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Jenny Lynn

Jenny Lynn is a no-nonsense type of woman and has been running a successful therapy practice for ten years.  “It was a while before I realised that some of the things I did weren’t ‘common practice’ – and yet my clients achieved breakthroughs and successes as a result of the way I practise,” she says.

Her success in particular with the mystery illness, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or commonly, M.E.  spurred her on to develop a training course to share with colleagues. 

However it soon became clear that, while her professional colleagues were often well qualified in therapy techniques, there was something missing.  “Most of them were quite anxious about the therapy they delivered and they didn’t seem to have confidence in their own intuition,” observes Jenny.

Not being one to let the grass grow under her feet, Jenny did some more research and came up with a range of integrative style courses that would provide a solution.  Since then Jenny has worked with her professional colleagues helping them to be more successful therapists.

“It’s not about techniques; most of them are all ‘techniqued-out’ – it’s about learning to use natural intuition and self-knowledge to open the doors to our clients’ recoveries.  All I provide is a platform to re-discover what remains hidden from the conscious mind of the therapist.”

Jenny’s E-Book ‘Read Your Client’ has been hugely successful and she is more than willing to throw down the gauntlet to anyone considering membership of the Open Mind Therapist:

“Write down the three biggest issues you have with your therapy practice – and I guarantee that you’ll get help from being a member.”

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Tony Cawley