Need help with your counselling, psychotherapy or hypnotherapy practice?

Your counselling, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy or coaching training is one thing. But YOU are another. The main reason your clients work well with you is not because of your training. It is because of you. Your uniqueness. Your authenticity. Your personal flair and style. Your experience of life and the maturity of your heart to hold the hearts of others.

YOU are the powerful change agent. Your training is the mere tool you use. It is you and your personality that delivers the insight, the challenges, and the means by which your clients will transform their lives. They are held in your energy. They want to trust you. And because you are in the world of personal development, you are doing your personal work all the time to ensure that you bring the best of you to your clients.

Are you living your mission?

Your very presence and surety of purpose does your work for you. You are living your mission. You are charging what you are worth and earning a good income doing the work you were born to do. Your practice is full of paying clients. You have dropped your performance fears and anxieties and are stepping into a magical space in the here and now, demonstrating in your very energy how it is to be emotionally, mentally and physically well. As you experience regular fears in the therapy setting, you have the courage to voice them and share the transpersonal nature of your client’s impact on you. And as you demonstrate how to handle difficult emotions, your clients are inspired to manage theirs similarly.

Are you the change you wish to see?

Humanist TherapistsAs Ghandi would have once said: “Become the change you wish to see”. And what an amazingly powerful place to operate from. It is from here that you model profound personal awakening, authenticity and transformation and cannot help, due to your high vibrational energy, to cause your clients to awaken to their personal power too.

If this were true for you…..

If it were all true for you, that would be the greatest gift you could ever receive, right? The gift of self knowledge and insight to create the therapy or coaching practice, and of course, the personal life you know you deserve. I’m Jenny Lynn, Transpersonal Therapist, Intuitive Coach, Personal Development Mentor and Buddhist of 30 years. It is my mission on my path to help inspire you to grow to become the leaders of authenticity your clients need. I have many ways in which I can help you become the inspired leaders of personal transformation your clients need.

And if you are bobbing around underneath your glass ceiling desperate to break out into a new level of working, join me on one of my tailor made VIP days where I personally mentor and coach you to bring your unique experience and gifts to the world. You can produce amazing results in your personal and financial fortunes and of course, in the transformations your clients experience. Just Email me your 3 top challenges and let’s have a chat

So, we're not just therapists but 'real' people who see who you really are and not just the chimera of your false self….

Posted by Jenny Lynn on Tuesday, 23 February 2016