Bryony's 15th - those are boys on the Sofa!

I had two good reasons to celebrate last weekend: one, it was my daughter’s 15th birthday Friday and I welcomed assorted emo teenagers into our home Friday night for a barbecue/guitar hero party!  (The other one I’ll talk about in another post.) They’re all quite harmless really but they look worse than they are!  The motley assortment of long hair over the eye and black eye kohl faces are a sight to behold.  They know me.  They kinda would include me if I made them! But just like a small but significant herd of sheep, all they need now and again is a nudge in the right direction from a loud but benign mother sheepdog!  So me and my friend sloped off into the warm and sultry evening (just outside the back door) with our bottles of cider and discussed life the universe and everything…until they all spilled out into the street to say goodbye to each other leaving just one victim, erm, I mean, friend to stay with us for a sleepover.  So while I went to bed around 12.30am, they then decided it would be a good idea to watch a video! Youth eh?  Can you guess which one is mine?

Oneness of self and environment

However, one of the greatest developments for my daughter these last few months is her newfound ability to not worry what other people are thinking of her.  She has gained an inner confidence and surety about herself which means most of the time she’s much more happy.  Teenage years are challenging at the best of times, so I was so pleased to hear her describe her realisation which has given her such peace of mind.  Some of her development has mirrored a change in me which accords with the buddhist concept of oneness of self and environment which I continually try and educate my clients about. That is, our children are a product of ourselves and if we want our children to grow and change, we need to work on ourselves first.  

My growth has been launching this online business earlier this year which was a huge challenge.  Knowing that I’m delivering value to those that choose to subscribe was of huge importance to me.  While I wanted to gain a steady income from working this way, my promise to my students and supervisees is that they get the best of me and my work and that they can use the benefit in all ways in their lives.  Making no severence between who I am at home and who I am in my therapy practice, what I learn about me, directly translates to how I treat my clients.  If I have blocks in my consciousness, I won’t be able to see my clients issues clearly: that is, I can only take my clients as far as I have come myself.  So clearing out another block to the growth of my business was a painful but essential part of my growth earlier this year.

Only some of the people some of the time….

I realised that I couldn’t please all of the people all of the time. Nor could I please all of the people some of the time.  I’ve had to settle for pleasing some of the people some of the time, and even in my chosen elite group in Soul membership, all of the people ‘only’ most of the time.  So I’ve had to grow to realise that if I’m going to reach all the people who want to join me, there’ll be a large majority who I put myself in front of, to whom my way of working may not appeal right now or may never appeal.  These realisations have created a shift in me….a shift that you’ll probably be experiencing if you’re on my email list and are following my work even if you’ve not consciously realised it.  That shift is a philosophical shrug at the inevitable knock backs, and a strong faith that the direction I’m going in is right for my business, my Students and my CPDers.

Pushing outside of my comfort zone

Curious how I have a very comfortable, easy approach with my clients and their personal development which was directly born of my having to face challenges in the past that were thrust upon me.  And that’s because these experiences illuminated by my buddhist practice and my therapy training, taught me how to understand the human condition and to take things in my stride.  However, this time, I’m deliberately placing myself in the way of challenges; inviting judgement, inviting comment from others, inviting evaluation from others, pushing outside of my comfort zone and continually learning I’m more than I thought I was.

This is all part of my buddhist practice – my personal development – my journey to creating as much value as I can in my life for me and all those whose lives I touch.  It’s a journey I’m incredibly proud to be making.  I want to share the benefits of that journey with you.  Consider coming on my one day intensive on 15th July where I’ll share some insights that could profoundly change the way you see your therapy practice.  You may even find that you want to join my growing movement of Open Mind Therapists by subscribing to one of my membership levels, two of which – Mind and Heart, you can access from anywhere in the world.


Do you sometimes feel a fraud?

When I first went into training to become an integrative therapist, I remember saying to 2 assistant therapists on my course who were a couple of years ahead of me, that I thought I’d sorted out most of my issues. They snuck a not insignificant look at each other. I felt quietly mad and anxious to prove that I didn’t have stuff. However, they were right. I was wrong. I had stuff. Loads of it. All I’d learned was how to operate within the mostly unconscious limitations I’d set myself.

Now I know there’s no such thing as having sorted out most of your issues. What I can say however, is that I’ve learned how to take responsibility for them by becoming resourceful and conscious of their subtext in my life. This means I am mastering my own mind and not letting my mind master me. (That’s a Buddhist concept by the way!) Sometimes I even just let them be there just so I can sneak an extra long look at them and determine to do something about them when I find the inclination! The result is I can sit in my therapy chair and just know what is my stuff and what is the clients. I can use my fallibility as a human being to relate to my clients and ultimately to my CPD students, supervisees and followers without getting mixed up in their stuff.

When you realise that all you have to do is be authentically you, warts and all, you can achieve anything, you can deal with anything, and you can build a successful hypnotherapy practice which doesn’t consume your every waking moment. A lot of our performance anxieties are around feeling inauthentic, or a fraud or not well enough qualified. The problem is, those fears are in control of you all the while you try to ignore them. Why not take a moral inventory of yourself and ask: ‘What is really stopping me feeling relaxed and confident as a hypnotherapist?’ The answer needs to be about you, not about the force field around you. You can create your reality just the way you want it your only limitation is your ability to wake up and take responsibility for it.

If you’re serious about your personal and professional development come on my one day intensive on 15th July. I’ve kept the price really low just so that you can afford to come and sample what I can offer you. Many of my students report feeling alive and inspired at the end of the day – just take a look at Linda and Steve’s video testimonials on my blog. This was just a 4 hour meeting of supervision and CPD. My intensive training days will show you all sorts of insights and cohesiveness you didn’t realise you needed….but once seen, you can never go back! You can never go back to not knowing something once you’ve realised it. Take a risk and join me. It will cost you only around 1 hour of your income from a client – and it’ll give you so much more in return. Go to
See you there!

More feedback!
You must think I get an endless supply of feedback….well I suppose in some respects I do both positive and negative but it’s not always as direct as the one that came through today. Hilary decided to write to me out of the blue! I answered and asked her to clarify how training and supervision with me had affected her client numbers and reputation. Here’s what she said.

In life we are sometimes lucky enough to meet people that inspire us and help us grow. For me, Jenny is one of them. I feel so fortunate to have trained with Jenny on the CFS course and she has been my personal supervisor for over 2 years now. I love my work as a therapist and owe Jenny for the ability to sit comfortably in the same space as my client and listen, listen and listen for what the client is not saying. Since I have let go of the fear of my own feelings in the therapy room I feel like the butterfly who has emerged from the chrysalis. Thank you Jenny

And after my enquiry to her:

I just feel that I’m flying now and I’ve let go of a lot of the insecurities I had before meeting you. You confirmed for me that it’s ok to work from the heart , it’s ok to say nothing (I don’t fill the silences anymore!big change!) , it’s ok to be me and say it as it is….I’m going on bit now! What has it done for me? Well for a start I don’t advertise yet I get a steady stream of recommendations, so I must be doing something right! Thanks!
Well done Hilary. Glad it’s all working for you.

Don’t want to go back to basics with your psychotherapy training?
You don’t have to go back to scratch to add psychotherapy skills to your hypnotherapy practice. I’ll show you how to develop the skills, while still practising hypnotherapy and learning every step of the way. If you want some evidence that it can be done, come on my one day intensive on 15th July. Join me by going to

Happy theraping!


Friday’s Soul Meeting was A-may-zing!

Last Friday, 24th June, was another amazing day! And here are my first two video testimonials to prove it! This is Linda and Steve – Soul members – all shiny from a day’s new personal and professional insights!


Thank you Linda and Steve! It is so fantastic to see your happy faces.  Feel free to comment below and make sure to leave your website addresses there so people can find you!

We met again in Bishops Stortford at a new venue: the Great Hadham Golf and Country Club.  This is, firstly, a wonderful venue and a great opportunity to test it out before our 15th July one day intensive.  We were well looked after and it was a lovely countryside retreat with a calm and cool air about it.  A few of my soul members will be there on the 15th so if you wanted to meet them and ask what the membership is all about, I’m sure they wouldn’t mind answering your questions.

Each time we meet, we look forward to our sharing: not only what has everyone done in the last 6 weeks, but what have you learned: about yourself, your clients, and how is your practice growing, changing or developing.  It always feels for me at least, like a feast of good humour and cameraderie that breeds a safe and comfortable environment for us to explore and build a great support network of open mind therapists!

My Soul group is not only about professional development: it is about who we are as people behind the professional facade.  This week, apart from sharing our professional concerns, we delved into the world of psychodrama and all of us took part in a process that facilitated not only one of the group members’ personal development but each of our own too. And I showed them how they can apply these lessons to their clients.

Last month we welcomed a guest speaker Melanie Fryer, Open Mind’s Nutritional Adviser (must give her a page on my site any day now) who wowed us sharing her knowledge and experience on food and a little known style of assessing body and food compatitibility called ‘Metabolic Typing’.  So taken by it were some of my members that they’ve reported this time changing their diet and feeling alot better in themselves.  If you haven’t yet listened to Melanie’s teleseminar you can find it in the Mind membership archives by going to Mind on the membership tab and subscribing.

Our next meeting is on 5th August which I’m also really looking forward to.  Who knows what we’ll do just yet?  Could it be working with fairy tales or working with families?  Working with families or rather, children, appears to be high on the agenda lately.  Many questions around age appropriate therapy, involvement of families, and how to manage them.  Working with families must be one of the trickiest things to achieve as a therapist so having some guidance is invaluable.

Join me on 5th August. Go to


Are you stuck in petty one-upmanship?

You know, I’m guilty too. I’m guilty of believing that my way’s better than yours. But this is how I got there.

I spent the first few years in practice assuming therapists were all nice and open, on a path of self discovery and wanting to do their personal work. Then I was confronted with the reality that even in the world of therapy a large proportion of therapists are still subject to one-upmanship and deep insecurity. The more I taught my fellow colleagues from all over the UK, the more I started to realise that there was a need for people to do their personal work and not just acquire more techniques.

My own inner transformation, I knew, had transformed my therapy business. My Buddhist practice has encouraged personal development for the nearly 30 years I have practised it. Never one to let myself go stale for too long I thought it had been incumbent on me to go through such a process of transformation in order to be a professional therapist. All it seemed though was that my transformation had given me an insight and a head start among my hypnotherapy colleagues. 

However, after a couple of years of realising that I had more to teach than I at first anticipated, I hatched a certain arrogance toward my fellow therapists. If these people, who clearly hadn’t done much personal work through whichever route, were therapists, and they still felt anxious and unsure about their techniques, their clients, and themselves how could they practice ANY therapy let alone something as powerful as hypnotherapy? I felt better than them, more equipped and yet perversely anxious about my presumptuousness too. I stopped consulting with my colleagues, and started to assume everyone needed to develop themselves. And on some level, that assumption wasn’t wrong. However, it’s not something that therapists who actually need some personal development will easily admit to – and my arrogance was blocking me.

7 or 8 years on, the therapy world appears to me to be growing up along with my view of my colleagues. We’re all on a journey together and we’re all at different points on that journey. I’m here to help some of my colleagues from where they are now onto the next leg of that journey.  I’m here to help you evolve into a unique therapist who uses your personality and your style in your therapy room, instead of adopting someone elses’s.

And instead of it being ‘only NLP’ or only ‘Hypnotherapy’ I’m meeting more people who are prepared to truly evolve as therapists by taking my lessons of cohesiveness and insight and finding their own way within their chosen therapy. My graduates of my Read Your Client course are revealing their wisdom and bringing it to their practice of Hypnotherapy, NLP, Analysis, etc – doesn’t really matter what you call it. If you want to learn how to blossom in your own unique way, come and study with me. Try me out on my one day intensive this July 15th for just £69 for one or bring a colleague for £99 for the 2 of you. Go to


Do I practice what I preach?

Who am I? Yes I come out with some wise words at times.  It may seem I know what I’m talking about.  But who am I to you?  What do you actually know about me?  What qualifies me, apart from my academic qualifications, to tell you how to develop your hypnotherapy practice?

Personal experience and insight

My personal experience is not just my experience of therapy but how I deal with challenges in my life.  These are things I don’t often share about me but I suppose, if you really want to know who I am, it might be useful if I open up a bit…

Well, you may well know that I’ve practised Buddhism for nearly 30 years and that in the early days of practice I was very confused and emotionally vulnerable. You would never have noticed it in my countenance: my head was always firmly in control.  But my emotional life was like a raging torrent: it washed me away, took me on journeys that were contrary to my intellect and got me into trouble!  The screen for my life was my intellect, scratch the surface and there was a fairly brittle and sensitive person inside.  During the last 30 years though, I’ve had maybe 3 major awakenings where sometimes the intellect just cannot hold onto the emotional content any longer.  And borne of trauma comes an enlightenment that you never could have conceived was inside you.  At least that’s my experience.  Now I look for the enlightenment every day, week, month.  If I’m not growing or shifting, then I’m not living my life.

My latest growth spurt has taken place in steps and stages through this last year.  You’re seeing that in this site now as you read it.  What has been that growth? And where is it going?

A deeper confidence

Firstly, I’m reaching even deeper inside myself to be able to confidently offer my skills and insights to my members.  If any of you are putting yourselves out there more and more as therapists on the internet and in the public arena, you’ll know how challenging it is to step back from who you are and be able to talk, almost dispassionately about what you can offer.  As therapists, so much of our expertise is deeply personal to us: it is borne of our own journey through life.  Putting ourselves out there can feel very exposing and it can be safer to hide behind techniques and protocols.  At least hiding behind our training, provides for us a screen.

However, we are all worthy of profound respect.  We are human beings.  I don’t want to hide behind anyone else’s ideas.   This is what makes my practice integrative.  I take the best of everything that suits my personality, and I find a way to make real human and authentic contact with my clients, supervisees or trainees.  I’m not proud about what it’s called: be it NLP, TA, CBT or any other acronym.  My philosophy is inclusive.  There is value in all systems and models and used insightfully, all can cause immense change alone or in combination.  The skill is mine to know how to relate to the individual in a way that suits them.

Managing Criticism

In the past, though I knew how to manage other people’s criticism of me or my business, it was never comfortable.  Now I’m more deeply invested in my own personal development and aware that criticism will not stop me growing.  If I don’t hold fast to my goals and dreams, noone else is going to do it for me.  For everyone that is challenged by me there are double the number finding my offering valuable.  And I’m just ploughing on.  How did I get to this point?  I realised it is now or never.  Either now I make it happen, or I just carry on dabbling in attracting students to my school for ever.  How is this changing me?  I’m working smarter, more focussed and bringing people into my business to help run it.  I am finding the drive to do this by having a goal that I’ve decided I need to keep working towards every day.  That goal is to be able to have a therapy business that has an ethos of inclusivity, of personal development, of sharing that can self replicate and provide a network of support for practising hypnotherapists. And I’m looking for people to share that vision with.  The benefits for me will be clearly to develop other people while getting paid for what I’m really worth. 

The Benefit of Networking

And another transformation is happening.  As I interview more and more teleseminar guests, I feel a network of good will is spreading throughout my business environment.  I’m working with people, making friendships with fellow therapists, building bridges often internationally and looking at working on joint ventures.  This inspires me and keeps me interested in my work and in developing more and more ways in which I can share my expertise with fellow therapists.  Increasingly I’m asked to talk or write an article or deliver a course.  It’s scary but it’s forward movement and every step is one step nearer to my goal.  This is the buddhist philosophy.  We are all capable of creating immense value and especially as therapists, who are in the vanguard of personal development, we have the capacity to sow seeds of conciliation and peace in our world by becoming authentic, strong and responsible individuals.

Sharing my knowledge

I want to share this development with you.  I want you to be part of the Open Mind way.  And I want to see you grow in your Hypnotherapy practices too.  You see, how you develop as an individual deeply relates to how you do therapy with your clients.  Coaches often say about business people, the only limitation in a business is the lack of imagination of the owner.  Any small business could turn into a major business with a leader who has imagination.  Believing in our limitations means we will never achieve what deep down, we know we’re capable of.  Keep track of where I’m heading.  If you’re following me, I’m heading in a direction that wants to bring you with me, to grow and gain deep personal insight and to remove your own barriers to your success.  To do that, you have to have an open mind and a seeking spirit.  If that’s you then you’re in the right place.  Take a look round the site and if you want to join my movement of insightful therapists, go to the membership page and decide which level of membership suits both your developmental needs, your geography and your pocket.  Till next time.

Are you stuck?  Because if you are you’ll be scratching your head wondering which technique or approach you might use next with this particularly tricky client. You’ve used everything you know, and you’re on the edge of referring your client on, or signing up to another expensive course to learn how to use yet more techniques. It seems a never ending struggle to stay one step ahead of your client.
I hear of situations like this many times over with supervisees that come through my practice.  Even today, I receive a call from an esteemed member of my membership who wonders whether they’ve ‘done’ something irreparable to their clients and what they might do about it.
Did you listen only with your ears?
The problem really is that you’re probably only listening with your ears.  The rest of you: your intuition, your guts, your heart, your 4 remaining senses other than the ears, are not getting a look in because you are listening so intently to the words, you have been blinded to their underlying meaning. 
As a valued member of my free guest teleseminar newsletter, I’d like to offer you the opportunity to listen in a different way by inviting you to sign up to my next teleseminar in the Mind level series which is all about Unfocussed Listening and Using Your Intuition.
Last month’s teleseminar on transference provoked this feedback:
The transference audio was MASSIVELY useful not only did I have a client yesterday who I had some very negative feelings towards ( even though she had sucessfully quit smoking a month ago ) I would have paid her to stay away! This is not typical so I can now wonder and be curious about what’s going on there having listened to your teleseminar.
Then later a client bought me a plant, bottle of wine and a thank you card.  She’s with me for IBS but demonstrated so wonderfully – how she has this need to be liked. Did I mention it – you bet I did !  Gina
On the 8th June I’ll show you how to:
  • sit more comfortably in the therapist’s chair
  • be a less anxious therapist
  • be a more engaged therapist – even with your most difficult clients
  • get results where you thought it was impossible
  • learn how to remain centred

Will this get you out of a stuck place?  You bet it will! 

This teleseminar takes place on Wednesday 8th June at 5pm (GMT) and costs only £15to attend. Join me on
However, the £15 gives you access to 4 audio teleseminars in the Mind Series going back to February this year.  For £15 you’ll also get, 1 hour each on the 3 stages counselling and the transference audio teleseminar.  And next month I’ll be looking at psychodynamic versus humanist model: which of these two theoretical models does your hypnotherapy practice fall into?  I’ll show you how you can take the best of these two models and use them in your hypnotherapy practice.
Meanwhile, you’ve just a day left to re-listen to Tony’s teleseminar recorded last Wednesday.  Go to and click on freebies, teleseminars.  You’ll find him there. 

Have you become eclectic over the years?

If you’re fresh in your practice of hypnotherapy, chances are you probably bring some experience with you from your ‘previous life’.  I’m not talking Past Lives in the PLR sense, but in your career before you changed direction.  Perhaps you worked in HR or was a nurse, or like me, a teacher.  Perhaps you worked in the mental health service or as a counsellor.  Your general life experience will have brought you to a point where your seeminlgy natural progression is hypnotherapy. 

However, once starting out on the deeper study of the subconscious, one thing’s for sure: you’ll probably be realising as you go along just how many ways you may be able to reach a person’s inherent survival instinct.   Wanting to know more, you will have trained in EFT or EMDR, or perhaps you’ve done a specific style of hypnotherapy like analysis, regression or suggestion.  Patching all those different styles together will have been a labour of love.  And now you have them all under your belt, you’re wondering who on earth you might go to as your supervisor.  How do you find someone who at the very least, has trodden the same kind of developmental path as you and who will ‘get’ what it is you need from supervision?  I have heard many stories from my supervisees of their supervisors seeming to have less knowledge and experience than themselves.  At that frustrating convergence point, where our eclectic supervisee seeks supervision from a single model therapist it’s as good as the blind leading the blind!

Now, I have 2 things to say to you. 

Number 1:  
Would you like to meet with a group of like minded people who really get what supervision is about?  Because if so, my Soul level group meets once every 6 weeks around Dunmow – Bishops Stortford (Essex Herts) area.  We share our case load in a humanist and integrative setting.  What does that mean? It means we are looking at the whole person, in context, in their families and communities and then we are using authenticity and an eclectic integrative style of talk and hypnotherapy to be able to reach them.  It means we also look at our own contribution to our therapeutic relationships with our clients. Where are our blocks and impasses?  How do we actually get stuck in our client sessions and how to we get unstuck? 

Our group is a close knit and supportive group of people who want to gain a deeper confidence in working with their clients, and who are committed to their own continuing personal and professional development.  Do you have what it takes to join us?  My newest member says the following:

“For some time I had intended to have regular group supervision as I knew it would be of enormous benefit to my personal development as a therapist. I attended my first group meeting in January.  I was really worried about joining the Soul Level group because I thought everyone would know so much more than me but it’s been so comforting to realise that they have the same fears and worries as I do.  I’ve felt I’ve been totally accepted in the group from just my very first meeting to this one and feel really supported in my work. 

In just 6 weeks since that first meeting, one of the changes I’ve made is to the way I work and prepare for my clients.  I was spending far too much time preparing for each client’s next working session and since joining the group I have somehow learned to ‘let go’ and am realising that I can now trust my intuition and knowledge more than I realised.  I still have more to learn and I’m looking forward to learning in this great group and under the excellent guidance of Jenny.  I feel that no-one is being critical or judgemental and that any advice given is just ‘good sound advice’ based upon the group’s own working experiences and practices.  I’m so glad I’ve made the decision to join the Soul Level group and only wish I had done so sooner!  Thank you.”  Pat Hollisey, Hypnotherapist.

And another comment from Steve Monk, Hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner:

I would recommend, no, urge, all hypnotherapists, psychotherapists…any talking therapist to seriously look at what Jenny offers to her supervision students.  I feel more confident and professional as a result of being a part of the group.  There is so much you get from the membership that you must see your yourself. Jenny’s experience means that she has the right skills to help any talking therapist that has recently qualified through to someone who has been in the profession many years.

Check out Soul Level membership.  Our next meeting is on Friday 20th May.

Number 2:
Are you one of those people I describe above but you’re just too far away to commit to 6 weekly meets here?  Then you need to join my Heart membership level.  Heart allocates 2 hours in the week when you can ‘get’ me.  I’m either on line in the chat room, or for a while longer while the membership builds, I’m around on the phone too at those times.  All you need to do is pencil in those times in your diary and if something crops up, a difficult client or session, then just drop me a text or an email and we’ll chat about it.

However, more than just a supervision safety net, both soul and heart members have access to the counselling and psychotherapy audio lectures I deliver every month AND access to the archives for past lectures including all my teleseminar guests. 

Here’s what one of my Heart level members said.

I noticed your postings on various forums and started downloading some of your reports from your website and it became crystal clear where the gap in my work lay.  I’d been too in control, focusing in on which technique I needed to employ.  How refreshing to find someone who had identified with this and had the answers to boot. Now I can sit comfortably in the moment with my clients.  It’s taken me a while to get to this point which is why I’m writing this note because I’d like other therapists to find this shortcut and save themselves the angst that I went through.  It all adds up to increased job satisfaction and that’s so important to me.  So thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge and support other therapists.  I know how much of yourself you put into your work and it’s greatly appreciated.  It also seems bizarre that I’ve learnt so much from someone I’ve never actually met! Thank you. Gina Brown, Hypnotherapist, NLP &EFT Practitioner

So join me on Heart level.  It’s more than just supervision.  It’s a whole training package that will develop you the person and the professional.


Your investment even less now!

Getting a site like this up and running so that all those involved know what they’re doing is no mean feat!  But in spite of all the obstacles, I have a fantastic team behind me who is such an amazing support.  This means I have been able to reassess how much I’m offering and to be able to offer even more!  And one huge benefit to you is, that I can do that at even less than I was doing before!  Designed for hypnotherapists, you can now receive ongoing monthly training in integrative psychotherapy and counselling skills for just £15 per month! Included in this crazy offer are all the backdated guest speaker teleseminar hours going back to September with some great therapists who share their skill and insight with us so happily – the audio hours cover topics such as regression hypnotherapy, autism, buddhism, alcoholism, and next week nutrition.  Even just one of those hours you’d probably have to pay around probably £10+ to listen to an evening lecture – that’s putting a perspective on it!

Part of me is saying, Jen, you must be crazy!  But the rest of me is just leaping into the dark and taking the action that I am being encouraged to take from my fantastic production team back here in the wings.  As  The Open Mind Therapist expands, I’m aiming to bring ever more capable and skilled people not only behind the scenes to support, but here on the front line as I develop my team of Open Mind Therapists to be able to host my supervision groups around the country.

Join me in my growing movement of Open Mind Therapists and leap into the dark with me!  Well, actually for you, it may well be a leap into the light as you realise the benefit of working with more insight and more intuition making your hypnotherapy practice even more insightful and relevant.  If you want to find out more about the Mind Level subscription just click here.

Just one level up from Mind, in my Heart level subscription, you receive so much more value though.  For just £30 per month for the next 6 months you can bounce off me in our live chat room at 2 appointed hours every week, or while the membership grows, on the phone for 20 minute sessions in those hours, anything you wish to ask from the audio lectures you’ve received, and any supervision issues you’d like help with.  But in addition to that, I’ve now put 4 of my online books in the membership area for this level saving you approximately £46 worth of investment from my online publications.  Those publications include “The Open Mind Guide to dealing with your Anixety”, “The Open Mind Guide to giving successful presentations in 7 easy steps”, “The simple guide to working with CFS” and the “Read Your Client” publication. This level of membership should satisfy your supervision needs but to be sure, check with your professional organisationsClick here to see more about Heart level membership. (scroll down the page to find Heart.)

I’ll be publishing news of a Build Your Confidence Short Course day soon which I’d recommend you attend if you’re a distance learner with me.  The investment of time and effort for this one, low cost, introductory day of learning how to work more integratively, will give you a much needed boost in your hypnotherapy practice.  You can take home with you new skills and insights from the day and put them to immediate use in your hypnotherapy practice.  The date is 27th May.  Put it in your diaries.  I’ll post more about it imminently.  If you want me to keep in touch with you about it, just sign up in the box to your right and receive your FREE report and I’ll keep you in the know.


Is the tail wagging the dog?

It’s been around 5 weeks since I launched my new business Putting the heart into hypnotherapy” and what an amazing transition is happening.  I’m grateful for those who have chosen to sign up with one of my programme levels: Mind, Heart or Soul and I’m really chuffed that so many hypnotherapists are choosing to add depth and flexibility to their practices.  At such a reasonable cost that is only £29 per month, I’m looking to attract more and more of you who also want to expand your practice and make your work more insightful.
Each month on the mind level, I am delivering an hour’s tuition with handouts for you to write on, that will help you gain insight, self awareness and skills that will be a true confidence building asset to your business.  With you feeling more centred and focussed, you cannot help but attract more clients to you: it’s the law of cause and effect.  The cause is that you are becoming a more reliable and consistent hypnotherapist and as that happens, word spreads and you gain more business.  In these times of recession, it really is a no brainer to not take advantage of such an essential training opportunity, delivered to you directly, at such low cost.
This morning I was explaining to my wonderful web support and online marketing guy, Robert Keating, just who I wanted to reach with my work.  He listened intently.  His goal of course, is to get all the back end stuff working efficiently: keywords that work for my business and avenues of promotion to attract more and more people who want what I have to offer.  It became clear to him as we spoke that his remit was very specific: not only am I looking for Hypnotherapists, I’m looking for hypnotherapists who feel they have been sold short to some extent by the ‘get well quick’ marketing that surrounds hypnotherapy training.  I’m looking for hypnotherapists who might feel a bit let down by their training, who feel disillusioned with the promises made by their training organisations, and who want to work with more integrity and more confidence. 
I explained to him that many hypnotherapists are relying on specific techniques or scripts for particular syndromes or symptoms and that when they don’t always work as of course can often be the case, are lost as to how to continue.  They end up losing clients from natural wastage, or by having to refer on, or by not getting referrals, or by just being too scared to treat the next one with the same condition. I continued, that what I was offering was the deeper self confidence and added insight to be able to determine the unconscious drivers for manifest problems and work on the causes not the symptoms of dis-ease.  That we mustn’t put techniques before insight – or as I proferred ‘The cart before the horse’.  To which he quite simply said: “or let the tail wag the dog”. YES Rob! You got it! That simple statement of validation meant to me that I knew he had grasped what I was saying and was going to look at my business promotion anew for me.  Thank you!
In the meantime, if I have described you or anyone you know in these words above, go straight to and subscribe to the Mind Level.  This month I am offering an hour of counselling skills followed next month by some insight into transference and countertransference and how to use it.  This will also be the topic of our next Soul level meeting in May.  All audio lectures are held in the members area with the handouts so you can access them again and again.  The only thing this will do for your hypnotherapy practice if you study it properly and make the time commitment, is make it more effective and even more incisive and focussed.  Join me by going to  Tell your friends and colleagues and if they subscribe from me on your recommendation I’ll give you a discount of 20% or if you are already members  30% off any of my products valid till end of March 2011.  Just get them to mention your name and email address so I know who you are. for more information. 

How to fit in study time?

When I launched my low cost online programme of counselling skills, professional guidance and personal development, I made an assumption that my hypnotherapy prospects would understand how they might benefit from it and would find study time for it.  I made the assumption because I reasoned with myself, if Hypnotherapists want to truly galvanise their practice and become very flexible in these difficult financial times, they’ll be chomping at the bit to train online in a low cost way and gain insights and skills that they couldn’t learn anywhere else.  Now the response so far to my launching the programme has been reasonable.  I’m so pleased that some of you have taken up the challenge and are earnestly seeking to further your knowledge and careers. But perhaps I got some of my assumptions wrong?  Perhaps you don’t see any need to develop further in these recessionary times?  Or perhaps like many, you’re just afraid of making the investment in case it doesn’t return for you?

So let me describe to you, those of you who may be cautiously watching your bottom line just, how you might benefit from the online package in my Mind level.

Let’s start firstly with the way alot of CPD is delivered in our industry: the Hypnotherapy world.  Intense 2 day training courses deliver often a training experience that can at times, be quite groundbreaking for people. However, bear in mind, that the trainer is condensing the benefit of their years and years of experience of their specialism into 2 days.    You on the other hand have just 2 days.  For learning to truly bed in, you need to experiment with it and explore it out there in the real world, get appropriate feedback from your supervisor, and keep your mind open to more learning.  However, often information is filtered down and diluted through intense study periods with little follow up and like a game of Chinese whispers, the original message may become obscured.

Mind Level Study Programme at Open Mind

I’ve designed my online programme to support personal and professional development on an ongoing basis.  That means, I recognise that you may need repetition, reinforcement, practice and feedback on a regular basis.  If it’s to be of any value to you, you need to practice what you are learning month by month.

On my basic Mind level, I’m offering to start with the 3 stages of counselling skills for hypnotherapists over 3 months as one hour audio teleseminar lectures.  Now, unlike other live trainings, the lectures are recorded and you can revisit them again and again to clarify anything you may have misunderstood.  In addition, I ask you to record your learning in writing as you listen: attending with more than just your passive attention will reinforce your learning.  Then not only can you revisit all the audio lectures again in the members area, you can also relisten to all my specialist speakers that I have introduced to you again in the comfort of your own home.

Taking responsibility for your learning

Now, are you prepared to take the responsibility for your own personal and professional development?  Because now it’s time to talk about organisation.  The world is so busy, that unless we focus on our goals, we will be blown off course again and again.  As hypnotherapists, you must know that lesson so well.  So now comes the big question that we might ask ourselves: Am I really prepared to do anything to develop my practice, overcome my blocks, and grow as an individual and as a hypnotherapist?  And perhaps even, why would I want to study counselling skills?  

Why counselling skills?

You see counselling skills aren’t just techniques designed to draw out our client and make them feel comfortable: learning how to counsel by definition requires you to do more personal development work.  It isn’t like the fast phobia cure or reading a script: to be able to counsel requires you to know what stuff you are bringing with you into your therapy room which might or might not be helpful to your therapeutic relationship.  Learning how to counsel also helps you understand when a particular technique might be more appropriate than another, it helps you hear your client’s subconscious mind without putting them in hypnosis, and it therefore helps guide you to use your techniques so much more effectively.  I’ll quote just one of my past students who is now a member of my top level  (Soul) study programme:

“Since developing my skills with Jenny I feel much more confident in my ability to really get to grips with the problems presented which means I am helping clients at a much deeper level generally.”

The same student immediately after her training weekend with me 3 years ago said this:

“Insight is something that cannot be taught – or so I thought! – You make the impossible possible… This is a tool beyond tools to inspire every therapist to trust their inner knowing in their connection with every other human being.” Lisa

Now Lisa decided that to really deliver an excellent service to her clients, she really needed to get under their skin and start ‘getting’ it before she even used a technique.  Her journey has been a personal journey of self discovery and she has gained self confidence and now approaches her sessions with a centredness that is palpable, a confidence; a knowing that one way or another, she will be able to help her clients. I know this, because I see her every 6 weeks as part of my highest Soul level supervision programme and I have watched her confidence grow beyond belief. And that’s not only a personal development benefit, but a sound business decision! Lisa’s business has been buoyant all through the recession.

Lisa hasn’t achieved all this by one weekend’s work.  She’s achieved this by being hungry for knowledge, by asking questions of herself such as : ‘how can I be even better at what I do?’ and ‘what do I need to learn to BE better?’.   What do you need to do to gain these benefits?

The mind level programme, will help you on your journey to getting to be a better hypnotherapist.  But are you prepared to commit to it?  Do you really want those benefits?  Is that what you’re looking for?  Because if the answer to any of that is yes, you need to start nailing down study time and reflective time to absorb the teachings.  In our busy world, unless you make time for yourself, it will be engulfed by a thousand and one other demands.  Do you think you’re worth the investment of time and money?  

Well, to make the decision a bit easier for you I have lowered the investment of the mind level programme down to just £15 per month!    Of course, you can upgrade to the next level, Heart, at any time. But first things first.  If you want to learn more, subscribe now and get your benefits before there becomes a subconscious wall to your pushing yourself into new and unfamiliar territories. Growth happens when we take risks.  It happens when we find ourselves in vulnerable situations.  Our clients come to us in times of crisis.  That’s when they’re most likely to grow.  If you want to develop your practice, put yourself in a vulnerable position: take a risk and prepare to grow. See this schedule for planned audio lectures over the next 12 months.

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