It’s been such a momentous year this last year.  I feel I’ve crossed over a portal in my work that I can’t and don’t want to return through. I have taken such inspiration from so many amazing people and have felt encouraged to become who I truly am more and more.  It’s a see saw of toe in, toe out when you first realise there’s no one stopping you being you except you.  And the habit can be hard to kick.  And I find myself wavering at times.  You can blame society or the professional ethics, or the models or whatever else you want to lay blame at.  But ultimately you’ve made the decision to limit yourself and be affected by it.  The dilemma has been for me do I dare to really tell you and show you who I am?  That’s the false self telling me I’m not worth it.  Fortunately I’m listening more and more to my inner voice that is telling me to celebrate the best of myself even out there with you guys, and let the faults that I have pale into insignificance.

Thank you to all those brave hearts who have taken part in this amazing year of transformation with me.  Thanks for touching my life and for sharing your brilliance with me so openly.  Thanks to those who resisted taking part because you were really just reflecting my own reticence at ‘coming out’ with my own unique self. I have you to thank for the earlier part of my journey this year.  The resistance was a big wake up call and caused me to deeply reflect on how you might just be a reflection of something I was missing.  When I released the block, you responded amazingly.  Thank you for having faith in me somehow.

I’ve increasingly taken on my true self the second half of this year and it’s quite new, uncharted, and scary at times, and other times it’s absolutely exhilarating.  So many ups and downs and constant polishing of the self.  I so want to inspire you to live this way and to bring your intuition into your practices so that you can be the real mentors that our clients are so desperately in search of.

I’m looking forward to working with Alexia in January who is also sharing a new phase in her life of just saying it as it is, and letting the world know what you stand for.  I am looking forward too to being inspired by her.  And Dr Pradeep Chadha in April.  What amazing feedback we had from our call earlier this year.  Pradeep is coming to London on 20th or is it 21st (I’ll check and will publish his day on this site over christmas) to share with us his unique take on mental health and what really makes people well and happy.  Both of these amazing people are such an inspiration to me.

And I have some really new projects that I’ll be working on this year.  Watch this space.

Thanks to all my Soul members and visitors to the groups this year.  We’ve had a truly revelationary year.  So much transformation in group.  How powerful are groups of people?  I’d love to welcome anyone of you into our groups and pray that you take whatever personal or professional inspiration you are looking for from our members who are each, of themselves, truly characterful, insightful and passionate therapists.  It’s been a pleasure to work with you throughout the year.  Thanks for being part of the journey.

Remember to get yourself some downtime this Christmas and spend some time with your heart and your unconscious.  Listen to your heart’s moods and tune in to who you are and what you’re about.  This is your real treasure – not all that stuff out there that passes as important. It’s from this kernal of innate wisdom that we can transform our lives and our work.  It’s only the illusions that we have believed are real that has stopped us finding our inner wisdom. Once you get beyond the illusions, wisdom, courage and compassion are just waiting to well up and to be expressed in your lives.  Listen to it and make a determination to invigorate and inspire yourselves to your highest good.

Signing off brave hearts!  Have a great rejuvenating Christmas.



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