Are you stuck?  Because if you are you’ll be scratching your head wondering which technique or approach you might use next with this particularly tricky client. You’ve used everything you know, and you’re on the edge of referring your client on, or signing up to another expensive course to learn how to use yet more techniques. It seems a never ending struggle to stay one step ahead of your client.
I hear of situations like this many times over with supervisees that come through my practice.  Even today, I receive a call from an esteemed member of my membership who wonders whether they’ve ‘done’ something irreparable to their clients and what they might do about it.
Did you listen only with your ears?
The problem really is that you’re probably only listening with your ears.  The rest of you: your intuition, your guts, your heart, your 4 remaining senses other than the ears, are not getting a look in because you are listening so intently to the words, you have been blinded to their underlying meaning. 
As a valued member of my free guest teleseminar newsletter, I’d like to offer you the opportunity to listen in a different way by inviting you to sign up to my next teleseminar in the Mind level series which is all about Unfocussed Listening and Using Your Intuition.
Last month’s teleseminar on transference provoked this feedback:
The transference audio was MASSIVELY useful not only did I have a client yesterday who I had some very negative feelings towards ( even though she had sucessfully quit smoking a month ago ) I would have paid her to stay away! This is not typical so I can now wonder and be curious about what’s going on there having listened to your teleseminar.
Then later a client bought me a plant, bottle of wine and a thank you card.  She’s with me for IBS but demonstrated so wonderfully – how she has this need to be liked. Did I mention it – you bet I did !  Gina
On the 8th June I’ll show you how to:
  • sit more comfortably in the therapist’s chair
  • be a less anxious therapist
  • be a more engaged therapist – even with your most difficult clients
  • get results where you thought it was impossible
  • learn how to remain centred

Will this get you out of a stuck place?  You bet it will! 

This teleseminar takes place on Wednesday 8th June at 5pm (GMT) and costs only £15to attend. Join me on
However, the £15 gives you access to 4 audio teleseminars in the Mind Series going back to February this year.  For £15 you’ll also get, 1 hour each on the 3 stages counselling and the transference audio teleseminar.  And next month I’ll be looking at psychodynamic versus humanist model: which of these two theoretical models does your hypnotherapy practice fall into?  I’ll show you how you can take the best of these two models and use them in your hypnotherapy practice.
Meanwhile, you’ve just a day left to re-listen to Tony’s teleseminar recorded last Wednesday.  Go to and click on freebies, teleseminars.  You’ll find him there. 

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