What’s your experience?

You know, we’ve all had life experiences, haven’t we? I often look back and wonder how I ever got through what I got through! Do you know that feeling? How did I get to be 40 something and still have a sense of humour? My daughter says I’m hard as nails but somewhere underneath there’s a little bit of softness! She says that because of times for example, when my friends have jokingly (I hope) texted me: “Jenny, you’re a weirdo!” and it makes me titter or because of times when I don’t show much social grace with people I have no time for! She literally curls up in a mixture of admiration and embarrassment sometimes at my cavalier audacity.

There’s no doubting though that life knocks the rough edges off you and if you learn the lessons you were sent here to learn, you become more and more adept at understanding the broader human condition. Just as much as I can feel sorry for myself at times, I can also feel huge; massive actually. I can feel like I have an insight that has only come about because of my experience in life. Had I not had the schizophrenia, the near death experience at the birth of my daughter, the messy divorce, the career changes, the heart breaks and the highs and lows of life, how on earth could I be qualified to do what I do?

So today I want to encourage you to discover the value of your experiences. Write them down and describe all of the things you’ve learned that help you directly with your work. Text your friends and colleagues and ask them to tell you what’s special about you. Do it today. Tell them it’s an exercise you’re doing for your work! And let me know how you got on with it. I’ll remind you Thursday evening by email and I’d love to hear some of your stories.

Mind Level Subscription

Wow! When you get out of your own way it’s amazing what happens! Thanks to all of you who have subscribed to my Mind Level. And just to recap what is on Mind: all of our past teleseminar guests audios are in there plus all of my counselling skills, psychotherapy and buddhist audios over the last nearly 2 years! One of my Soul members said a few months ago that she sat down and made a concerted effort to listen to them all within a week or two’s time frame and she said she felt so much lighter and happier. I think there’s no doubt, when you hear other people describing the life of the therapist, it is incredibly comforting and reassuring. And remember, that Mind members can get all my Discovery days: including Alexia Leachman’s – Using your story to market your therapy practice – on January 26th for just £67. Tell your colleagues. I hope to be meeting her this Wednesday for a prelim in London. She inspires me and I want her to share her knowledge with you on this special day.  Click here to find out more.

(Last January I went on a “Mindfulness in therapy” day in London which was the biggest waste of £140 I’ve yet made in doing CPD. I don’t mean to sound dismissive, but it was a bit like asking Jenson Button to test drive a noddy car! – still I learned what passes for Mindfulness in a CBT style training and at least I can say I already practice it only more spontaneously and authentically.)

So please join me and subscribe to my Mind level at just £7 to get nearly 40 hours of audio which will challenge you and cause you to ask deeper questions of yourselves. You see, together we are stronger than if we stand alone. And my vision is to have Open Mind Therapists (that isn’t trade marked by the way!) all over the country who get what it means to be their own mentor and example to all the clients they meet. Click here to find out more about Mind

This Friday’s meeting in London

As usual our Soul Group meets this Friday in the Millfield Arts Centre, Edmonton this Friday 30th November. It’s our last meeting before Christmas so I’d love to see you there 10 till 3pm. I’ll need to remind you all direct who have said they are coming and round you up! Regardless how busy you are, you’ll learn to value the time out and get as much out of it as you can in terms of support, camraderie, and guidance. I’m here to share what I’ve learned in life, to encourage you to share your learning too and to show you some new things you may not yet have in your repertoire. Click here to book on.

7th December meeting in Great Dunmow – have you been a member before?

We’ll be meeting in Dunmow again on 7th December and we’ll be having our usual christmas lunch out somewhere. If you’ve been a member before, why not join us for lunch? Email me and I’ll let you know details.
Next year we have changed venue again to the Maltings in Great Dunmow which is a beautiful grade II listed building right in the centre of town. And along with this change of venue is a change of time: We’ll be starting at 12 and finishing at 5pm. If you’re running a busy practice already, you may benefit from a couple of hours client work in the morning before you set off for the meeting….and remember, it’s a much more respectable time to go out for a drink after the group!

Starting out in practice audio masterclass

The number of people who I seem to be speaking to at the moment who are just new in practice and they’re falling foul of all the regular advertising scams that promise you the world and deliver nothing. With this in mind I’m thinking of doing a 90 minute audio masterclass in setting up in practice: the do’s and the don’ts. Interested? It’ll be sometime before christmas. I’ll look in the diary and let you know. Just fire me off an email saying “Yes please to Starting out in practice audio masterclass” and I’ll know you’re interested.

But remember: MAKE YOUR LIFE HAPPEN! Don’t wait any longer for someone to deliver a truth to you. You have to seek it out.
To try one of our groups click here.
Jenny has been working as an Integrative Hypnotherapist/psychotherapist for 11 years and has practiced Buddhism for most of her life and is also a Fellow of the National Council of Psychotherapists. After many years of teaching her various courses on integrative therapy for hypnotherapists, which included the now well known course, Unlocking the Mysteries of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, she is now focussing on the personal and authentic journey of the therapist from all talk modalities. She aims to teach life lessons in intuition, insight, and authenticity for those who are ready to take their work to the next level and demonstrate as well as counsel others, what it is to show up in the world and take charge of your life.


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