimes my own, of how to put these lessons into practice. You will hear language patterns and traps that you get into habitually and how to escape them. You will learn insight into what drives you and how you can express yourself more clearly.

    I will help you to identify the traps you habitually get yourself caught in

    and offer you ways to:

  • Stop saying yes when you mean no
  • Stop feeling small and inferior next to others
  • Stop swinging between passive and aggressive responses that leave others bewildered
  • Stop playing manipulative games to get what you want
  • Stop feeling gutted at the slightest hint of criticism.
  • " I can help you replace those counterproductive habits of blame and counterblame! "

    You can learn how to replace some of those useless habits and feelings with a style of behaviour that helps you to:

  • Learn how to express your anger or frustration reasonably and calmly
  • Get a perspective on other people's hurtful comments
  • Feel more confident about yourself
  • Mean what you say, and say what you mean
  • Realise you have choices
  • How will Assertiveness and Confidence training affect my relationships?

    Some people believe that being assertive is going to make them arrogant. And they'll even convince themselves that assertiveness is all about aggressiveness and rudeness and therefore this course is not for them.

    Sometimes I wonder whether this is a British syndrome. Let me explain. The British stiff upper lip means we do not reveal our feelings, but instead put on a show for the world. This understandably breeds resentment.

    If I'm going to outlaw my own feelings for propriety's sake, then why should anyone else show theirs? Get it? So when we are reminded of our forbidden feelings by people who demonstrate success and excitement about their lives, we hold it against them.

    My message to you with this course is " GET OVER IT ". I want to show you how to live your life without dumping on others, how you can express yourself with dignity and poise, and how you can live life much more authentically so that people know who you are and feel safe in your presence.

    And what I show you on this course is going to mean that:

  • People start to take you more seriously
  • Your kids, boss, and partner in life respond more respectfully
  • You manage angry exchanges so much more maturely
  • You feel like you're winning more than losing
  • In fact, far from arrogance, I want to show you how whatever isn't calm, straightforward, open and negotiable, isn't assertive behaviour. Whatever isn't honest, clear, uncomplicated and socially considered behaviour isn't confidence.

    What Others Said;

    I am Really Pleased With the Results of this Seminar

    "I really found the 1st instalment helpful – thank you very much. I have been paying £40 an hour for a life coach 1-2-1 who often goes over an hour and a half with me and I just can't afford that right now, so I am really pleased with the results of this seminar - at a much lesser cost!

    The day after that 1st call, I had a run in with a very agitated lady in a car park, who accused me of rolling forward into her car, whilst both cars were stationary (although my hand break was on!). Anyway she got very personal, attracted a lot of attention and I managed to remain calm and told her quietly that I would not speak to her until she calmed down and stopped being so rude!!! Thank you Jenny!" Natalie

    The Course is Fantastic

    "I have just finally managed finish listening to the last of the calls and would have to say that, I think, not only is the course fantastic but, the fact that I can go back and back and listen to it over and over again is an added bonus. As you say, you think of different situations which might apply every time and I have learnt huge amounts on a personal basis.

    It has given me some great material to work on with a few that I do work with so I just wanted to say thank you. The teleseminar idea is amazing because it can give you unlimited time for reflection and on going learning." Lenny Flanders - Hypnotherapist

    Why audio and not an in-person course?

    Well I don't know about you, but my time is very precious. Time and again I hear the same 'excuses' for not attending a live course.

  • Too far away
  • No babysitter
  • Just have no confidence to be with other people
  • Financially over committed
  • Can't get away
  • There'll be no one my age there
  • Too embarrassing.
  • If you're really serious about gaining confidence and you don't want to waste any more of your life, then I have removed all the excuses for not being able to turn up to a physical class. None of the above excuses are valid because this course comes to you. And not only that, you can download it straight away: that means now! You can start to study how to be more assertive and confident straightaway.

    And if you're bored right now, or with time on your hands, what better way to spend a few days, improving and working on your self esteem, your confidence and your assertiveness.

    4 Hours of Audio with Handouts to work with are yours by scrolling down below and hitting the 'buy now' key

    The 4 hours are packed full of insights that will leave you feeling like a weight has lifted and you have gained permission to relax.

    And the great thing is, you can listen to these 1 hour lessons again and again.

    Working through these 1 hour sessions with concentrated attention and making notes on your handouts will etch the lessons into your consciousness. Writing your thoughts down has got to the THE best way of processing new information. So with a little bit of input from you, this course will change some of your unconfident and unassertive habits for good.

    How do I learn the actual words to express myself clearly? "

    I will deliver to you some language formulas that help you think out strategies for dealing with difficult exchanges. Because, if you don't know how to express yourself without blame, then you'll attract again and again behaviour that victimises you.

    Your language formulas will help you take ownership of your uncomfortable or unwanted feelings and along with the personal development you stand to gain from this course, your heart will very soon join in with your new found language skills.

    You see, whatever is in your heart will be reflected in your environment. If you feel blameful, no matter how clever your head is about expressing that, your environment will blame you back.

    Problem is, of course, you may be insisting you didn't blame anyone, which technically you may not have done. But if you stay at odds with yourself, life will always seem unfair. So if this is you, then you need to gain some awareness and learn how to take control of what you can. This course is designed just for that.

    "How can I really benefit from just a 4 hour course?"

    I have condensed a 25 hour person to person course that usually costs £250 down to a 4 hour intensive course in Assertiveness & Confidence Building. I have condensed all the most important lessons into these 4 hours so that you can experience the same benefit as someone who physically attends classes with all the transport costs and inconvenience of getting there in all weathers.

    And the great thing is, it costs a fraction of the price of attending in person.

    But by far the best thing about my Assertiveness and Confidence course is that you can listen to it again and again, and just like a book, you can take different things from it again and again. Many a time I've picked up a book that's been recommended to me though I've read it avidly, another reading 6 months later reveals even more insights that I hadn't formerly realised were there.

    This is how my audio course works too. You'll find stuff 'talks' to you at different times in your life. And the more you write down your realisations on your handouts as you listen to the course, the more they will stick with you. And the more you practice the lessons in real life situations, the more success you will have. Whether you are using this course for

  • yourself and your partner in life
  • your family
  • to improve relationships in your workplace
  • to improve your communication with your management teams
  • to teach your counselling clients a few strategies to help them on their journey
  • Click below to hear an excerpt from Audio 1 on What is Assertiveness?

    Audio Excerpt 1

    Click below to hear an excerpt from Audio 2 Managing Angry Exchanges.

    Audio Excerpt 2

    Click below to hear an excerpt from Audio 3 Managing Criticism.

    Audio Excerpt 3

    Click below to hear an excerpt from Audio 4 Saying No Without Feeling Guilty

    Audio Excerpt 4

    From you excerpts you've already listened to, you'll see I've chosen a couple of nuggets of wisdom that you'll agree if you listen to the whole course, will stay with you forever. Don't miss this opportunity to

  • Increase your social confidence
  • Gain language skills to express your uncomfortable feelings calmly
  • Improve your self esteem
  • To worry less about what others think.
  • Now I told you a little story at the beginning about my former negativity. But I learned the hard way. I had to seek out people who could help me. People whose compassion and intellectual understanding were big enough for me to learn from. People who I wanted to emulate and not just be schooled by.

    Often those people are one in a million. And now I have found my truer self and am in charge of my life, I want to share that gift with you who has dared to read this far in this letter. And to make this Assertiveness and Confidence course as accessible to you as possible I am offering it at a silly price.

    So instead of £250 for a 25 hour course, I'm condensing this course down to a manageable 4 hours that you can listen to again and again for just £39! That's less than £10 per hour. You can spend more than that on a 1 hour session of therapy and still be left needing and wanting more. Or if you have enough confidence, you can sit in a class with other people and have your lessons diluted by other people's stuff.

    To buy your 4 hours audio and your handouts, all you need do is to click on the buy now button below and make your purchase and download your product!

    Just compare how much money you have already thrown at your lack of self confidence: your wardrobe, your hair, ladies: your nails & makeup, men: your fast cars and gadgets, perhaps even your therapy or medical bills. And for just £39 I'm offering you the opportunity to develop yourself in the privacy of your own home, with a course that you can revisit and listen to again and again whenever you feel the need.

    And there's just one other thing to consider. In my experience, when people are reluctant to make a commitment, it's not so much to do with the time OR the money. It's more about being scared of taking the step to really change your life.

    Are you prepared to take the risk to do things differently? Are you ready to cast off your burdensome mantel of lack of self esteem and do something about it? If you're not ready, then there's nothing anyone can do to help you. Think about it.

    Download your course now!

  • Included is 4 hours of targetted audio on Assertiveness and Confidence Building that you can listen to again and again
  • Handouts for each hour's audio recording for you to work on to record your development.
  • And I'm offering just one other amazing incentive for those of you who aren't confident enough to commit without a guarantee. I'll guarantee you a refund if you get nothing from this course. The only thing I ask you is for your honest feedback.

    And the reason I offer this refund option is because I'm confident you won't ever need to take it. With your participation in the writing, the lessons you learn will do exactly what it says on the box: improve your confidence and assertiveness.

    And just so that you can continue to benefit from all the additional free advice and guidance I offer you will automatically become a member of my elite list of self development aficionados!

    Thank you for your custom! It's a pleasure doing business with you.

    Looking forward to hearing the results of working with your Open Mind Assertiveness and Confidence Course.

    Best wishes

    Jenny Lynn
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